The *Best* Dresses For a Family Photoshoot (& Which To Avoid!)

Looking for dresses for a family photoshoot? You’ll love this style guide with the best family photoshoot dresses! You’ll learn which dress for family pictures flatters every shape and size, and which styles to avoid!

a family portrait with the mother wearing an off-the-shoulder white floral dress, the father wearing a pastel green button-up and white pants while the child is wearing white bottoms and a top

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The Best Dresses for a Family Photoshoot

Family photoshoots are the perfect way to capture sweet and beautiful memories of your family! And while these photoshoots are such a special occasion, it can be a little stressful trying to choose the perfect family photo outfits for your children and yourself

You want to look your best for your family pictures, so choosing a flattering outfit is so important. If you’re not sure which dress to choose for your photos, we’re here to help! 

We’ve found the best and most flattering dresses for moms to wear during family pictures, and we’ll break down everything you need to know about what makes them the best family photoshoot dresses – plus we have tips on how to look your best during your photoshoot and which dress styles you should avoid!

an image board of the best dresses to wear during a family photoshoot, including floral, gingham, and solid-colored dresses

Family Photoshoot Dresses: The Top Picks

We have the absolute best family photoshoot dresses below! We’ll tell you what we love about each one, so you can choose the perfect dress for you and look stunning in your family pictures.

Ruched Bodycon Dress

an image board of one of the best dresses to wear for family photos featuring a ruched black and white floral dress

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The ruched bodycon dress is one of our favorite photoshoot dresses!

This chic dress is universally flattering, making it a safe option for so many people. Although, this dress definitely looks great on those with an hourglass figure since the shape of the dress accentuates your hips and waist – highlighting your curves in the best way!

Something else we love about this dress is that the ruching and gathered material helps to camouflage a “mom pooch”, so you can feel fully confident while taking photos and truly enjoy the moments during your photoshoot. 

A sleeveless ruched dress is perfect for spring and summer family photos. And in the cooler seasons, choose a ruched dress with long sleeves – puffed sleeves would be perfect to add a feminine and romantic feel, or you can go for a long-sleeved ruched sweater dress for a sleek and elegant look!

Midi-Length Wrap Dress

an image board of one of the best dresses to wear for family photos featuring a white wrap midi dress with a blue floral print

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The midi-length wrap dress is another excellent choice to highlight your waist and make your curves pop! And these dresses tend to have a sweet and feminine look that’s perfect for making you feel so beautiful. 

While the wrap dress accentuates your curves, it also tends to be loose and flowy around your hips and stomach. This makes it another excellent choice for camouflaging your tummy while enhancing your best features. 

We love the floral print here, although this dress looks great with vertical stripes, polka dots, or even in a solid color (pastels and neutrals both look great in photoshoots).

Go for this style if you’re taking photos in warm weather, or pair a long-sleeved wrap dress with ankle booties for the perfect fall or winter outfit. 


A-Line Dress

an image board of one of the best dresses to wear for family photos featuring a white a-line midi dress with a ruffled neckline

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An A-line dress is a perfect example of a dress that works well for different sizes and body types. This dreamy dress has a triangular shape that draws attention to your waist, and the flared bottom help to give the illusion of a narrower waist. This is great for creating an hourglass shape and making you look your best.

One of the things we love about an A-line dress is that you can get this flattering shape with any dress. So whether you prefer a ruffled neckline, thin straps, long sleeves, or a halter cut, you can easily find the exact style you want while still getting the flattering A-line cut. 

Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress

an image board of one of the best dresses to wear for family photos featuring an off-the-shoulder black and white gingham dress with long puffed sleeves

shop OTS dresses:

Next, we have one of the most popular and common types of dresses for family photos – the off-the-shoulder dress! 

This peasant-style dress is so flattering and has a romantic and whimsical aesthetic that we absolutely adore. If you have a larger chest, an off-the-shoulder dress is a great choice for you, and this dress also helps to hide any “mom pooch.” 

We also love that this dress will work in any weather. You can find a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress with short ruffled sleeves, long puffed sleeves, or anything in between, making it easy to find a dress that works for exactly what you need. And while we are definitely here for the classic and timeless gingham print, a dress in blush pink or with a floral print would look just as stunning!

