6+ Best Mens Bootcut Jeans and How to Wear Them

Looking for a great pair of jeans? Check out this list of best mens bootcut jeans for the modern man. Bootcut is in again and it’s here to stay! 


The Best Mens Bootcut Jeans

Boot cut jeans have been in the clothing industry since the 1800’s. They’ve had a cyclical pattern of coming into fashion then falling back out, but the iconic jeans never seem to fade away completely.

From the cowboys on Yellowstone to British pop-star Harry Styles we are now seeing the bootcut fit more and more. And, it seems to be rather versatile. Named for their signature fit while wearing boots, we will likely be seeing more of this style in the near future.

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What are boot cut jeans?

Bootcut jeans are an iconic style of jeans especially designed to cover the tops of boots when worn together. In order to achieve this they were designed with a straight fit through the thighs until the knees, then they widen a little from the knee to the ankle.

Sometimes they may be confused with bell bottom jeans, but the primary difference between the two is that bell bottom jeans are tighter around the thighs and then flare out dramatically from the knees to the ankles. Bootcut jeans have a much more subtle widening below the knees. 


Which brand has the best bootcut jeans for men?

With all the different brands of jeans out there, how do you know which ones are the best? Choosing the best men’s designer bootcut jeans for you can be difficult since each brand has its unique fit and at times their sizing isn’t consistent with standardized sizes.

Additionally, quality in fabric and construction can also differ between brands. Higher quality fabrics and stitching will not only prolong your jeans’ lifetime, but can also be less expensive in the long run. Below are our top choices for best mens bootcut jeans:

image of a man from the waist down wearing a black sweater, blue bootcut jeans, and black shoes

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1. Levi’s 527 Slim Bootcut Men’s Jeans

Levi’s has done it again by combining the trendy, modern aspects of slim jeans with the vintage fashion of the bootcut era with their 527 Slim Bootcut Men’s Jeans. These pants let you show off your toned thighs from hitting the squat rack by hugging your legs from the seat to the thigh.

Past the knee, the jeans widen to give them the traditional bootcut look, making these some of the best men’s bootcut jeans for those who want to make a fashion statement.

How To Style Them: The medium wash color of these jeans go well with a light colored t-shirt or button-up. Brown boots or two-toned sneakers would complete the look.

image of a man from the waist down wearing a plaid button up shirt, bootcut jeans, and brown shoes

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2. Wrangler 20X No. 42 Vintage Bootcut Work Jean in Odessa

Keeping the people wearing it comfortable, these pants offer a protective layer while on the job. Once you clock out, they provide the makings for not only a comfy wear but also could be paired with a flannel shirt to really bring out the inner lumberjack look.

The denim is made from a cotton blend with Wrangler’s flex technology to give it a superior range of motion. In addition Wrangler also included moisture wicking technology to keep the worker dry. They made the Best Men’s Bootcut Jeans list for a reason.

How To Style Them: The darker color for these jeans pair well with a bold plaid shirt and rugged looking boots. They really bring out the cowboy within you!

image of a man from the waist down in dark blue bootcut jeans

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3. AG Graduate Denim in Bundled Wash

Shopbop offers a wide selection of different branded jeans, but a great pair of slim bootcut jeans available that can cover your boot are the AG Graduate Denim in Bundled Wash.

What makes them so great you ask? They are made with a heavyweight denim that has structure and can withstand a lot of wear, but they still have a good amount of stretch for comfort. The slim fit gives the appearance of a more subtle bootcut rather than an exaggerated flare. 

How To Style Them: These jeans can pair well with boots, however with the casual appearance they can also go well with sneakers or sandals. A slim fit t-shirt or neutral button-down will also look good. 

image of a man from the waist down wearing medium wash bootcut jeans and sneakers

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4. Lucky Brand Easy Rider Bootcut Jeans

Also covering a wide variety of luxury clothing, Nordstrom carries several of the best bootcut jeans for men that money can buy. The faded blue color gives the jeans a vintage work look, while still being able to stay timeless with fashion trends.

These bootcut jeans sit lower on the waist than others which can give the impression of a longer torso. 

How To Style Them: These jeans pair well with lighter colors for shoes and shirts; with the classic look being white shoes and a white t-shirt or light colored button down. The whitewashed areas pop when paired with white sneakers and white t-shirt or button down! 

image of a man from the waist down wearing dark wash bootcut jeans and white sneakers

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5. Diesel 2021 Slim Bootcut Jeans

Another find at Nordstrom, these Diesel bootcut jeans are higher priced but with a designer name. Diesel brand jeans have been around for ages with a cult following. The bootcut style is slim and the wash is rich and classic. 

These jeans are made of stretch denim for comfort and are well constructed for wears at work and beyond. 

How To Style Them: Dress these jeans up with a neutral slim fit button-up shirt underneath a charcoal blazer. Put on a brown belt and a nice pair of brown dress boots to complete a look that’s fit for semi-formal events and date night. 

image of a man from the ribs down wearing a white t-shirt, green button up, bootcut jeans and white sneakers

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6. Bootcut Dark Wash Temp Control Hyper Stretch Jeans

From Express is another great pair of modern bootcut jeans for men. These temperature control jeans come in a sharp dark wash with a generous amount of stretch. If you always run hot, these jeans make a perfect match for on the job or after work.

They sit straight through the thigh with a 17″ bootcut leg opening for a pair of work boots like Blundstone’s or casual winter boots. 

How To Style Them: These jeans don’t need additional help from other clothing. Stick with a neutral shirt and a pair of classic brown colored shoes or simple white sneakers to draw attention to the jeans.

image of a man from the waist down wearing a white t-shirt and dark wash bootcut jeans and black shoes

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7. Madewell Straight Jeans in Waites Wash

As a bonus, we had to include these Madewell jeans on the list. While they are more straight than bootcut, the leg would work rolled up or over a pair of slim boots. Made from Premium Authentic Flex denim which gives it just enough stretch to not limit any movement.

While this style isn’t stated as bootcut, we’ve still included them on the list as they boast a 15 inch leg opening. This allows the jeans to fit comfortably over whichever boots you choose to use- whether for fashion or on the job.

The combination of ruggedness and elasticity make Madewell a great option if you’re looking for a pair of the best men’s jeans.

How To Style Them: These jeans would look great with a neutral plaid button-up shirt or a white t-shirt. Finish off the outfit with dark colored boots for a clean and fresh look.


Is bootcut coming back for men?

Yes. Despite the shade thrown at bootcut jeans, there is definitely a trend of vintage style clothing making a comeback in 2022. They were originally phased out by the rising popularity of skinny jeans, but the trend is cycling back towards bootcut jeans (enough so that even GQ is talking about it)

In 2018 Balenciaga included men’s designer bootcut jeans in its spring lookbook and the style has been steadily gaining traction since. It is so different from what we’ve seen in fashion recently, that when bootcut jeans are worn today they’re hard to miss (which may be the point).

Final Words 

Are bootcut jeans really making a comeback into the fashion industry? So far they’ve been gaining traction, thanks to high-fashion designers and… Yellowstone. But, who knows how long the trend will continue. What’s certain is that they’ve survived over a hundred years and may very well make another comeback next century!

The key is to know how to style them and then wear them with confidence. We hope we’ve given you a great selection to choose from to make your shopping much easier. 


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