Best Lululemon Align Tank Dupes: 9+ Look Alikes For Less!

Looking for Lululemon Align tank dupes that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable? Check out my list of 9+ Lululemon Align tank dupe options that will give you the look for less!

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An image board of Lululemon Align tank top dupes and look-alikes from different brands

Best Lululemon Align Tank Dupes

By now, you’ve probably heard the hype around the Lululemon Align tank top. From my experience, this tank is not only super cute, but it’s also incredibly comfy, soft, and functional. It has a silky feel and a built-in bra, and I don’t know about you, but wearing soft and adorable workout clothes definitely helps motivate me to exercise!

But while I love this stylish top, the price can be a little out of budget for some. Each Align top costs about $60 to $80, which is a lot for one piece of athletic wear. But being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute and fashionable look!

I’ve searched the internet and found the top picks for Lululemon Align tank dupes that I just had to share with you! Below are affordable Lululemon tank top dupes that you can wear to your next yoga or Pilates class or as part of a casual chic outfit for the day. 

1. Quince Ultra Soft V-Neck Tank // $30-

An image board of a beige V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Quince

First on my list is the Quince Ultra Soft V-Neck Tank!

This look-alike is an excellent choice for more than one reason. While this top doesn’t use the signature Nulux fabric that Lululemon uses, it still has many of the same features. This Quince dupe is moisture-wicking with a 4-way stretch that’s perfect for a day at the gym. And I love that this Lululemon alternative has a built-in bra, just like the original. (I mean, who doesn’t love a top that can double as a bra?)

Go for the timeless neutral colors, or opt for a more vibrant shade. And for only $30, you’ll definitely be getting a deal with this one!

2. Quince Ultra Soft High Neck Tank // $30-

An image board of a pink high-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Quince

If you prefer extra coverage, Quince has come through with yet another chic dupe! The Ultra Soft High Neck Tank is a fantastic alternative to the Align High-Neck Tank

This look-alike also comes in a nice variety of colors, and it’s made from the same sweat-wicking and stretchy material as the one above. And yes, this dupe also has a built-in shelf bra like the Lululemon version. 

One thing to note is that this top provides light support, so it’s best for slow-flow yoga days, hiking, or when you want a comfy top to wear while grabbing a latte. This Quince tank is also $30, so you can grab this version and the other Quince top on this list for the same price as one Lululemon tank!

3. Aerie Offline Longline Sports Bra // $40-

An image board of a white V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Aerie

The Longline Sports Bra from Aerie is next on my list of Lululemon Align tank dupes, and with good reason. Everything I love about the Align tank – the ultra-soft feel, the shelf bra with removable pads, and the fast-drying fabric – this Aerie dupe has it all!

Available in six gorgeous shades, this look-alike is only $40 (plus 30% off at the time this list is posted), so it’s definitely a more budget-friendly alternative to the Lululemon Align tank. 

4. Aerie High Neck Sports Bra // $40-

An image board of a pink high-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Aerie

I’ve got another dupe for the more modest girlies (or the ladies with a bigger chest who want more coverage) – the High-Neck Sports Bra from Aerie!

This Lululemon Align tank dupe has everything we want in a workout tank. It’s made with stretchy fabric for a comfy feel and has built-in chest support with removable padding.

Something I love about this Aerie dupe is the variety of colors and patterns it comes in (the Marbled Blue is definitely my fave!) But there are tons of cute options, so you can choose the look that best suits your style. 

5. Spanx Longline Bra // $68-

An image board of a white V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Spanx

Spanx is one of my favorite brands for sleek and seamless pieces – so of course, they’ve got a perfect Lululemon Align tank dupe!

The Spanx Longline Bra is a great alternative to the Align tank, but one main difference is the racerback style. Still, this look-alike has an under-bust band for that extra support you need in the gym, making this bra suitable for medium-impact workouts like jogging or cycling. 

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention something that sets this dupe apart! While this top has the same moisture-wicking properties as the Lululemon top, it also has chlorine and saltwater-resistant fabric with built-in sun protection – so you can take this anywhere from the gym to the beach with no worries. So, while this dupe falls into the same price range as the Lululemon top, it’s definitely worth the investment. 