Corset Floral Dress

an image board of one of the best dresses to wear for family photos featuring a green and white floral corset dress

shop corset dresses:

And last but certainly not least, the floral corset dress. This gorgeous dress will complement your curves while creating a feminine and alluring aesthetic in your photos!

One thing to note about this dress is that it’s best for women with smaller busts. It’s also great for enhancing an hourglass figure since the fitted bodice highlights your waist while the flowy bottom adds a flattering contrast. 

The floral print is fantastic for a corset-style dress. It has a bold and playful vibe without taking away from the classy and timeless look. And it’s also great for anyone who wants a very feminine and dreamy aesthetic in their family pictures. 

Many corset dresses have straps or short sleeves, and this, combined with the floral print, makes them a perfect choice for summer or spring family photos. Although, you can easily find a corset dress with long sleeves so that you can wear this gorgeous style in any season!

a family portrait with the mother wearing an off-the-shoulder floral midi dress with puffed sleeves, the father wearing a white polo and blue shorts while the baby wears a green outfit

What to wear in family photos to look thinner?

First things first: you’re beautiful just the way you are! But if you’re looking to give yourself a little extra confidence boost for your next family photo session, the wardrobe tricks below can help accentuate your best features and create a slimming effect:

  • Go for a dress that’s flattering for your body type or universally flattering like a ruched dress, wrap dress, or A-line dress.
  • Choose darker colors for your clothing. Black, navy, charcoal grey, and deep green tones are always a safe bet for creating a slimming effect.
  • Invest in shapewear. Shapewear can do wonders to smooth out your silhouette, and you can easily find high-waisted options that will slim the tummy and waistline. It’s also important to wear high quality bras, so if you have a bigger bust, invest in a bra that holds you in. 
a family portrait with the mother wearing a white dress, the father wearing a beige button-up and white shorts, while the children are wearing white and beige bottoms and tops

What dresses look best in photos?

The dresses that look best in photos are those that flatter your body type without being too tight or loose. A well-fitted dress with a shape that highlights your waist will show off your curves and create a streamlined silhouette. Below are the dress styles that look best in photos:

  • A-line dress
  • Wrap midi dress
  • Off-the-shoulder dress
  • Ruched bodycon dress
  • Corset floral dress

Colors and prints also affect how you’ll look in photos. A neutral color palette is a fantastic choice if you’re going for a sophisticated and timeless look. Think black, white, beige, olive green, or navy. Or you can add a playful touch and show off your personality with gorgeous pastels or delicate floral prints. 

Overall, the key is to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you feel confident in yourself, it will show in your photos. So, whether you opt for a wrap dress or an off-the-shoulder dress, make sure you love how you look and that you’ve chosen a dress that highlights your best features!

Dress Styles To Avoid For Family Photos:

Now that we’ve covered the best family photoshoot dresses, we want to cover the styles you’ll want to avoid wearing during your family photoshoot. We’ve listed out the dresses you shouldn’t wear during family pictures below, and we’ve broken down exactly what makes them a bad choice:

  • Tent dresses: A tent dress has no waistline or fitted section, which creates an unflattering silhouette. Unless you’re tall and slim, this dress can look frumpy on most women. 
  • Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines create the illusion of a wider silhouette, making many women look bigger than they actually are. 
  • Babydoll dresses: A babydoll dress is fitted at the shoulders and loose from the bust down. Similar to the tent dress, this gives the illusion of a wider midsection and is unflattering in photos. 
  • Neon dresses: Neon colors tend to go in and out of style throughout the years, so these shades can make photos look dated instead of timeless. These colors also draw attention immediately, taking it away from the whole family, the beautiful scenery, and the incredible moment that was captured. 
  • Bold patterns: Like neon colors, bold prints can go in and out of style and are also very attention-grabbing. If you do want to go for a patterned dress, opt for floral prints, gingham, and vertical stripes. These prints remain chic and elegant, even as fashion trends change. 

Family photos should be a fun and incredible experience with your family that leaves you with beautiful, lasting memories. Choosing the perfect dress for family pictures doesn’t need to be a challenge.

Use this style guide to find the best dress for family pictures so that you can feel confident and beautiful while capturing these special moments with your loved ones!


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