16+ Chic Cozy Outfits That You Can Easily Wear On The Go

Looking for cute cozy outfits to wear on cold or rainy days that call for curling up with a good book? Or, do you want to create cozy aesthetic outfits that you can wear out and about too? This list has it all!

collage of four women wearing chic and cozy outfits with sweatpants, cozy sweaters, puffer jackets, and Uggs

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Creating Cozy Aesthetic Outfits

The cozy aesthetic is all the rage right now, especially since everyone has spent more time indoors over the last few years. The fashion world has declared that loungewear is no longer just for at-home, and I’m here for it! 

If you love warm, cozy outfits that have the ultimate comfort factor, and want to know how to wear them out of the house, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve stalked my favorite fashion influencers and have come up with 16+ cozy outfits I know you’ll want to copy! 

Cozy Fall Outfits

Fall is a transitional season when it comes to weather. So when creating cozy outfits, you’ll want to opt for layers that aren’t too heavy or bulky. Below are some of my fave cuddly fall outfits! 

cozy sweater + midi skirt.

woman wearing a cozy knit sweater, midi skirt and sneakers

get the look:

A warm, oversized knit sweater looks chic and cozy paired with a basic knit midi skirt. Because fall isn’t overly cold, you can get away with bare legs. 

I love how the sneakers keep this look casual, but the sunglasses and leather bag add a polished appeal. This outfit is effortless, with a cozy vibe, making it perfect for transitional autumn weather. 

Additionally, you can dress this outfit up even more by swapping the sneakers for ankle boots!

oversized knit + cropped sweatpants

woman wearing a knit sweater, ivory cropped sweat pants, sneakers, and a shearling bag

get the look:

This look is cute and comfy, but elevated with a nice knit sweater. I loved this oversized faux shearling bag so much when I first saw it that I had to get one for myself! 

The sneakers keep this look casual and practical for running errands, school pick-up, or meeting a pal for coffee. 

comfy jersey jumpsuit + uggs.

woman wearing a cozy black jumpsuit and ugg boots

get the look:

Nothing says comfort like a jumpsuit, and a stretchy knit one at that! I love this cozy outfit with the black jumpsuit and soft ugg slippers that work so well together to create a sophisticated, yet cozy feel. 

On a chilly fall day you could easily add a puffer vest or wool shirt jacket to add some extra warmth and keep the cozy vibe. 

knit mock-neck + trousers.

Woman wearing black trousers, white tennis shoes and a white turtleneck sweater.

get the look:

If you want to look and feel cozy on the go, this is a great outfit to try. Pair a knit mock-neck sweater with loose wide-leg trousers and sneakers. 

The trousers give the outfit an elevated vibe, but are relaxed and loose fitting which maximizes comfort. Finally, add a cute leather bag and stylish sunglasses as these always make an outfit look more put-together, in my opinion.

sweater dress, shirt jacket + suede boots.

woman wearing a beige wool shirt jacket, cream sweater dress, and suede knee-high boots

get the look:

This is the perfect cozy outfit for a day or evening in the fall. You can easily lounge around the house in a soft crewneck sweater dress, then simply add a pair of knee-high suede boots and an oversized wool shirt jacket to take the look on-the-go.

Heels elevate the outfit, but the suede material still keeps the cozy vibe. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, opt for a pair of combat boots instead!

knit cardigan + shearling mules.

Woman wearing leather pants, shearling clogs, a white t shirt and a camel cardigan.

shop the look:

The perfect recipe for a cozy aesthetic outfit definitely includes knits and shearling. I love this look with a long knit cardigan, leather pants, and fuzzy shearling Birkenstock slides. 

Leather pants might not scream cozy, but they totally work when paired with the other pieces in this look. They also make the outfit suitable for heading out of the house, and contrast nicely with the soft sweater and shoes. 

matching knit pant set + sneakers.

Woman wearing a matching rust colored sweat set with a Los Angeles hat.

get the look:

When it comes to cozy outfit ideas, a matching knit pant set is the definition of elevated loungewear. The monochromatic feel of this outfit makes it look stylish and modern, and the soft knit material says ‘cuddly and cozy’

This outfit can easily take you from the couch to the coffee shop! All you need to do is add sneakers as well as a tote bag that is a matching color to the pant set.

sherpa coat, knit pants, + sneakers.

Woman wearing black yoga pants, converse tennis shoes, a white shearling coat and a white t shirt.

shop the look:

Ever since Toteme’s shearling coat became a trending piece, I’ve seen look-alikes pop up all over the place. This coat style screams snuggly and looks excellent paired with long knit pants, sneakers, and a basic white tee. 

This cozy fall outfit is cute, effortless, cushy, and stylish. 

oversized sweater, leather leggings + boots.

