What To Wear Under a Blazer: 8+ Best Options For Females

Are you wondering what to wear underneath a blazer? I’ve got you covered! Learn all about what to wear under a blazer for a female, and get chic outfit ideas with all the different top options! 

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What To Wear Under A Blazer

Blazers are the ultimate fashion staple. I absolutely love the blazers I own for their versatility – I’m just as likely to pull out my go-to black blazer on the weekend for date night as I am for a work-related function. 

Paired with certain tops, blazers can look formal and professional. But they also elevate less fancy tops (like a white tee) so you can feel chic and put-together in casual pieces too. I couldn’t imagine my wardrobe without my trusty blazers, but I know that many women fall into a fashion rut when it comes to styling them. 

In this post, I’m sharing exactly what to wear under a blazer for a female who need some fresh ideas. And I’ve put together effortless blazer outfits to show you how to rock each top option.

What kind of top do you wear under a blazer?

Luckily, you can wear many different tops under a blazer to either dress it up or down. Here are some of the best top options for styling with a blazer:

  • Button-up shirt – a classic choice when you want to look sophisticated and preppy.  
  • Crewneck sweater the round neckline is sleek and minimal, perfect for layering.
  • T-shirt – the perfect simple base to wear under a blazer for a casual look.
  • Turtleneck or mock neck –  the high neckline looks beautiful underneath a blazer and feels sophisticated and polished.
  • Camisole or blouse – a timeless option that adds a soft and feminine feel to any blazer outfit. 
  • Tank top or bodysuit –  great for wearing under a blazer for a casual look when the weather is warmer.  
  • Hoodie or sweatshirt – these balance out a blazer’s formal vibe and makes the overall look more casual.
  • Dress – a great piece to wear with a blazer for work or dressy occasions. 

Read on to see how I style each of these top options to inspire your own blazer outfits.

1. Button-Up Shirt

Woman wearing distressed straight jeans with a white button down and a tan plaid blazer and ballet flats.

get the look:

This business casual combo will never go out of style. In this outfit, I layered a white linen button-up shirt underneath my oversized plaid blazer. The neutral tones go really well together and give the overall look a clean, elevated aesthetic.  

You can go with any color of button-up, as well as different fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, or satin. Just be sure to choose a slim-fitting shirt to avoid excess material beneath the blazer.  

I opted for a more relaxed pair of denim to keep the look preppy and less formal, but you could easily wear trousers or a tailored suit for a professional look.  

2. Crewneck Sweater

Woman wearing distressed straight jeans, black loafers, a grey sweater and a black blazer.

get the look:

I love how streamlined a crewneck sweater looks underneath a blazer. The minimal neckline doesn’t compete with the blazer and flatters any body shape. 

You can choose a lightweight knit (like I’ve done here) and tuck it into your pants for a more polished look. In colder weather, a chunky cable knit under an oversized blazer will add warmth and interest to your outfit.

3. Basic T-shirt

Woman wearing distressed straight jeans with a white t-shirt under a black blazer and ballet flats.

get the look:

When in doubt about what to wear under a blazer for a female, you can’t go wrong with a basic t-shirt. This capsule wardrobe staple perfectly balances the formality of a blazer to create a casual combo.

I kept the look minimal with my oversized black blazer and accessorized with a black belt and black Chanel ballet flats (this really makes the white pop!).

White is a foolproof choice, but any neutral hue or colorful shade will look great under a blazer. And for an edgy look, try a graphic tee!

4. Turtleneck

get the look:

If your goal is to look sophisticated and radiate “old money” vibes, go with a turtleneck underneath your favorite blazer. 

You can wear this look well into the winter. A thick, cozy turtleneck like the one I’m wearing adds texture and is great for cold days. You can also wear a fitted turtleneck or one in a lightweight ribbed fabric under a blazer.

5. Camisole or Blouse

get the look:

A feminine camisole or blouse is another great choice to wear under a blazer. These dainty tops help soften the masculine look of a structured blazer.

In these outfits, I’ve paired a black blazer with a knit camisole for a date night look. To make this outfit more girly, you could wear a lace or silk camisole, or go with a blouse for more coverage. 

6. Tank Top or Bodysuit

Woman wearing jeans with a ribbed tank top and a tan plaid blazer.

get the look:

One of my favorite tops to wear under a blazer is a casual tank like the one above. A relaxed, basic tank top contrasts beautifully with a tailored blazer and can look casual or professional depending on the style.  

A more streamlined option is to wear a bodysuit with straight-leg jeans or trousers. Either way, these sleeveless tops are guaranteed to look sophisticated. 

Bonus: They make wearing a blazer in warm weather more tolerable. 

7. Hoodie or Sweatshirt 

Woman wearing distressed straight jeans with designer sneakers and a ribbed sweatshirt under a black blazer.

get the look:

This combination might not be your first thought, but layering a blazer over a hoodie is something fashion experts swear by – Vogue Magazine says layering a sweatshirt under a blazer combines the benefits of comfy, relaxed leisurewear and put-together, structured tailoring into one effortless look.

You can transform sweatshirts from ultra-casual to ultra-chic simply by adding an oversized blazer and luxe accessories.

Layering with a bulky sweatshirt can be tricky, so it’s almost always best to go with a more lightweight or fitted hoodie. I rocked a luxe knit hoodie under a black blazer in this look. 

For a model-off-duty vibe, you can swap your jeans with sweatpants, bike shorts, or leggings! 

8. Dress

Woman wearing a ribbed midi dress with black pumps and a black blazer.

get the look:

Whenever you’re unsure of what to wear under a blazer for a female, try a dress.

Here, I paired my go-to black blazer with a ribbed knit midi dress. The length and fabric of the dress are appropriate for work or dressy occasions, while still being comfortable and flattering. 

You can also wear a flowing, chiffon-style dress with an oversized blazer, or try a mini dress. Just be sure to choose a long-line blazer that hits right at the dress’s hemline for a more modern look.

What do you wear under a cut out blazer? 

In my opinion, the best styling option for a cut-out blazer is to showcase the details by keeping your blazer fully buttoned and just showing your skin through the cut-outs. Thus, all you need to wear is a bra, bralette, or crop top underneath. 

If you prefer more coverage, you can easily wear a lace top, tank top, patterned top, bodysuit, or plain t-shirt under a cut-out blazer.


As you can see, there are so many great top options to wear under a blazer. When making your choice, consider the occasion (casual or dressy), and opt for neutral color combos (black blazer/white top, camel blazer/black top, grey blazer/ivory top, etc.) for a guaranteed timeless look. 


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