2024 Ugg Slippers Dupe: 7+ Look-Alikes (Coquette, Tasman, Tazz)

Looking for a chic Ugg slippers dupe to rock in 2024? Whether you want an Ugg Tazz dupe, Coquette alternatives, or Tasman dupes, we’ve got affordable and stylish slipper dupes you’ll love!

An image board of Ugg slipper dupes and look-alikes

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The Best Ugg Dupe Slippers

Ugg is well-known for having fashion-forward yet super comfortable shoes – and this year is no exception. Ugg slippers are perfect for a chic, cozy look, and they can be worn while out and about or during a lazy day at home.

No matter where you plan to take these slippers, having a pair in your closet will make it easy to elevate your fall and winter wardrobe without sacrificing comfort. But spending over a hundred on a pair of slippers doesn’t work for everyone, so we’ve come up with a helpful list of Ugg slipper dupes that will help you stay on-trend without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for an Ugg Coquette dupe, Tasman look-alike, or Ugg Tazz dupe, we have Ugg dupe slippers for everyone on our lists below!

Ugg Tasman Dupe:

Ugg Tasman slippers have been all the rage this past year, so we’ve included two excellent Ugg Tasman slippers dupe options below:

1. Quince Australian Shearling Clog Slippers

image of a shearling slipper with stitching around the edge that is a dupe of the Ugg Tasman slipper

The Quince shearling clog slippers are SUCH an incredible look-alike of the Ugg Tasmans we had to do a second take! And, at just under $50 these high-quality slippers are worth the investment!

They are priced at more than half of what the Tasman slippers are, and yet they are still made with genuine Australian shearling.

Three words… start the car!!

2. Dearfoams Greta Slipper

An image board of the Greta slippers from Dearfoams as a dupe for Ugg Tazman slippers

We know that the Ugg Tasman slippers have been in demand in 2023, so we also have a gorgeous dupe for these slippers. The Greta Slippers from Dearfoams are a near-perfect Ugg Tasman dupe for only $50! With a soft sheepskin interior, you can get the same cozy comfort for a much more reasonable price.

While the Greta slippers may lack the stitching details of the Tasman, they still have that same chic and cozy look that we all know and love. Plus, the simpler design is great for anyone who loves a minimalistic style. Go for the classic brown or black design, or opt for the bright pink version if you want a bold and feminine look.

And, if you want some outfit inspiration, check out our list of Ugg Tasman outfits

Ugg Slippers Dupe:

Classic Ugg slippers are a favorite amongst fashion it-girls, and there are some amazing and budget-friendly look-alikes on our list that you’re sure to love!

1. Minnetonka Chesney Mule Slipper

An image board of the Chesney mule slippers from Minnetonka as a dupe for Ugg Coquette slippers

First up is this gorgeous dupe of the Ugg Coquette slippers! The Chesney Mule Slippers from Minnetonka are perfect if you love the cute and cozy look of the Coquette shoes but don’t want to drop $120 on them.

Both styles have a mule design with a rubber sole, so they’re versatile enough to wear indoors and out. And both shoes have a soft brown suede exterior with the iconic exposed seam detail along the top.

One main difference is that the Chesney slipper uses faux shearling in their slippers. But this fabric gives the inside an ultra-comfy feel similar to the luxurious sheepskin used in the Ugg version.

The Chesney slipper comes in at only $55, so if you’re looking for a stylish, comfortable slipper that won’t break the bank, the Chesney Mule Slipper from Minnetonka may be the perfect choice.

2. Dearfoams Sydney Slipper

An image board of the Sydney slippers from Dearfoams as a dupe for Ugg slippers

The Dearfoams Fireside Sydney slippers from Amazon are another great dupe of the Ugg Coquette slippers. This look-alike is designed with the same mule style with a soft suede outside and lined with sheepskin, making them super cozy.

But the Sydney slipper is only $90 compared to the Ugg Coquette’s $120, making it a better option for those looking for that plush sheepskin feel at a more affordable price. These slippers are available in over a dozen styles, with everything from classic neutral colors to pastels to animal print designs.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable slipper that won’t break the bank, the Dearfoams Fireside Sydney slippers should be a top choice!

