YSL Bag Dupe: 11+ Affordable Look-alikes You’ll Love

Looking for the perfect YSL bag dupe in 2024? Check out my list of 11+ YSL bag dupes that are top-notch look-alikes. These bags give a luxury vibe for much less!

image of a collage of bags that are dupes of Yves Saint Laurent Bags

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Originally published Oct 2022, Updated Nov 2023

The Best YSL Bag Dupe List for 2024

When it comes to luxury designer brands, Saint Laurent (YSL) is one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to add the YSL Solferino Bag to my wardrobe last year and currently have my eye on the YSL 5 À 7 in brown (drool).  And while I adore the designs from Saint Laurent, I know that the high price tag isn’t affordable for everyone. 

That’s why I’ve put together this list of stunning YSL bag dupes! I’ve studied every bag from the Loulou to the Cassandre, to the Kate to the Sac De Jour, and have sourced some incredible look-alikes.

Read on to learn about each one!

1. Quince YSL Bag Dupes

I’ve recently discovered that one of my favorite affordable brands, Quince, has added several excellent YSL-inspired bags to their collection. These bags are made with 100% leather, are very high-quality, and come at a very affordable price!

I own the Quince leather pouch bag and it’s one of my favorites for everyday wear. So I can attest to the quality of Quince bags! And you can read the thousands of positive reviews yourself. 

Here are my top YSL look-alike picks from Quince!

2. YSL Loulou Bag Dupe: Tory Burch Kira Shoulder Bag

image of a black quilted bag in a chevron pattern with a gold monogram and gold chain strap

This Tory Burch shoulder bag is a perfect dupe for the Loulou Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag, in my opinion. It’s made from soft, high-quality leather and has the same quilted chevron pattern as the YSL bag. 

One of the main differences I noticed between the two is the top flap closure. The Tory Burch look-alike bag has a rectangular shape while the YSL bag has a triangular flap, although both look chic.

I also want to mention that Tory Burch bags are of incredible quality but at a much lower price point than YSL bags. So if you have a good chunk of money to invest, but not a boatload, Tory Burch is worth consideration!

3. YSL Cassandre Bag Dupe: Tory Burch Kira WOC

image of a cream wallet on a chain bag in a quilted chevron leather with a gold monogram and gold chain strap

My next YSL dupe bag is also from Tory Burch. While I love the look of the YSL Cassandre Envelope Wallet, I know the price is out of budget for many. Fortunately, this Tory Burch dupe is less than a third of the price. 

Made from soft quilted leather, this wallet has an attached strap for easy carrying. The Tory Burch metal logo on the front flap also works as a lock for added protection, a feature that the YSL bag lacks. 

Both bags open to a front slip pocket as well as a zippered compartment. The YSL bag features more card slots but both bags have enough space for your everyday wallet essentials. 

4. YSL Sac De Jour Dupe: Charles & Keith Trapeze Tote Bag

image of a black faux leather tote bag with gold details that's a dupe of the YSL sac de jour

Next is this gorgeous Charles & Keith Trapeze Tote Bag, an excellent dupe for the YSL Nano Sac de Jour Leather Tote. Compared to the high cost of a YSL bag, this Charles & Keith dupe will set you back less than $100. I think that’s a big plus! 

I love the versatility of this tote. With two top handles and a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, you can use this as a shoulder bag or handbag. 

The YSL tote is made from genuine leather compared to the faux leather used for the Charles & Keith dupe, but regardless, this bag is a beauty and makes a wonderful alternative for less. 

5. YSL Solferino Dupe: Charles & Keith Black Charlot Bag

image of a black shoulder back with a gold clasp and double shoulder strap

Charles & Keith makes my list again with their beautiful Charlot Bag, a dupe of the YSL Solferino Bag. This purse has the same rectangular shape with elegant rounded edges. 

On this dupe bag, the faux leather shoulder strap is detachable so you can switch things up and carry this as a handbag as well. I also appreciate the details on the front metal clasp that add a charming touch.

I also wanted to share another great alternative to the Solferino bag that I came across – the Koa Bag from Charles & Keith, which has the same box shape and a very similar overall style. 

6. YSL Loulou Dupe: Tory Burch Kira Bag (black chain)

image of a black quilted leather bag in a chevron pattern with a black chain strap and black metal monogram

This Tory Burch Kira Chevron Bag makes this list again, this time as a stunning full black shoulder tote. Similar to the YSL Medium LouLou Matelassé Bag, this Tory Burch dupe will give you the same stylish look without the high price tag. 

While the Kira Chevron Bag is just slightly smaller, it is still roomy and just as luxurious. It is made with chevron-quilted leather, a black metal chain, and black hardware on the front which gives a YSL vibe. 

7. YSL Camera Bag Dupe: Tory Burch Kira Camera Bag

image of a small oval shape leather bag in a black quilted chevron with a gold monogram and chain strap

If you’re looking for a dupe for the YSL Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag, then my next option is for you. The Tory Burch Kira Camera Bag is a small purse, designed with a quilted leather front and back with smooth leather sides. 

