Summer Family Photo Outfits: 26+ Looks To Inspire You!

Get inspired with these 24+ chic, stylish, and precious summer family photo outfit ideas. These outdoor summer family photo outfits will make your photos that much more amazing and memorable!

collage of four summer family photoshoots

Stunning Summer Family Photo Outfits

If you’re planning to schedule a family summer photoshoot session in 2024, then this post of outdoor summer family photo outfits will inspire you with the best ideas that are stylish and perfectly curated for the whole family (nothing tacky that will make you cringe in years to come, lol!).

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What should I wear for a family photo in the summer?

When it comes to picking summer photoshoot outfits, there are so many options to choose from. Here’s our top tips:

  • Go for simple pieces like summer dresses, basic blouses, and tailored shorts or pants
  • Pick clothes made with light and airy fabrics like linen and cotton
  • Neutral and muted colors with minimal patterns are perfect for photoshoots since they don’t appear too overwhelming in photos and can be balanced with a pop of color.
  • For accessories, dainty and simple jewelry is great for a subtle but elegant touch

To make things easy, we’ve split the photo ideas below into a few different categories – airy neutrals, pops of color, summer florals, and the unexpected, for something a little different than what you might expect for summer family photos (but it totally works!).

Airy Neutrals


get the look:

We love the light, creamy colors on mom and baby in this photo. This look gives a summer vacation vibe that’s both relaxed and casual.

And this look is great if you aren’t a fan of dresses. The puffed sleeve blouse and pants are pretty and feminine, making a lovely combination for outdoor summer family photo outfits at the beach!

Heathered greys.


get the look:

This family photoshoot is absolutely precious and combines airy neutrals perfectly. The mama’s outfit pops with her white flowy dress, and we love the mix of beige gingham and heathered grey shades throughout the photo. 

If you want to lighten up this look even more, put Dad in light tan pants or shorts. Although, you can keep him in dark jeans for a little bit of contrast!

Pro tip: Check out this list of the best dresses for a family photoshoot!

Blush pink hues.


get the look:

Bright, airy neutrals blend perfectly with a gorgeous blush shade in this family summer photoshoot. We love how the clothing is delicate and subtle, making the greenery in the background really pop.

This is perfect for a lovely lakeside look or a summer family picnic.

Beachy neutrals.


get the look:

Here is another stunning combination of neutrals in this sweet summer family photoshoot at the beach in California. The mix of tan and beige tones with subtle pops of white blends beautifully with the beach scene, and we are in love with the casual barefoot look.

If you live along the coast, you should definitely take advantage of it and take your summer family photos by the water! And make sure you have glowing, dewy-looking skin for this beachy photoshoot with these best moisturizers for summer

Lovely in linen.


get the look:

This mama and daughter summer photo is absolutely captivating. We love the peasant-style matching dresses that give an ethereal and vintage look against the lavender field in the background.

You can tie this whole look together for a family with other siblings using light neutral tones and linen fabrics, while Dad would look amazing in a white linen button-up shirt with khaki chino pants.

Beautiful beige tones.

An image of a summer family portrait with four family members wearing beige and nude toned clothing

get the look:

These outdoor summer family photo outfits are so beautiful and create a stylish and timeless look that this family can enjoy for years to come. The light tones pair perfectly together for a cohesive look, while the combination of satin, tulle, and cotton fabrics creates an alluring aesthetic.

We love this for a waterside photoshoot like this one, although you can wear this look in the forest, mountains, or a field of flowers!

Crisp summer whites.

An image of a summer family portrait with A mother wearing a white summer dress and fedora dancing in a field with her children

get the look:

A family photoshoot is the perfect time to capture a precious moment like this! 

Mama’s lacy, flowing dress has a bohemian feel that we love, and the fedora is the perfect finishing touch. Matching white outfits are not only adorable, but they also look incredible in such a lush green landscape. 

Earth tones.

An image of a mother and her son in a field for summer family photos, the mother wearing a short brown dress and fedora while the son wears a plaid button-up and beige khakis

get the look:

A plaid button-up, tan khakis, and a smile are all your little one needs for the perfect family photo. And a loose-fitting mini dress is an excellent choice to wear on hot summer days, and this brown shade fits so well with the aesthetic of the field and mountains.

