19+ Chic Blazer Outfits That Prove You Need One In Your Closet

Wondering how to style a blazer and still look feminine in 2023? Check out these 19+ chic and cute blazer outfits for women, and learn exactly how to create women’s blazer outfits for all kinds of occasions!

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woman wearing an oversized black blazer over a white t-shirt with jeans
Originally published July 2022, Updated August 2023

Très Chic Blazer Outfits for Women

For many years the blazer was associated mostly with menswear. But in the last couple of decades, the blazer has become a piece everyone can wear, and women are styling them in chic ways we’ve never seen before. 

Both emerging and established women’s fashion brands are now carrying blazers as essentials in their lines. It’s a fact – blazers are no longer just a masculine piece. 

We’ve scoured the fashion world and have come up with some very stylish and feminine women’s blazer outfits you are definitely going to want to try. So if you’ve been wanting to add this chic piece to your wardrobe, this blazer outfits women’s edition is a must-see style guide!

image of a woman in a striped sweater, black blazer, black pants, and cap-toe heels

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How should a woman wear a blazer?

Women can style blazers in so many ways as they are a versatile wardrobe staple. A blazer can easily be dressed up or down for all kinds of occasions. Here are just a few ways a woman can wear a blazer:

  • with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers
  • over a slip dress with heel
  • with a midi skirt, blouse, and loafers
  • with a knit hoodie, leggings, and trainers
  • over a sweater dress with knee-high boots

Read on to discover more ways to wear a blazer in 2023!

image of a woman in an oversized black blazer, white t-shirt, jeans, and low heels

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What tops do you wear with a blazer?

Blazers are very versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. So, when it comes to the best tops to wear with blazers, the options are endless. Here are some of the best tops to style with a blazer:

  • basic white t-shirt
  • graphic t-shirt
  • ribbed knit tank
  • satin camisole top
  • basic tank top
  • classic button-up shirt
  • lightweight knit sweater
  • turtleneck shirt

If you are wearing a blazer as a casual jacket with a pair of jeans, dress it down with a basic t-shirt or tank top. On the other hand, for a dressier occasion, pair a blazer with a chic satin camisole top and leather pants. 

image of a black woman in a wool blazer, green wide leg jeans, and heeled sandals

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Blazer Outfit Ideas To Copy

Now that you know the basics for styling a blazer, get inspired with even more women’s blazer outfits that are chic and definitely have a feminine vibe.  Below you’ll see some of the best street style trends for modern ways to rock a blazer. 

Boyfriend Blazer Outfit

image of a woman in a plaid blazer, red graphic t-shirt and blue jeans

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A boyfriend blazer (also known as an oversized blazer) has a more oversized look rather than a fitted blazer. We love the look above with the plaid blazer, graphic t-shirt, and vintage-wash jeans.  

The outfit has a “took-it-from-my-boyfriends-closet” vibe but still looks feminine with the figure-hugging jeans and accessories. We would style this look with a pair of slingback block heels that can easily take you from day to night. 

Camel Blazer Outfit

image of a woman in a camel oversized blazer with an ivory slip dress and heels

get the look:

Camel is a versatile and stylish option for fall women’s blazer outfits. You can pair it with a feminine slip dress and suede heels like the look above, or with a more laid-back outfit. 

We love the combination of the oversized blazer and feminine dress as the length of the blazer gives an elevated look to the outfit. 

If you aren’t into a dress, try a camel blazer with black jeans and a striped black and white knit sweater underneath. Finish the outfit with camel or black loafers for a sophisticated vibe. 

Cute Blazer Outfits With Sneakers

image of a black woman sitting on a park bench wearing an oversized blazer, white trousers, a white shirt, and athletic sneakers

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A blazer with sneakers might seem like an odd fit, but done the right way, it’s a match made in style heaven. The professional look of a blazer can be easily toned down with the playfulness of sneakers. 

The look above proves this theory as the trainers give the whole outfit an athleisure vibe. It’s the modern twist on a sporting club look that men wore for decades (women just do it better now…)

woman wearing a black blazer with distressed jeans and new balance sneakers

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Above is another stylish take on cute blazer outfits with sneakers. A slightly oversized black blazer can look more laid-back with a knit tank, vintage wash straight-leg jeans, and cute  white sneakers. 

This outfit is perfect for a day of running errands and lunch with friends. If your work hosts “Casual Fridays”, this is an easy way to look professional while wearing denim in a corporate office setting. 

What blazer to wear with a dress?

When wearing a dress and a blazer together, there are two options to try. First, you can style an oversized blazer with a midi dress for a more casual look. Or, you can style a tailored blazer with a cocktail dress for a more formal look

For business meetings, we suggest a tailored blazer with a midi dress that is more form-fitting, but not overly tight. And, if you are going out for drinks with friends, style an oversized blazer with a silk slip dress.

Below are a few women’s blazer outfits with dresses to inspire you! 

Midi Dress + Linen Blazer

image of a woman wearing a linen blazer over a midi dress with loafers

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When considering cute blazer outfits for women, pairing a midi shirt dress with a linen blazer is the way to go. Midi dresses are a great option for spring and summer, and the blazer is a perfect way to add an extra layer if it’s cooler out. 