This small rounded bag is black with brass hardware. The chain strap is adjustable and has a leather guard for ultimate comfort. Inside the zippered top are two slip pockets for small items, as well as a zippered pock on the back. 

While the YSL camera bags have a rectangular shape with rounded corners, this Tory Burch dupe is more of an oval shape. This dupe also doesn’t have the signature YSL tassel you’ll find on the Lou Matelassé Bag, but it’s still a great contender in my opinion! 

8. YSL Shoulder Bag Dupe: JW PEI Ruby Shoulder Bag

image of a black croc embossed vegan leather hobo shoulder bag that's a dupe of the YSL shoulder bag

Don’t worry – I didn’t forget to add a dupe for the iconic YSL Croc Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag. This JW PEI Ruby Bag is similar and considerably more affordable. 

Unlike YSL, this Ruby bag uses vegan leather in its design. It also comes in five stunning colors rather than the single black option from YSL. Additionally, the YSL shoulder bag includes the metal logo with a tab closure to keep it shut, while the Ruby bag doesn’t use any hardware on the front and uses a zippered top.

In my opinion, these differences between the bags are subtle and the overall stylish look of the Ruby bag makes it a fantastic YSL dupe!

9. YSL Basket Bag Dupe: Altuzarra Watermill Bag

image of a straw tote bag with black leather strap and criss cross detail

I am in love with this stunning two-toned raffia tote. This Altuzarra bag is inspired by the YSL Medium Basket Raffia Tote, which is why it made my list!

This large tote is made from natural-colored woven raffia with black leather details that give this bag a striking look. The raffia used on the Altuzarra tote is a lighter shade than the YSL bag, but it looks just as amazing.

This tote is gorgeous and the perfect statement piece to bring with you on those breezy summer days. 

YSL Bag Dupe: Amazon Options

Amazon is an amazing marketplace to find gorgeous high-class bags for a great price. All of the options below are dupes of my favorite YSL bags and all cost under $50. 

10. YSL Loulou Dupe: Amazon Quilted Bagimage of a black quilted bag in a chevron pattern with a gold chain strap

Here’s another YSL purse dupe for the Medium Loulou Matelassé Leather Shoulder Bag. I found that this purse has a designer-inspired look without the designer price tag. 

It is made with vegan leather and showcases the same quilted stitching on the YSL purse. It also has a gold double chain strap with a leather shoulder guard. 

The main difference I noticed between the look of these two purses is that the YSL dupe lacks the metal hardware on its front flap. But this bag is still sleek and chic, in my opinion, and for a very affordable price. 

11. YSL Camera Bag Dupe: Amazon Lola Mae Camera Bag

image of a small rounded square shape leather bag in a black quilted chevron with a tassle

Next on my list of YSL dupes from Amazon is this Lola Mae Quilted Camera Bag. This purse is a perfect alternative to the YSL Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag, and it even can be bought in dozens of beautiful colors.

It is made of faux leather and quilted to give it that YSL look. While this dupe also doesn’t have the metal details on the front, it does have a tassel that adds the same boho-chic touch as the YSL purse. 

12. YSL Kate Bag Dupe: Amazon Envelope Bag

image of two faux leather envelop bags in a chevron pattern with gold details and tassels

My next Amazon YSL purse dupe option is gorgeous. Inspired by the Kate Tassel Bag from YSL, this leather handbag is the definition of elegance and refinement. 

The handbag is made from quilted vegan leather with a long adjustable chain strap. In place of the YSL logo, the dupe bag has a gold chain that runs down the center of the front flap meeting a gold metal tassel, giving it a similar look to the Kate Tassel bag. 

13. YSL Cassandre Bag Dupe: Amazon Quilted Bag

image of a black faux leather envelope bag with a gold chain strap and quilted chevron material

Finishing my list is an Amazon dupe of the YSL Cassandre Envelope Wallet. With the same sharp rectangular shape and magnetic front closure, this bag is a great YSL dupe, in my opinion.

This purse is made from vegan leather with quilted stitching that follows the lines of the pointed front flap, perfectly mimicking the look of the YSL wallet. Additionally, the adjustable chain strap can be shortened down to a top handle, so this bag can go from shoulder bag to handbag and anywhere in between. 

Which YSL bags hold value?

The most valuable styles YSL bag styles include the LouLou bag and the Sac de Jour. But most of the Saint Laurent bag styles, particularly those in black or brown leather with the YSL monogram detail, will also hold their value if they are kept in good condition. 

I swear by my YSL Solferino Bag. It’s so versatile and I wear it on a very regular basis with so many different outfits! 


I hope you have enjoyed my list of YSL dupes for 2024 and have found it helpful in your search for your next bag. Be sure to check out my linked articles below with even more great designer dupes! 


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