Not only do these colors look incredible in this setting, but they’ll also work well together no matter how many people are in your family photo! 

Summer Family Photo Outfits with Pops of Color

For our next set of photos, we’ve chosen outfit combinations that pair neutrals with subtle summery pops of color.

We don’t recommend choosing overly bright colors because they can be too distracting in your photos, so instead, go with subtle and muted color tones since they work really well with neutrals.

Captivate with crimson.

a summer family photo shoot where the mom is wearing a crimson dress, while the father and daughter wear classic neutral pieces

get the look:

Something we love about a red dress is how it always makes a bold statement yet still has a timeless appeal. This pop of red looks amazing in the photo above, and the color palette is perfectly balanced with Dad and Daughter in neutrals.

If you have a bigger family, we suggest having the girls dress in red like Mama while letting the boys stick with neutral shades. 

Gorgeous greens.

get the look:

The little pops of green here are perfect for adding color to your summer family photos. Since green is such a summery and earthy color, it can really compliment your surroundings.

We love that this family outfit combination is casual and relaxed while still looking polished enough for memorable photos.

Playful pink.

a summer family photo shoot with a mom and baby girl wearing matching bubblegum pink maxi dresses

get the look:

Matching pink dresses for Mama and Baby are beyond adorable and perfect for summer family photo outfits. This shade has a vibrant, feminine feel – and it adds that something extra to these special Mommy and Me photos. 

If this color is a little too bright for your taste, you can go for a slightly more subtle aesthetic with pastel pink or a muted pink like dusty rose. 

Linen pastels.


get the look:

For a fun and casual summer photoshoot, linen fabrics with subtle hints of color are the way to go. We adore this combination of the mustard jumpsuit, pink tee, and neutral linens, along with matching sandals.

Pro Tip: If you aren’t used to being in front of a camera, plan your family photos to involve an activity like fruit picking so you can get more candid images and don’t feel overly posed. Or, have your little one holding a sign with one of these perfect “Hello summer” quotes!

Pretty in purple.


get the look:

This gorgeous shade of purple here goes really nicely with the neutral striped jumpsuit and pretty floral dress on the little girls, and the colors pop against the summery green meadow.

While we can’t see another parent in the photo, a neutral top and tan or denim bottoms would perfectly complement these summer family picture outfits.

Pro Tip: If your kiddos start to get bored while taking photos, grab their attention with these fun summer “would you rather?” questions. This is a sure way to get some great candid laughing shots!

pops of mustard.


get the look:

We absolutely love this vintage-inspired family photoshoot outfit combination for summer. The mom’s white dress anchors the earthy neutral tones on Dad and the pops of mustard on the little ones.

A simple summer meadow is all you need for a successful photoshoot. The deep greens of the trees make the perfect natural backdrop, and the delicate little flowers are also so stunning in the photo.

Green & tan.

An image of a summer family portrait with a mother and father holding their two children, the mother wearing a white maxi dress and the other members wearing green and beige clothing

get the look:

Here’s another example of how gorgeous green shades can add a lovely pop of color to your summer family pic outfits. We love the combination of dark and pastel green; it helps make the outfits pop without being too overwhelming. 

White, beige, and tan pieces also help to balance out the bolder colors, so these neutrals are a great choice to pair with these earthy shades. 

Shades of blue.

An image of a summer family photo with a mother, father, and three children wearing white, beige, and blue outfits

get the look:

Blue is another stunning choice to add some color to your summer family photo outfit ideas. This shade looks great against the vivid green field and forest, and pairing this color with neutral tones gives these photos a classic and refined look. 

Pro Tip: When choosing a spot to take family photos, go for a venue that has benches, tree stumps, or large rocks to sit on. This is great for cute sitting poses like this, and interacting with props helps keep kids from getting bored!

Summer Florals


get the look:

When it comes to bold summer family photo outfit ideas, this combo works so well with the flower fields as the backdrop.

We love that the mom’s bright flower print dress compliments the solid-colored pieces on the kids, while the dad’s dark neutral tones help to anchor the whole look.