This outfit can be worn for running errands and brunch with friends, or for a wine tasting at a vineyard. The look is versatile and works for all kinds of occasions and events. 

Loafers are an excellent choice to keep the polished look, but you could easily swap them out for heels to take the outfit from day to night. 

Wedding Guest Blazer Outfit

Woman wearing a white linen blazer with a black midi dress and white strappy sandals

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Add a chic touch to your wedding guest outfit by layering a blazer over your dress. This is a perfect look for a wedding taking place in cooler weather since the blazer is not only stylish but will also keep you warm. 

Stick to neutral colors like this for a clean and polished look. The classic black and white color combo is appropriate for any wedding, and choosing black or white accessories helps to pull the whole ensemble together! 

Oversized Plaid Blazer + LBD

image of a woman in a black dress and heeled sandals and an oversized plaid blazer

get the look:

An oversized blazer with a hem that rests below the bum is the perfect substitute for a jacket. We love the look of a plaid blazer with a little black dress for the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. 

The dainty heeled sandals make the outfit more dressy and add in even more of a feminine vibe. This look is perfect for date night, girl’s night, or a formal event in the evening. 

Blazer + Ribbed Maxi Dress

Black woman wearing a camel blazer over an ivory ribbed knit maxi dress with sandals

get the look:

When it comes to styling blazer outfits women can always add an elegant touch by sticking with neutral colors like this.

We love this look for a refined fall outfit. The crisp white sweater dress has a warm and cozy feel, while the warm-toned blazer and accessories are perfect for autumn. 

This outfit is a must for a coffee date this fall. Elevate the outfit with gorgeous gold jewelry, and you’ll be ready to take on the day in style!

Red Blazer Outfit Idea

image of a stylish black woman in a red blazer, black trousers, and black heels

get the look:

A red blazer is a bold choice but works when done the right way. In fact, according to Town & Country, the name “blazer” was first coined in 1952 when an article referred to the “blazing red” jacket worn by members of Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club. 

We recommend pairing a red blazer with neutral colors like black, tan, or white. Other colors will compete with the red and may end up looking tacky rather than polished and classy. 

How can I look cute in blazer?

If you want to look cute while wearing a blazer, it’s best to balance the masculinity of a blazer with more feminine pieces. Blazers tend to have a looser fit, so try styling them with form-fitting pieces like a ribbed tank top and straight-leg jeans. 

Another sure-fire way to make a blazer look cute is to add heels to the outfit. You can wear any type of heel including pumps, sandals, or heeled boots to get the right effect. 

Lastly, bring in feminine accessories like a cute headband, dainty jewelry, and a chic purse. 

Blazer Outfits With Jeans

When it comes to blazer outfits for women, pairing a blazer with jeans is a no-fail way to look stylish and elevated. The four outfits below show how you can rock this combination with flats, sneakers, and boots!

image of a woman sitting on a bench wearing a navy blazer, blue jeans, and cream loafers

get the look:

Go with a simple navy blazer over a white shirt with blue jeans and cream loafers for a sophisticated, laid-back look. 

image of a woman in a light linen blazer, white top, blue jeans, and black flats

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For a Parisian-inspired look, style a neutral-toned linen blazer with an ivory cami, cropped blue jeans, and black slingback mules. 

image of a woman in a tan blazer, white t-shirt, jeans, and converse sneakers

get the look:

Go casual with a tan boyfriend blazer, white t-shirt, and converse sneakers. This is one of our fave cute blazer outfits that is chic yet effortless, and can be thrown together in a flash. 

woman wearing a black blazer over a black bodysuit with jeans, a suede belt with a gold buckle and brown cowboy boots

get the look:

Add a playful touch to a clean and modern outfit with cowgirl boots! The neutral-colored top and blazer keep this outfit refined, while the boots add some fun Western flair. 

Blazer Outfits For Work

Wearing a blazer to work should feel second nature, even if you work in a more casual environment. Below are two women’s blazer outfits that can be worn for a more professional work setting, or an office that has table tennis and napping pods. 

image of a stylish black woman in a plaid blazer with black leather trousers and black boots

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A blazer and leather pants is an excellent choice for the office. It’s stylish and professional with a bit of an edgy vibe.

image of a woman in a black blazer, black top, black trousers, and black shoes

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This monochromatic outfit is giving us all the feels. The oversized black blazer looks excellent with black cropped trousers and black loafers. It’s professional and very chic at the same time. 

Blazer Outfit With Shorts

woman wearing a white blazer over a knit top with black pleated shorts and slingback pumps

get the look:

When it comes to cute blazer outfits for women, the blazer and shorts combo is definitely having a moment. We love the look of an oversized boyfriend blazer in the summer thrown over a knit tank and pleated shorts. 

Add a pair of casual sandals for a laid-back look or go with heeled sandals for a dressier take in the summer months. 


Final Notes

As you can see there are a plethora of blazer outfits women can try. If a blazer is something you’ve been on the fence about adding to your wardrobe, we hope we have convinced you to take the plunge!

In every season you’ll be able to style your blazer and wear it for all kinds of events, gatherings, and occasions. 

So, which look will you try first? 



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