6. The GYM People V-Neck Sports Bra // $27-

An image board of a light green V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Gym People

This V-Neck Sports Bra from the GYM People is a dupe you don’t want to miss! With a sexy V-neck design, this stylish Lulu alternative has the same great features as the Lululemon version, such as sweat-friendly fabric and that built-in bra that we all know and love. Plus, there are thousands of ratings talking about how amazing this top is. 

This is also an excellent choice for those who love tons of color options since this piece has over two dozen options to choose from! You can also snag this top in anything from extra small to 3X, so this look-alike is a must for plus-size women who want a high-quality Lululemon Align tank dupe. 

7. CRZ Yoga High Neck Bra // $24-

An image board of a black high-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from CRZ

Amazon has another incredible look-alike that’s earned a spot on our list of Lululemon Align tank dupes. The CRZ Yoga High-Neck Bra has a high neckline and racerback design for a sleek and stylish look that’s slightly different from the Lululemon version. 

I think most of us would agree that comfort matters just as much as style! Luckily, this dupe uses ultra stretchy and buttery soft fabric, so you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort to look cute during your workout. Like the Lululemon version, this dupe has a bra inside and is suitable for low to medium impact.

And, of course, there are plenty of colors available. Choose between the muted tones, the classy neutrals, or the pretty feminine shades. Or go for one of each to fill your workout wardrobe with chic and versatile pieces. 

8. Amazon Women’s Tank Bra // $22-

An image board of a white V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Amazon

This Women’s Tank Bra from Amazon is made from a fabric blend that offers the same comfortable stretch and moisture-wicking properties as the Lululemon top but for a third of the price (yes, please!!)

Of course, this dupe has a shelf bra with removable and easily washable pads so you can adjust the support levels to be exactly what you want. And the chic V-neck and sleek straps just can’t be beat.

As with the other Amazon options, I love the variety of colors available. And with a 4.4-star rating, this incredibly affordable Lululemon look-alike is one of my favorite options on this list!

9. P.E. Nation Longline Bra // $75

An image board of a navy V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from P.E. Nation

The Longline Sports Bra from P.E. Nation is next on my Lululemon Align tank dupes list.  The P.E. Nation Bra is another dupe with a racerback style but still has the V-neck featured in the Lululemon Align tank.

This look-alike comes in a gorgeous deep blue shade and offers lightweight support, making it great for Pilates class or the elliptical. And this chic and comfy top is also a great way to stay cool in the spring or summer when you want to look stylish while wearing something suitable for the warm weather. 

One thing I love about this dupe is that it’s made from recycled polyester. This gives it the same soft and stretchy feel as the Lululemon version while still being an eco-friendly option. That’s a win in my book!

10. Athleta Transcend Bra // $59

An image board of a black V-neck Lululemon Align tank top dupe from Athleta

Last on my list of Lululemon Align tank dupes – the Transcend Bra from Athleta. While this alternative doesn’t have a built-in bra, it still has enough support for low-impact exercises. Plus, the longline design and racerback give this bra the look of a tank top, so you can pair it with leggings before heading to the gym or just spend a day lounging in it. 

And this dupe has the same benefits as the Lulu Align top. It’s great for staying dry while working up a sweat, it’s light and breathable, and it has the stretch that you want in any workout piece. 

Do you wear a bra with the Lululemon Align tank?

Since the Lululemon Align tank already has a built-in bra, you don’t have to wear a sports bra with this top. And one of my favorite things about this top is that it comes with removable padding inside the shelf bra, so you can adjust the support to suit your preferences. 

However, if you have a larger bust or just want extra support, you can easily wear a bra with the Align top. Opt for something that isn’t too bulky for a more seamless fit and look. And if you don’t want straps or a different color showing under your tank, choose a thin strapped bra in the same shade or a nude tone. 

Is the Lulu Align tank worth it?

The Lululemon Align tank top is absolutely worth it if it’s within your budget! It’s made from signature Nulux fabric, so this top is moisture-wicking to keep you dry and cozy even as you sweat. And it has a 4-way stretch for superior comfort. 

Not to mention, the flattering cut, versatile look, and lovely colors make this a top that you’ll want to wear day after day. I’ve found it to be an easy go-to whether I’m heading to the gym or running errands. 

Lululemon makes excellent athletic wear, but the Lululemon Align tank dupe options on this list are just as incredible and much easier on the wallet. I hope this has been helpful and you’ve found the perfect piece to rock during your next gym or home workout!


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