11+ Really Good Golden Goose Dupes You Need To See! (2022)

Are you a huge fan of the iconic Golden Goose sneakers but can’t handle the sticker shock? Not to worry! Check out the 11+ best Golden Goose sneaker dupes and Golden Goose look alikes that will give you the designer look for less.

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image of a woman wearing a black graphic sweatshirt, blue jeans, and distressed white sneakers

11+ Best Golden Goose Dupes To Know About in 2022

Golden Goose sneakers have grown a cult following in the past couple of years and we are here for it. You’ve seen them on celebrities and fashion influencers alike, and it’s no wonder so many people have them on their wish lists. 

But, the sneakers do come at a cost… and a high one at that. Golden Goose superstar sneakers cost around $700 a pair. If you don’t have this kind of cash in your sneaker budget, don’t fret as we have some great budget-friendly alternatives for you!

What is the best Golden Goose dupe?

These days you can find a lot of shoes that look like Golden Goose sneakers. The best Golden Goose dupe we’ve seen yet is the ‘Vanessa’ Sequinned Star distressed sneaker from brand Goodnight Macaroon, but there are other great look-alike styles by Steve Madden, Amazon sellers, Vintage Havana, and more.

Read on below for our top Golden Goose look alikes. 

Golden Goose Sneakers Dupe List

The low-top and high-top sneakers below made our list as they all have a similar look, style, and vibe as the Golden Goose sneakers. From the star detail to the distressing, they are great affordable alternatives. 

1. Goodnight Macaroon ‘Vanessa’ Sneakers // $94-


image of a white sneakers with distressed and grey star detail on the side

shop here:

These sneakers from Goodnight Macaroon have a really close resemblance to the Golden Goose superstar sneakers, so much so – you’ll need to do a double take! 

A highly rated dupe, these sneakers have a leather lining and sole, a star detail and distressing that you can adjust to your liking with a magic eraser. They come in several colors including the gold option below.

image of a white sneaker with distressing and a gold sequin star detail on the side

shop here:

The gold version of these Golden Goose dupes is really similar to the GG superstar distressed glittered sneakers with the same glittery gold star detail and distressing. 

Again, as recommended by Goodnight Macaroon, you can adjust the amount of distressing yourself by using a magic eraser! 

2.Vintage Havana ‘Wrenley’ Sneaker // $125-

image of a white sneaker with a glittery silver star detail on the side

shop here:

Next up are the Wrenley sneakers from Vintage Havana, along with many other sneakers they carry. This style in particular is a great Golden Goose dupe and can easily be distressed at home with some black shoe polish and a rag. 

You can read a tutorial on how to do your own distressing at Fizz and Fade here.

3. Vintage Havana ‘Alexander’ Sneakers // $130-

image of a white sneaker with a black star detail on the side and text printed laces

shop here:

Another great dupe from Vintage Havana is the Alexander Sneakers that have a more subtle and minimal appeal if you aren’t into all the glitter. We also love the printed laces which are another detail you’ll often see on Golden Goose originals. 

Scuff these sneakers up on your own at home and you’ll have major Golden Goose vibes going on. These sneakers are also great quality at a fraction of the price made with a mixture of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. 

Vintage Havana is a women’s streetwear retailer that is not associated with Golden Goose. However, their sneakers do have a remarkable resemblance to Golden Goose sneakers. With similar details and designs, Vintage Havana is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable Golden Goose dupe. 

Steve Madden Golden Goose Dupes

If you are looking for a Golden Goose sneakers dupe, you can’t look past the Steve Madden brand. Steve Madden has some great options that have a similar look and feel. Below are our faves!

4. Steve Madden ‘Rezza’ Star Sneaker // $90-

image of a white sneaker with scuff distressing and a stitched star detail on the side

shop here:

The first Golden Goose dupe from Steve Madden is the Rezza sneaker with a stitched star detail and distressing. A minimal and classic take, this sneaker is perfect if you love the more subtle vibe. 

Made from leather these sneakers come at a great price point. And, they are also guaranteed to go with any outfit as they are super versatile. Style them with jeans, a midi dress or skirt, joggers, leggings, and more. 

