Best Chanel Slingback Dupe: 10+ Stunning Look-alikes For Less

Do you love the Chanel slingback aesthetic, but don’t want to drop that much on a pair of heels? Check out my list of stunning Chanel slingback dupe options, look-alikes and cheaper alternatives. Some of these Chanel slingback dupes will make you do a double-take!

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image of 10 beige and black slingback heels with cap toe detail that are dupes of the Chanel slingback heels

*Originally published March 31, 2023 – Updated November 18, 2023*

10+ Stunning Chanel Slingback Dupe Heels

I absolutely love the timeless and classic aesthetic of the Chanel slingback heels. And, British Vogue recently said With a legacy that already spans 66 years, trust that Chanel’s sling-backs will always retain their status.”. So, it’s no surprise to me that this heel has increased in retail price over the years.

I’ve had them on my wish list for over a year now, but haven’t taken the plunge as a pair of classic two-tone Chanel slingbacks costs at least $1,200. That being said, I have been watching consignment sites closely for the perfect gently-used pair to pop up! 

During my time of obsessing over the Chanel slingbacks, I’ve also kept my eye out for more affordable alternatives. And to my delight, I’ve discovered 10+ great look-alikes of this coveted chunky pump that I’m sharing with you!

My 2024 Chanel Slingback Dupes List

Below are my favorite Chanel slingback look-alikes for much less than $1,200, and I think you’ll love them too!

1. Tuckernuck Baton Heels

image comparing a classic Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

First on my list, the Baton Heels from Tuckernuck are a great option if you want a high-quality, leather heel that has many similar features to the Chanel slingbacks. They are classic, timeless, and have the same two-tone coloring.

These heels have a round toe that looks slightly rounder than the Chanel shoes and are set on a chunky block heel. They have the same slingback detail and are made with a leather lining and sole. 

At less than $200, these gorgeous Chanel slingback dupes are a total steal in my opinion. 

2. Sam Edelman Tarra Sling Heels

image comparing a Chanel slingback pump with a very similar look-alike shoe

The next Chanel slingback dupe on my list is the Tarra Heel by Sam Edelman. While this shoe does have some distinct differences, the overall look is definitely giving me Chanel vibes.  

Set on a lower heel, at 2″ (vs. 2.5″ on the Chanel), the heels are practical for lots of walking (I love that about them!). They also have more of a square shape on the toe and a small cutout detail at the top. 

Aside from the small differences, the two-tone color, slingback strap, and overall shape makes these heels a great alternative for less. I also love that they are made from genuine cowhide leather and are from a recognizable brand name. 

I have owned several Sam Edelman shoes over the years and have always found them to be comfortable and of good quality. So I have no doubt these heels are too! 

3. Vaneli Aliz Slingback Pump

image comparing a Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

Next is the Vaneli Aliz Slingback Pump. These gorgeous Chanel dupes are sold at Nordstrom at a great price point of just $159. 

They are made with a leather upper, leather lining, and leather sole, which means these pumps are of excellent quality. And they have a stylish color-block cap toe that mimics the Chanel slingback heels.

These pumps are also at a lower height of just 1 1/2″, which makes them great for day-to-day wear, at the office, and out and about.

As for reviews, the heels boast a 4-star rating with over 130 reviews on Nordstrom. One reviewer says “It’s not an accident that I wanted these shoes. Close enough to Chanel to satisfy my wish for those iconic shoes but very budget friendly. These are so comfortable and very bunion friendly. I ordered half size up. Win win!!!”.

4. Marc Fisher Laynie Block Heel Pump

image comparing a tan Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

At just under $100, the Marc Fisher Laynie Block Heel Pump is one of my favorite Chanel slingback dupes on this list. Marc Fisher is known for great quality footwear at a lower price, and I am all for that!

These heels are slightly higher than the Chanel, at 2.95″, and have a sleek overall look and vibe. The upper material is genuine cowhide leather, while the lining and outsole material is synthetic. 

The block heel pumps look very similar in shape, style, and color – they just had to be included on my list! 

5. Amazon MIRAAZZURRA Slingback Pumps

image comparing a beige Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

The next Chanel slingback dupe is a very affordable option from Amazon. The Slingback Pumps from retailer Miraazzurra are just $59 and have a 4.5-star rating and over 900 reviews!! One reviewer says “I loved these shoes, they’re a great dupe. The heel height is comfortable so you can wear them for several hours. I want the apricot color to be a bit darker but apart from that I liked them a lot”.

