Yeezy Slides Dupe: 7+ Great Look-alikes You Need To See

Do you love the Yeezy slides aesthetic, but don’t want to drop that much on a pair of sandals? Check out this list of great Yeezy slides dupe options, look-alikes and cheaper alternatives. Some of these Yeezy slide dupes will make you do a double-take!

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aesthetic image of three pairs of Yeezy slides lined up on a bench

7+ Great Yeezy Slides Dupe Options

Yeezy slides were first launched by Adidas in 2019 and in the past few years they have maintained popularity (even with the tumultuous publicity of creator, Ye). These foam sandals have an iconic design and are seriously comfortable. 

While there have been different releases of the slides, they all have a sleek, minimalistic style, EVA foam material, and beautiful colorways. Genuine Yeezy slides can be found anywhere from $100 to $500 USD, and can be hard to find as they often sell out quickly. 

So, if you love the aesthetic of real Yeezy slides, but can’t afford an authentic pair, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve scoured the fashion world for 7+ great look-alike alternatives for this coveted platform pillow slide. 


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