15+ Baddie Winter Outfits for Next-Level Aesthetic When It’s Cold

Are you into the ‘baddie’ aesthetic and want to rock some cute baddie winter outfits? We’ve scoured the fashion world for the latest winter baddie outfits that are comfortable yet totally chic. 


Baddie Winter Outfits for Chilly Days

When it’s cold outside and you still want to look cute, you’ve got to figure out how to marry chic fashion with all the right layers. Luckily, baddie style is all about comfort along with the art of layering in style. 

Brush up on this cool-girl style with 15+ baddie winter outfits so you’ll be ready to rock it during the cold months ahead! 

What is baddie aesthetic outfits?

To sum it up, the baddie aesthetic is all about leisurewear with a glamorous edge! Baddie outfits often include sweatsuits, matching athletic wear, figure-hugging tops, high-rise bottoms, and chunky sneakers or boots. 

When you rock a baddie aesthetic you’ll wear comfortable clothes that have a leisurewear vibe, but you’ll look glamorous doing it. Chic makeup, perfectly styled hair, and stylish accessories like leather bags, bucket hats, chunky jewelry, and sunglasses all fit into the baddie look. 

Baddie is the latest trend exploding on social media, but the comfort and coolness of this style has us thinking it’s here to stay. Below are some of our favorite winter baddie outfits that will keep you warm while looking cool!

Cold Weather Winter Baddie Outfits

When below-zero temperatures start to come around you’ll want to make sure you are warm and toasty in your outfits, below are some great cold weather appropriate baddie outfits for the fall and winter months. . 

matching sweatsuit + shearling coat

image of a woman wearing a long white shearling coat over a matching taupe sweatsuit with white lug boots

get the look:

Did we mention the baddie aesthetic is all about matching sets? Matching sweatpants and sweatshirt sets scream baddie style, and they keep comfort a priority. 

Try the style in an all neutral hue for an elevated look. And, throw on an oversized faux shearling coat along with some chunky boots to complete the ensemble. 

leather trench, mom jeans + ankle boots

image of a woman in a long leather trench coat, black top, blue jeans, and black boots

get the look:

“Bigger” doesn’t always mean volume. Longer coats and other outerwear are a staple of baddie fashion.

For the ultimate throw-on-and-go cool aesthetic, pair some higher waisted mom jeans with an extra long or midi-leather jacket and some ankle boots for a timeless look. 

Add sleek sunglasses and a cute black handbag to finish the outfit. Matrix or baddie? Why pick one when you can be both!

athletic leggings, cropped puffer coat + beanie

image of a woman in an all black outfit with leggings, boots, a cropped puffer jacket and beanie

get the look:

Anyone who says leggings aren’t pants is stuck in the past. Comfort reigns superior in 2022, and the quality of athleisure pants and leggings has us debating whether we’ll ever go back to real pants.

Match a pair of slimming leggings with a cropped puffer coat, booties, and a beanie for a look that’s chic, warm and still 100% baddie-cool. 

long coat, leather pants + chunky loafers

image of a woman in a long wool coat with leather pants, and chunky loafers

get the look:

We’re loving the decision to swap out leggings and chunky sneakers with leather pants (which are so having a moment right now!) and chunky platforms for a classy baddie look. 

But, don’t forget the comfort factor! Throw on a chunky knit oversized sweater and long wool coat to really nail the look. 

We love how this outfit is a dressed-up version of baddie without the athletic wear, but still all the comfort. 

hoodie, long coat + athletic shoes

image of a stylish black woman in a long camel coat, white hoodie, jeans, and sneakers

get the look:

Baddie fashion relies heavily on leather and black, but why not channel the pumpkin-spice-spirit of the fall season with a pop of rust and camel?

Pair an oversized ankle-length wool coat with a classic jean and hoodie combo, and top it off with thick-soled sneakers. This is truly the perfect fashionable and functional look. 

Oh, and don’t forget the sunglasses, they are essential to the baddie aesthetic. 

cropped leather jacket, oversized scarf + trousers

image of a black woman in a cropped brown leather jacket, oversized scarf, and long ivory wool trousers with chunky white boots

get the look:

Um, can we just acknowledge how incredibly chic this whole look is? Class up the cold weather baddie fashion style by going for a warm, chocolatey leather in place of the traditional stark black.

Oversized is still key to mastering the fashion style, but it doesn’t have to be the main garment. Try adding more tailored tops and bottoms and opt for the oversized appeal in accessories like scarves and bags.

This is another way to easily achieve the baddie style. 

puffer coat, high-rise jeans + combat boots

image of a woman in a beige puffer coat, high-rise jeans, and beige combat boots

get the look:

Baddie winter outfits don’t have to be dark and monochrome. You can easily lighten it up with gorgeous neutral tones.

This winter outfit is timeless and showcases soft creams and beiges that still fit the season.

Step into the baddie trend with an oversized tan puffer coat and matching beanie. Then add neutral combat boots for an outfit that has an airy aesthetic, yet keeps out the cold.

What to wear when it’s cold but you want to look cute?