The pumps have a round toe with a chunky heel set at 2.6″, just slightly higher than the Chanel slingback. They have a two-tone coloring and come in multiple shades including black, white, nude, and apricot. 

There is no detail on what material the shoes are, so I am assuming they are synthetic, due to the lower price. But, if you are on a tight budget, these Chanel slingback dupes might be the ones for you! 

Just to note, many reviewers say that the sizing is slightly off, so it’s best to read the reviews and check the size chart to make sure you get the best size that works for you!

6. Anne Klein Brinlee Pointed Toe Pump

image of a beige slingback pump with a black cap toe detail

Next up (and a new addition for Fall 2023), are the Anne Klein Brinlee Pointed Toe Pumps. These Chanel slingback dupes are available at Amazon, as well as other retailers. 

At just under $90, these budget-friendly pumps definitely have a Chanel vibe, but are unique in that they have a taller, chunkier block heel. The Brinlee pumps are made with synthetic material, and have iFlex technology making them superbly comfortable.

So if you want Chanel slingback dupes that you can walk in all day with no pain or blisters, give these affordable Anne Klein look-alikes a go! 

7 & 8. Amazon Lehoor Chunky Slingback Heels

image comparing a low Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

If you prefer the lower version of the Chanel slingbacks, then you’ll love these dupes from Amazon. They come in both a low and regular heel height. 

These shoes have a great 4.5-star rating, and most reviewers are very pleased with the look and quality, especially for the price. One reviewer says “These are an exact dupe for the CC sling backs. I have the real pair and holding them side-by-side they look exactly the same.”

While I am assuming these shoes are made with synthetic material, they still have a look that is very similar to the Chanel heels.

image comparing a black Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

The Lehoor heels also come in black, beige, and white. Since the Chanel slingback heels come in black, I wanted to include an image comparing the higher version of these heels in black to the Chanel heels. 

As you can see, the appearance of the leather is slightly different, likely because the Chanel shoes are made with genuine leather and the Lehoor dupes are not. 

At the end of the day, if you are looking for an affordable dupe in multiple colorways, this Amazon option is worth checking out!

9. Bandolino Zipporah3 Heels

image comparing a vintage Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

If you prefer the look of the old Chanel slingback style, you’ll love these excellent dupes from Bandolino. These pumps have a minimalistic look with a pointed heel rather than a chunky heel. 

The slingback strap is also thicker and the toe is more pointed than round. The two-tone coloring is classic and timeless, and these heels would look excellent with so many outfits. 

At just under $80, these heels are an excellent option!

10. Vaneli Aliz Slingback Pump (black leather)

image comparing a low black Chanel slingback pump with a look-alike shoe

Next, is the Vaneli slingback pump in the black leather colorway. This gorgeous heel is set at a 1.5″ height, making it a great hybrid between the high Chanel slingback pump and the low Chanel slingback. 

The heels are made with genuine leather and have an excellent 4.5-star rating on Nordstrom, and over 130 reviews. For a minimal style and timeless appearance, these affordable Chanel slingback dupes are worth a look in my opinion! 

11. Jan Josef Daniela Block Slingback Pump

image of a Chanel slingback dupe in beige with a black cap toe detail

Another new addition to my list for 2024 is this sleek slingback pump from Jan Josef, available at Nordstrom. The heel has a very similar shape and overall look, and is made with genuine leather. 

With a cushioned footbed, this shoe is not only stunning, it’s also comfortable which is a win in our books! At just under $190, it’s on the pricier side, but a great high-quality Chanel slingback alternative to consider. 

One reviewer says “I have tried several Chanel type dupes. These are the best made and most comfortable. Order half size down for the sling back to fit properly. The tan is a darker tan than a creamy light tan Chanel. Over all I’m pleased with the style quality and comfort.”

12: Steve Madden Belinda Slingback Shoes

image of a pair of beige slingback low heels with a black cap toe

Available in black leather, beige leather, pink tweed, and metallic, these low-heeled Steve Madden slingback shoes are another great addition to my list of Chanel slingback dupes.

I love Steve Madden for stylish pieces at very practical prices. In fact, I own a pair of the Steve Madden Haydn Sandals which are a dupe of the Hermes sandals. Not only are they a great look-alike, they are very comfortable too! 

These slingbacks dupes are made with genuine leather and the low heel makes them perfect for every day wear. You can’t go wrong with these in my opinion! 

Woman wearing a black blazer with blue jeans and beige Chanel slingback flats


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