19+ Family Photo Outfit Ideas That Are Simple + Classy

Are you planning for a family photo session? If you aren’t sure what to wear, you’ll love my list of 19+ family photo outfit ideas that are simple, classy, and will make memorable photos… in the best way! 
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collage of four family photoshoots with different outfit ideas

*Originally published May 2022, Updated Aug 2023*

When planning family photos there are often a lot of questions that will run through your head – Where will you go? Who will take the pictures? What will you wear? How can you make sure your little ones aren’t making funny faces the whole time?

While I can’t exactly tell you how to get little Jimmy to keep a normal smile on his face during the photo shoot (as a mom I know the struggle!), I can give you some tips and great outfit inspiration to help you with your planning!

Below you’ll find answers to common questions about family photo outfits, color palette ideas, and get 19+ fantastic family outfits I think you’ll love.

How should you dress for family photos?

When it comes to a family photoshoot I recommend going with a smart-casual style which is a mix between dressy and formal and more casual and laid-back. As a matter of fact, family photos have come a long way from the stuffy portrait studios and are now often very candid and casual.

This means you can leave the super formal outfits at home (unless your photos are being taken at a formal occasion like a wedding). Instead, opt for a more laid-back version of dressy so you feel comfortable and put-together at the same time.

Cadence Feeley, professional family and maternity photographer, says: “You’re going to look back at your family photos decades later, so I always recommend wearing something you feel comfortable with. You want your photographs to reflect your personality, and picking an outfit is a part of the overall vibe and energy of that moment of you and your family’s life.” 

collage of different family photo outfit combinations and color palettes

Trying to coordinate colors for everyone in the family can be challenging. But, I have a trick to make it easier! I recommend sticking with mostly neutrals then bringing in subtle colors and patterns as accents if you want to brighten up the look.

Additionally, if everyone is wearing a bright/bold color or pattern, it can overwhelm the photos and take away from your beautiful faces. Instead, its best to go with neutrals as they are subtle and classy and work well with any other accent color tone.

Cadence Feeley recommends starting with the mom’s outfit first, and then coordinate everyone else’s colors around hers! This makes an easy starting point to put together your palette for your family photos. 

image of a very large family photo outside in a mountain area with everyone in neutral color tones


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