Patchwork florals.


get the look:

Florals, on florals, on florals is the theme for this sweet family photoshoot. We love the combination of different colors and patterns here, and while it might seem like it would clash, the patchwork mix of florals works really well here!

Remember, there are no set rules for outfits when it comes to your summer family photos, so go with what speaks to the personality of you and your family. That’s the easiest way you’ll feel most comfortable and confident, which is essential for taking incredible photos.

Citrus & florals.


get the look:

Matching patterns is so cute when it comes to summer family photo outfit ideas. The “mommy and me” look can be so cute, and you can also bring in neutral tones on other family members to balance out the look.

These matching citrus pattern dresses are perfect for the summer season, and the added lemons are the perfect accessory!

Blue florals.


get the look:

The feminine floral pattern and pops of subtle color create a lovely look in this summer family photo. The blue and teal tones of the girl’s dresses compliment the floral pattern on mom, while the matching light earthy brown tones that the boys are a cute addition.

We love how the overall look reflects the bubbling stream of water in the background – so light, summery, and pretty!

Coral & cream.

An image of a summer family photo with a family of four laying on a blanket in a field and holding each other, wearing red and pink toned clothing and neutrals

get the look:

You can also add a touch of summer florals by wearing a gorgeous patterned dress like this. And matching the other outfits to the shades in the dress is so beautiful, and the bright shades and floral pattern work so well for a summer photoshoot. 

And we are in love with the flower crown on the daughter here. It adds a special touch to these family photos that we absolutely adore. 

Unexpected Summer Family Photo Outfits That Work

These last few looks aren’t what you might expect from summer family photos, but they still totally work! We love wearing a more unique look to make a statement while keeping a feminine and family-friendly appeal. 

All black


get the look:

One of our favorite summer family photo outfit ideas is all black! We love this look for a sunset photoshoot, especially since as the sun goes down it gives off that stunning glow. The black pops against the vibrant green background, and the dresses are so feminine and pretty.

Pair these black dresses with neutrals on other siblings or a partner, such as earthy beige and greys. Or you can have the others wear some black as well to tie all the outfits together.

Casual in denim.


get the look:

Jeans might seem too casual for family photos, but summer pictures don’t have to be overly formal! We love the combination of jeans with the light and airy floral top on Mom here.

The jeans on Dad also look nice with a polished shirt, and baby is beyond cute in all neutrals.

Gold details.

a summer family photo shoot where to mom is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with gold accents while the dad wears neutral pieces and the daughters wear neutral polka dot dresses

get the look:

Shimmering gold details are a must-try for adding an unexpected twist to your summer family photo outfits.

The warm gold dress is a fantastic choice during the summer season, and we love the ultra-feminine details on the daughter’s outfits (like the pearl accents, pleated dresses, bow tie, and ruffled socks) to match Mom’s girly aesthetic. 

Since this gold dress adds a warmth to these photos, choosing warm-toned neutrals for the other family members creates a cohesive look. 

Everyone in shorts.

An image of a summer family photo with a family of four running on the beach, wearing white tops with shorts and overalls

get the look:

Jeans even make an excellent choice for fun family photos at the beach. The light-washed denim shorts pair well with the sheer, flowy top, and this outfit definitely has a summertime vibe.

Breathable linen and cotton pieces in neutral tones are a good choice to keep everyone comfortable but stylish. Go barefoot to enjoy the warm sand between your toes, or add sandals to complete this beachy look. 

The picnic scene.


get the look:

Last on our list of summer family photo outfits, we have another wonderful, casual look for a family photoshoot in the summer. We love the mix of denim, white, and blush colors in this lovely picnic scene.

A simple white t-shirt can go a long way when paired with the proper bottoms, and you can see that it works so well on the mama and her little one here.

Overalls and rompers.

a summer family photo shoot with a mom, dad, and baby girl wearing casual denim pieces like overalls, rompers, and shirts

get the look:

Overalls might seem too casual for family portraits, but they’re actually perfect for an outdoor photoshoot in summertime. While these outfits have a laid-back and fun vibe, they still look elevated enough for family photos.

To create a similar aesthetic, we recommend choosing neutral pieces for the rest of the outfit. And don’t forget to add those extra details that upgrade any look, like the timeless jewelry on Mama and the adorable bow hair tie on the little one. 


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