5. Steve Madden ‘Rubie’ Sneakers // $90-

image of a silver glittered sneaker with a white star detail on the side and scuffs/distressing

shop here:

If you are all about the glitz and glitter and like to make a statement, these GG dupes from Steve Madden are perfect!

The “Rubie” sneakers are covered in silver glitter, have a white suede star detail on the side, and have noticeable distressing giving them major Golden Goose vibes. At just $90 they are a total steal and have a near 5-star rating to back them up. 

6. Steve Madden ‘Rezume’ Sneakers // $73-

image of a white distressed sneaker with purposeful scuffs and a gold star detail on the side

shop here:

Next up from Steve Madden is the Rezume sneaker that has distressing and scuff details, along with a star design on the side. If you are all about neutrals and want a versatile shoe, this Golden Goose dupe is definitely worth checking out! 

7. Steve Madden ‘Starling’ Sneakers // $80-

image of a sneaker with a gold snakeskin print and pink suede with a pink suede star detail on the side

shop here:

The last of the Steve Madden Golden Goose dupes on our list is the ‘Starling’ sneaker which comes in both minimal and neutral colors as well as bold, shiny patterns like the snakeskin print pictured above. 

These sneakers have a star detail and bold design similar to Golden Goose sneakers. And, while they don’t have the distressing, it could be easily added at home with the DIY tutorial we linked earlier. 

Golden Goose Dupes Amazon Finds

Amazon is always a great place to search for designer dupes, and Golden Goose dupes are no exception. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Golden Goose sneaker look-alike options below.

8. PARTY Women’s Fashion Star Sneaker // $40

image of a white sneaker with a silver star detail on the side and silver on the back

shop here:

At just $40, these dupes from Amazon are worth a try if you are on a tight budget. There are a variety of styles including the silver star pictured above, cheetah print, and glittery options. 

The star detail on the side gives the Golden Goose vibe, and you can easily distress the shoes on your own at home with some black shoe polish and a rag. 

Also, with over 2,000 reviews and an almost 5-star rating, they are clearly a big hit. 

9. Room Of Fashion Low Top Sneakers // $50-

image of a shiny silver sneaker with a white star detail on the side and grey laces

shop here:

Next in the Golden Goose dupes Amazon edition, these shiny silver sneakers are by Amazon seller Room of Fashion. They have over 150 reviews and a fairly high rating.

That being said, some reviewers comment that they are lower quality, which isn’t surprising considering the lower price. If you are on a budget, these may be worth a try! 

image of a woman wearing a black toque, dark sweater, jeans, and high top sneakers with a star design

Golden Goose Dupes High Tops

Everybody loves a good high-top sneaker and Golden Goose does them right. If you have been salivating over a pair of the Golden Goose funky and glittery mid or high-top sneakers, you’ll love these dupes below. 

10. SATUKI Distressed Star Glitter Sneakers // $80-

image of a pair of high top sneakers with glitter on the vamps and a star detail on the side

shop here:

These high-top sneakers from Amazon seller SATUKI are a pretty great dupe in our opinion. The sneakers come in both gold and silver, and they need to be scuffed up at home (one reviewer recommends using the inside of your car hood, how clever!). But, they have a ton of similar design details. 

The reviews are mostly positive with a 4/5 star rating, so these are worth a try if you want the Golden Goose high-top vibe at a lower price. 

11. Vintage Havana ‘Lester’ High Top Sneakers // $140-

image of a white high top sneaker with silver glitter on the top and a star detail on the side

shop here:

These high-top sneakers from Vintage Havana are super funky and have the same star detail and some bling to give you a GG look and feel. 

They are made with leather and are a great high-quality alternative if you want to save some moola and make a fashion statement at the same time. 

Distress them on your own at home to give them more of a Golden Goose appeal and you’ll be good to go!

12. Vintage Havana ‘Bounce’ Mid-Top Sneakers // $155-

image of a pair of white mid-top sneakers with a star detail on the side and printed laces

shop here:

If mid-top sneakers are more your thing, the ‘Bounce’ sneakers by Vintage Havana are a great choice. With printed laces, a star on the side, glitter details, and an overall badass look, these are one of our favorites on the Golden Goose dupes list. 

At $155 they are a bit pricier than the rest, but they are made with genuine leather and are a great quality dupe that won’t cost $700 or more! 


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