Looking glam in winter has been a thorn in the side of every fashionista. The best way to look cute when it’s cold, is to layer a warm coat over figure-hugging clothes, and pay extra attention to your footwear and accessories. 

For example, a knit sweater dress with knee-high boots under a long, oversized wool coat is both warm and cute. With the right bag and sunglasses you’ll elevate the look even more.

Or, you can try warm leather pants with a long-sleeve ribbed crop top, and add a puffer jacket. Go with stylish chunky boots and a beanie to finish the outfit.

The baddie trend is all about layering in the winter, so fashion lovers everywhere can rejoice at the chance to be warm and cozy in the latest trend. 

Baddie Cute Winter Outfits

The outfits below are seriously cute and stylish, with that perfect baddie edge. 

oversized leather jacket, chunky boots + tights

image of a woman in an oversized leather jacket, sweater dress, tight, and chunky boots

get the look:

Big coats, big boots, big comfort. Being stylish doesn’t have to be stuffy. Worried about drowning in fabric? Aim for balance by pairing an oversized leather jacket with semi sheer tights and a slimming sweater dress for a look that’s classy and baddie-style yet proportional. 

Accessorize the outfit with a chic designer bag (or a dupe if the budget doesn’t allow), and you’ll be ready to take on the day.

knit set + chunky boots

image of a stylish black woman in a matching knit pant set with chunky boots and a designer bag

get the look:

Not pajamas but just as comfy, this wide-leg knit pant and sweater set is a duo that you’ll find impossible to take off. 

From your couch to being ready to run errands in 60-seconds flat? Yes please!

This set emphasizes maximum movement and style. If you want to look presentable without the hassle of getting changed, simply throw on some sleek platform boots or stylish sneakers and you’ll be on your way. 

knit sweater dress + tall boots

image of a black woman wearing a grey sweater dress, over-the-knee leather boots, and a black bag

get the look:

It’s important to know that baddie style isn’t all oversized. Comfort also comes in some slimming silhouettes and figure-hugging pieces like this perfect knit sweater dress.

Pair a cozy sweater dress with over-the-knee or thigh-high boots for a sexy and cool look this fall or winter season. 

If the weather is cooler, add a pair of tights along with a puffer coat and beanie. 

bucket hat + shearling coat

image of a woman in a leather shearling-lined jacket, jeans, and boots with a shearling bucket hat

get the look:

Bucket hats are back, and we couldn’t be happier. A bucket hat is the icing-on-top a great baddie winter outfit that adds balance to outfits with more volume.

For baddie fashion with a little more structure, try a pair of straight-leg jeans with an oversized shearling-lined coat. This outfit is cute, casual, and charismatic. 

full length puffer coat, athletic set + beanie

image of a woman wearing a long black puffer coat, beanie, and matching mauve leggings and crop top set with sneakers

get the look:

Getting all dolled up to go to the gym or run errands is in the past. But, running outside in the dead of winter in your leggings? That still sounds like a no-go. 

With the baddie trend, you can rock your athleisure wherever you go without risking frostbite; simply don a full-length puffer coat and you’ll be the epitome of winter fashion. 

We also love the idea of thick, high socks with sneakers to create a stylish effect that adds extra warmth. 

crop top, leather pants + puffer vest

image of a woman in a puffer vest, leather pants, and sneakers with a ball cap

get the look:

For those who want to embrace the cold and glam-up their baddie style, this look is perfect.

Don’t put away your summer crop tops just yet. Pair a long sleeved crop top with a warm puffer vest, and add some classy leather pants. Finish the outfit with sneakers (or boots) and a classic ball cap. 

leggings, sweatshirt + puffer coat

image of a woman in a black hoodie, black puffer best, black leggings, and sneakers

get the look:

The mainstay of a great winter baddie outfit is carefree comfort. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this type of outfit. 

Elevate your current leggings and sweatshirt with a matching set, add a puffer vest, and slip on some ever-so-stylish New Balance sneakers to pull off this effortlessly cool winter look. 

Spend some time on your makeup and go with a cute half-pony hairstyle, and definitely do not forget the sunnies! 

How do you dress like a baddie 2022?

Baddie fashion all comes down to comfort and confidence. As a general rule, it includes a mix of athletic wear, leisurewear, with nicely done hair and makeup. Here are some baddie outfit essentials: 

  • Oversized t-shirts
  • Crop tops
  • High-rise jeans
  • Athletic leggings
  • Oversized coats and hoodies
  • Puffer jackets
  • Chunky sneakers
  • Chunky boots
  • Bucket hats or beanies

The baddie trend is for the trendsetter with a laid back attitude. Since so many pieces in this style have extra comfy fabric, winter is the perfect time to experiment with baddie winter outfits.

image of a woman in a leather jacket, grey hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers

get the look:

Final Notes

The comfort and ease of the baddie aesthetic is what women have been craving for years, and it’s finally here. Trends come and go, but we’re so comfortable in these winter baddie outfits that we’d willingly put up a fight to keep the trend alive.

Don’t miss out. Take advantage of this relaxed and casual style while and be inspired by all the baddie babes on TikTok and IG. Be sure to follow all these beautiful women we’ve shared in this post, and check out more style guides below! 

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