15+ Chic and Casual New Years Eve Outfits You’ll Want To Copy

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to wear on New Year’s Eve? Find inspo from our list of chic and casual New Years eve outfits that will look flawless for the ball drop!

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two women in a kitchen wearing black party outfits

What should I wear to a New Year’s Eve party?

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to wear something stunning and eye-catching. You can’t go wrong with black and glittery pieces. Cocktail dresses are always a popular choice for New Year’s Eve, but you can still look chic with a comfy and casual look including:

  • Silk midi skirt with a cozy sweater and heels
  • Jeans with a statement top and ankle boots
  • Glittery shorts or pants with a black top
  • Mini skirt with a blazer and knee-high boots
  • Jumpsuit with a statement belt and heels

Chic + Casual New Year’s Eve Outfits

If you’re plans are casual for NYE and you’ll be heading to a dinner party, friends house, laid-back event, or staying in, we’ve sourced some seriously chic, yet still casual New Years eve outfits you’ll love!

knit shirt dress + knee high boots.

woman wearing a long camel sweater dress with buttons on the front and over the knee black suede boots

get the look:

This is a perfect outfit if you plan to spend New Year’s Eve relaxing with close friends. This neutral-toned casual sweater dress has a cozy feel that we love, and it looks so gorgeous paired with the over-the-knee suede boots. 

You can recreate this look with any casual shirt dress, and you can always change the boots to heels for a different look. 

long sleeved top + satin midi skirt.

woman wearing a cropped white blouse with a pleated silk midi skirt and heels

get the look:

While this outfit is made up of simple pieces, it has an elegant and high-class look that we can’t get enough of. The crinkled satin skirt adds a beautiful texture to the outfit, and the top looks just as gorgeous.

The strappy black pumps and silver-toned jewelry pull the outfit together. You can pair any midi skirt with a long-sleeved top to get this same look.

If you love the crinkled look of the skirt but don’t have anything similar, then you can opt for a ribbed sweater to add that lovely texture to the outfit. And if you want to make this outfit a bit more casual, swap out the heels for a pair of black boots. 

turtleneck sweater, stirrup leggings + slingbacks.

black woman wearing an oversized ivory cashmere turtleneck sweater with black leggings with a stirrup detail and chanel slingback low pumps

get the look:

Stirrup leggings are having a moment, and it looks like the trend is here to stay for 2023. This outfit is another excellent choice for anyone staying in or going to a small New Year’s Eve party. It is is relaxed and comfy but still looks chic and put together. 

The neutral tones make this casual outfit look elegant, so opt for a white, cream, or light grey top. The slingback flats add to the simple look of this outfit, and the black stirrup leggings pull the whole look together. 

leather pants, chunky turtleneck + pumps.

black woman wearing a black turtleneck, black leather pants, and black pumps

get the look:

Sleek leather pants paired with a chunky sweater create a polished yet edgy look. We love the addition of the glossy black heels, which really elevate the outfit. 

The whole outfit is pulled together with the big and bold sunglasses, while the black bag fits in with the monochromatic look. This outfit is chic but has a cozy feel that would work in a more intimate party setting. 

You can easily change this look by switching the black sweater for a different color or adding some gold-toned jewelry. 

silky two-piece pajamas + pumps.

asian woman wearing a two piece black silk pajama set with black feather cuffs

get the look:

If this isn’t one of the most perfect casual New Years Eve outfits for staying in, then we don’t know what is. This sleek and silky two-piece outfit mimics the look of pajamas and has a cozy feel that we love. But, the feathered trim and black heels add an alluring look to this outfit. 

Just because you’re staying home for NYE doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while doing it. Use any classy two-piece set and add heels to get this same look. 

jeans, cardigan + heels.

woman wearing a grey knit cardigan sweater tucked into black jeans with heeled sandals

get the look:

This is the ultimate chic and casual New Year’s Eve outfit. The straight-leg jeans add a relaxed feel, while the tucked-in cardigan and heels bring a touch of sophistication. Even that gorgeous handbag really elevates the look and takes something that looks cozy and brings it to another level. 

You can wear this stylish outfit whether you’re going to a restaurant or a house party for New Year’s Eve. And, if you prefer an outfit with more color, you can opt for blue jeans instead of black or wear a sweater with a pop of color.

turtleneck, midi skirt + pumps.

woman wearing an oversized neutral turtleneck with a black midi skirt and low black pumps

get the look:

This is one of our favorite casual New Years Eve outfits on the list. The turtleneck sweater makes this outfit look so cozy, while the gorgeous heels and midi skirt elevate the look.

This NYE outfit could be worn to a restaurant or an intimate party. You can also swap the turtleneck out with another type of sweater, and tucking it into the skirt can give this look a more tailored look. 

leather pants + silk button-up top.

get the look:

Pairing leather pants with a silk button-up top has a sleek and clean look perfect for casual events. Pair any silk or satin button-up top with a pair of black leather pants to fit any budget.