Woman wearing black leather leggings, tall black boots and an oversized sweater.

get the look:

If you have an occasion that requires a slightly dressier look, but you still want to feel cozy, this outfit is one to try. A comfortable, stretchy pair of leggings with ankle boots and a cozy oversized knit sweater is the perfect match. 

The oversized sweater will make you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket, but you’ll look fashionable and polished too! 

Cozy Winter Outfits

In the winter, I’m all about quilted and plush fabrics, heavy layers, and soft knits. Winter truly is the cozy season, isn’t it?

Check out my favourite cozy winter looks below!

teddy jacket + shearling-lined boots

woman wearing a long faux fur coat, cozy pants, boots, and a beanie

get the look:

This cute and cozy neutral outfit is so perfect for winter. The teddy coat is like the perfect warm hug and looks great over the grey sweat set. 

In the winter months, shearling is a great addition to any outfit. And this look showcases cute shearling-lined boots that will weather the sleet and snow in style! 

teddy coat, socks, + jeans.

woman wearing an ivory teddy coat with white jeans, socks and sneakers

get the look:

Here’s another cute look with a teddy jacket.

If the weather is cold but you don’t see much of the white stuff in winter time, try this outfit. A teddy coat layered over a cable knit sweater looks great with comfort-stretch white denim, socks, and sneakers. 

If snow is inevitable, swap the sneakers for shearling-lined boots and you’ll be good to go!

puffer coat, boots + blanket scarf.

woman wearing a long black puffer coat, camel brown blanket scarf and black beanie with boots

get the look:

When you need to be all bundled up and cozy, put on a pair of warm leggings and a sweater, then layer with an extra long puffer coat, blanket scarf, beanie, and boots. 

Comfy, cozy, and oh, so warm! 

matching knit set, teddy coat, + beanie.

woman wearing a cozy off white outfit with a long faux fur coat and matching sweater and pants set

get the look:

Back to that matching knit pant set! Go with a creamy winter neutral like oatmeal or ivory, and layer with a long teddy coat. Finish the outfit with a beanie and boots or sneakers (if snow is minimal)

I love the monochromatic vibe when it comes to cozy winter outfits. It’s chic, curated, and elevated. 

Cozy Outfits for Warmer Weather

In warmer months like spring and summer, you might encounter rainy days where you still want to feel comfy and cushy. Below are some chic cozy outfits for mild days or cool summer evenings. 

matching sweatsuit.

Woman wearing a matching white sweat set with white sneakers.

get the look:

Whether you are lounging around the house, going for a morning walk, or running errands, a matching sweatsuit will easily take you through the day. Pair this outfit with simple accessories like dainty earrings, a belt bag, and some sneakers for a put-together look. 

Cozy aesthetic outfits can be both casual and more dressy, it all depends on your personal style and what you feel best in!

elevated loungewear set.

image of a woman wearing a grey knit matching camisole and pant set with a grey knit long cardigan

get the look:

A cozy outfit that you can wear on date night? You bet.

This look is spot-on when it comes to current fashion trends. I am all for loungewear that is cozy yet elevated with polished accessories.

Add a pair of heeled sandals, a nice bag, and dainty jewelry to a matching knit set with a camisole, pants, and a cardigan in a high-quality fabric like cashmere or merino wool. 

light sweater, slouchy jeans + suede clogs.

Woman wearing white oversized jeans, Birkenstocks and a beige sweater.

get the look:

‘Cozy’ is definitely subjective. While you might not consider jeans to be cozy, when combined with a soft knit sweater and the most comfortable slip-on footwear, you’d be surprised at how cuddled-up you feel. 

I love this simple, neutral look that definitely has a cozy vibe, but is great for warmer weather in the spring or late summer. 

matching biker shorts + sweatshirt.

Woman wearing a matching rust colored biker short and sweater set with a black belt bag.

get the look:

Cozy, but not too warm. This outfit is perfect for a summer day when you want to feel comfortable and cushy. Pair biking shorts and an oversized cotton sweatshirt with a belt bag and cushioned sandals or sneakers. 

I love the monochromatic look of the matching set as it gives an elevated vibe. Go with black or a muted tone like rust, cream, mauve, or sage green. 

What are some cozy aesthetics? 

Cozy aesthetics are things that instantly make you think of warmth, comfort, and cuddling up. When it comes to fashion, the best cozy aesthetics include:

  • knit sweaters
  • fleece sweaters
  • teddy jackets
  • sherpa or shearling coats
  • quilted vests, jackets, and coats
  • cashmere knits
  • loungewear sets
  • sweatsuits
  • knit beanies
  • blanket scarves
  • suede shoes
  • shearling shoes/accessories


We hope you have enjoyed this list of cozy aesthetic outfits and are inspired to try at least a few!


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