3. Bearpaw Loki Slipper

An image board of the Loki slippers from Bearpaw as a dupe for Ugg slippers

The Bearpaw Loki Slippers from Amazon are next on our list of Ugg dupes. With almost 10,000 reviews, this Coquette look-alike is tried and true.

The Loki mule slipper is a mule-style shoe with an EVA rubber sole, making it practical for both indoor and outdoor wear. And like the Coquette slippers, the Loki mules have a brown suede exterior and a fluffy white sheepskin interior, making them the perfect comfy slipper for fall.

This dupe costs just under $50, making it significantly cheaper than the Ugg Coquette slippers. Despite the lower price, the Loki slipper doesn’t skimp on style. This Ugg dupe even has 15 different styles available, including the classic brown and white, a playful pink pair, and a slipper with leopard print fur.

4. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slides

An image board of the Wicked Good slippers from L.L.Bean as a dupe for Ugg Tazman slippers

When it comes to cozy and comfortable slippers, the Ugg Coquette is a popular choice for many. And if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, the Wicked Good Shearling Slippers from L.L. Bean are an excellent dupe.

These slippers have genuine sheepskin lining, just like the Ugg Coquette mules. This L.L. Bean dupe also has the same soft brown leather upper with the exposed seam detail and subtle logo for that chic designer feel.

The only major difference between the two is the price point – the L.L. Bean slipper is only $90 compared to $120 for the Ugg Coquette slippers. So, if you want an extra cozy slipper for winter in 2023, this pair of L.L. Bean shoes is perfect to stay warm and stylish without going over budget.

5. Etsy Adult Fluffy Slippers

An image board of the adult fluffy slippers from Etsy as a dupe for Ugg slippers

Last on our list of Ugg Coquette dupes are these Adult Fluffy Slippers from Etsy! We love the chunky platform sole on this dupe, making it a perfectly trendy shoe to wear this fall or winter.

Another great aspect of this Etsy dupe is that it is a vegan alternative. The slipper uses faux suede and shearling to achieve the same chic and effortless look as the Ugg Coquette, making it an excellent ethical option for those who love the Ugg style.

You can even get this platform look-alike in the same colors as the Ugg version. The Etsy slipper has hundreds of high ratings and is only $50, so it’s a very affordable option for those who want to achieve the same look.

6. Minnetonka Cally Slipper

An image board of the Cally slippers from Minnetonka as a dupe for Ugg Dakota slippers

If you’ve had your eye on the Ugg Dakota slippers but haven’t brought yourself to spend the money on them, we have good news for you!

The Cally Slippers from Minnetonka are a perfect look-alike for this Ugg slipper for less than half the price.

The Ugg and Minnetonka slippers are both a beautiful moccasin style with a plush suede exterior and lovely leather lace details. And while the Ugg slippers boast a soft wool interior, the Minnetonka dupe uses a fleece lining for a similar feel without the hefty price tag.

The rubber outsoles on the Cally Slippers make them easy to wear while running errands, grabbing brunch, or just lounging outside on a crisp fall day. So, if you’re looking for a dupe that won’t disappoint, the Cally Slippers from Minnetonka are definitely worth it.

Ugg Tazz Dupe:

The Ugg Tazz slippers are another popular shoe, so we have a platform Ugg look-alike that will keep you warm and stylish for a more reasonable price!

1. Steve Madden Selena Slippers

image of a woman's feet wearing brown suede slippers with red stitching and a faux shearling lining

Available in black and cognac, the Steve Madden Selena Slippers are the perfect Ugg Tazz dupe. They are ultra comfortable, have a faux-fur lining, and are made with a microsuede upper material. At just under $70, these dupes are a steal, in our opinion!


We love Ugg slippers just as much as the next person, but you can get the same gorgeous look while saving money with one of the dupes on our list. And since these Ugg dupes are more budget-friendly, you can grab a couple different styles without going over budget!


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