Go with a pair of heels, or opt for loafers if you want a more casual look. 

silk wrap top, jeans + heels.

black woman wearing a long black silk blouse with jeans and black pumps

get the look:

Even though this outfit includes jeans, the other pieces are so chic that the whole outfit looks sophisticated and high-class. 

This silk wrap top looks stunning, and the silky material is so elegant. The top paired with the black pumps makes this outfit look dreamy, while the jeans keep it comfortable and casual enough to wear all night on New Year’s Eve. 

sweater, mini skirt + tall boots.

woman wearing a black button front cardigan with a plaid mini skirt and knee high boots

get the look:

We adore the playful and energetic vibe that this outfit gives off. The combination of the fringed mini skirt and partially buttoned top really gives this look a youthful feel. 

To recreate this look, you can pair any patterned mini skirt with a cardigan or button-up shirt. The tall boots are so cute with the outfit, and you can easily pair this look with heels as well.  

Put on this outfit and sip a delicious Vodka Sidecar for a relaxed New Years party in. 

Casual New Years Eve Outfits With Some Glitter

flowy glitter top + black pants.

woman wearing a glittery white blouse with black dress pants and heels

get the look:

This look has an overall casual feel with the loose-fit button-up and black pants. But this outfit’s details make it alluring, such as the slit in the pant leg and the shimmer of the white top. And the strappy heels add a feminine touch that we love. 

We could easily see this worn to a high-class restaurant, a house party, or even an office party. This outfit is the perfect blend of elegant and fun, making it a great look for any occasion.  

glitter shorts, blazer + over-the-knee boots.

woman wearing a black blazer, black sweater, sequinned shorts, and black over the knee boots

get the look:

We are in love with this look! The silver sequined shorts make the whole outfit pop, while the all-over black look is chic and stunning. The shorts and over-the-knee boots add a youthful vibe to the outfit, and the blazer makes it classy. 

This look is perfect for a night out on the town and can be easily modified, such as swapping the sequined shorts for sequin pants. 

statement top, jeans + chunky boots.

woman wearing a star cut out embellished tank top, jeans, and black boots

get the look:

Our next outfit definitely has an edgy vibe to it. Casual jeans are paired with the amazing Paco Rabanne chain-mail star top for a fierce look. The chunky books also add to the edgy aesthetic. 

This outfit is a top choice for a NYE night spent out at a bar or nightclub. You can also pair the jeans with a sheer shirt or a fringed top to give off a similar look. 

If the Paco Rabanne shirt is out of your budget (it’s very pricey to say the least!), try a different shirt with a chain-mail style or go with a sequin top. 

jumpsuit, button-up + heels.

woman wearing a black jumpsuit with a glittery belt and a long sleeve white button up shirt with feather cuffs

get the look:

This casual New Year’s Eve outfit has a fun-loving look to it. The black jumpsuit looks excellent paired with the rhinestone belt, and the feather-sleeve shirt gives this look a playful vibe. 

If you don’t have a jumpsuit, you can opt for a black top and bottoms instead. This look is gorgeous and casual, making it an excellent choice for New Year’s Eve, whether you’re staying in or going out. 

cozy sweater, sequin midi skirt + heels.

woman wearing a knit oatmeal sweater with a sequin glitter midi skirt and blue pumps

get the look:

Last on the list of casual New Years Eve outfits, this takes the classic look of a sweater and midi skirt and gives it an upgrade. The silver shimmer of the skirt looks so gorgeous, and the blue pumps add a pop of color that we love. The light tone of the sweater adds balance to the outfit as well. 

You can also use a silk skirt to get the same classy look and pair it with gorgeous, eye-catching heels. 

What do you wear when it’s cold on New Year’s Eve?

Even if you live somewhere cold, there are plenty of ways to look cute and stay warm on New Year’s Eve. Try pairing a chunky sweater with a mini skirt, thigh tights, and over-the-knee boots. Or, you can also combine jeans with a sequinned long-sleeve top and a cozy faux fur jacket. 

If you live somewhere that sees low temperatures on New Year’s Eve night, layering is the best way to stay warm and cozy while you’re out and about. This way, you can focus on bringing in the New Year with friends and family instead of trying to stay warm!

What color should I wear on New Year’s Eve 2023?

New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to wear metallic colors like silver, champagne, and gold. Or, you can go more bold with a sequinned or metallic blue, pink, or purple. Pair the bolder colors with neutral tones like grey, black, or ivory to balance your outfit. For example, a champagne sequin statement top will look classy and elevated with a pair of black stirrup leggings or black leather pants. 


No matter how you spend your New Year’s Eve, you can find an outfit that will be gorgeous and chic but still casual enough to be comfortable in all night long!


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