14+ Baddie Concert Outfits We’re Obsessing Over

Let out your inner bad-girl out with a chic baddie concert outfit and this list of baddie outfit ideas. Choose from 14+ baddie concert outfits that will have you turning heads and maybe even stealing the show!

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A woman wearing a cream colored mini skirt with a partially sheer crop top, tall black boots, and a black shoulder bag

The Best Baddie Concert Outfits

Dressing like a baddie is all about exuding confidence and showing off your unique and edgy style. So a night out at a concert is the perfect time to show off your baddie style and wear something bold and sexy.

Anyone can rock the Instagram baddie style, so whether you prefer a sleek feminine aesthetic or a street-style vibe, you can easily add a baddie feel to any look.If you need some baddie clothing ideas and tips on how to own your look and turn heads at an upcoming concert, you’ve come to the right place.

Baddie Concert Outfit Ideas

We’ve searched the internet and chosen killer baddie outfits that are definitely Instagram-worthy. These baddie outfit ideas are perfect for a concert and will work for anyone, from petite to plus size!

statement pants

A woman wearing zebra pants with a black cut-out crop top, black heels, and a black purse

get the look:

Making a statement with this first option on the list of baddie concert outfits. Eye-catching patterns are an easy way to do just that!

Printed pants will quickly add a bold look to your outfit. Go for animal print, houndstooth, tie dye, or even a brightly colored pair of pants to add that eye-catching effect.

You can finish your outfit with neutral pieces so that your pants are the star of your look. Although, don’t be afraid to wear a sexy top or strappy heels to add to the badass feel of your concert outfit. 

go glam

A woman wearing a sparkly mini skirt with a black bandeau top, a black blazer with sparkly trip, and silver heels

get the look:

A glamorous look will quickly elevate your outfit and add that baddie vibe. Opt for pieces that have crystals, rhinestones, pearls, or a shimmering finish to create a bold and luxurious aesthetic. 

You can choose any piece of your outfit to add a glamorous touch, whether that’s a dress, top, pants, or skirt. Accessories are also a great way to upgrade your look, so try glittering heels, a sparkly purse, and gorgeous pieces of jewelry to show off your lavish baddie style!

When it comes to sexy baddie concert outfits, you can never go wrong with a glitter. 

mini skirt + boots

A woman wearing a black mini skirt, black top, and black cowboy boots with a pastel pink blazer

get the look:

A mini skirt and boots are a classic pairing that creates a sexy and bold outfit. We love that this combo can work for anyone and any style. You can wear a neutral mini skirt or something bright and bold and pair it with your favorite boots, like sleek black boots, cowboy boots, or even Chelsea boots. 

And you can rock this combination in warm or cold weather. A bodysuit or crop top goes perfectly with this look in the summer, and you can add sheer stockings and a blazer in the fall when it’s a bit colder. 

How do you dress like a baddie?

To dress like a baddie, there are some other key elements to focus on:

  • Go for sleek, figure-hugging clothes like corset tops paired with baggier pieces like cargo pants or oversized jackets
  • Black, red, white, and pink are perfect colors for an Instagram baddie look
  • Include details like rhinestones, cut-outs, and bold patterns for even more of a baddie vibe
  • Go with extra chunky sneakers, loafers, or sky-high heels
  • Never forget statement sunglasses and a chic handbag

leather pants + skims

A woman wearing black leather pants and a brown skims bodysuit with a black handbag

get the look:

Two pieces that are known for being bold and sexy – leather pants and a Skims figure-hugging bodysuit. We love the rich brown bodysuit here, although black would pair just as well with leather pants. 

This combination is so simple but still makes a statement, and it can easily be dressed up with a high-end handbag, a pair of heels, and some chic pieces of jewelry. 

a matching set

A woman wearing a matching skirt and crop top set featuring a black and white comic print and a black shoulder bag

get the look:

One thing we love about a matching set is that it always makes you look polished and put together. Plus, a matching set can be dressed up with heels or styled casually with sneakers. 

This bold design has a badass feel and is definitely eye-catching. Although you can wear a matching set with a neutral and minimal look and still make it a perfect baddie concert look with luxurious accessories and a confident attitude!

go for mesh

A woman wearing a denim midi skirt with a slit, tall black boots, and a sheer patterned top with a black bra underneath

get the look:

Mesh has always been an easy way to add an edgy feel to any look, and a mesh piece can add a touch of sexiness to your outfit too! This floral mesh top is so stunning, but you can incorporate mesh into your outfit in so many ways. 

Opt for a mesh dress over a sleek black slip dress, a mesh crop top for a lightweight feel, or an embellished mesh skirt for a bold look. This is the perfect option when it comes to baddie cute concert outfits.

make it metallic

A woman wearing metallic pink pants, a sheer pink long-sleeved crop top with metallic stripes, silver pumps, and a silver handbag

get the look:

Metallics are a must for a bold baddie concert outfit! We are in love with these metallic pink pants; they’re the perfect combination of playful and edgy.

You can definitely rock an all-over metallic look like this or go for something a little more subtle by wearing one metallic piece. A shimmering silver top, chrome pants, or a metallic dress will give you that glamorous baddie vibe you want. Or opt for a metallic accent like a silver purse or heels. 

cargos + corset

A woman wearing white cargo pants, a white corset top, and white heels and sunglasses with a light yellow handbag

get the look:

If you’re looking for something sexy and stylish for your baddie concert outfit, a corset top is definitely the way to go! We love the combo of the sleek corset top and baggy street style cargo pants, and these two instantly add a baddie vibe to your look. 

You can pair this combo with pumps or strappy heels for an ultra-sexy look, or keep it casual and edgy with chunky sneakers. Either way, this combination is easy to put together but has serious baddie vibes that are perfect for a concert.

a sexy jumpsuit

A woman wearing a slim-fitting black long-sleeved bodysuit and clear heels with a silver purse

get the look:

A curve-hugging jumpsuit is perfect for a confident baddie, and this sexy outfit will be an attention grabber all night long. Black is classic and easy to pair with other pieces, although you can go for red if you want to stand out even more.

Heels are a great choice to pair with this look, and they definitely add to the spicy vibes of this outfit. You can go for anything from bright red pumps to strappy black heels or clear heels like these. Use a chic handbag and jewelry to elevate your outfit and add more of that luxurious baddie look. 

statement top

A woman wearing black pants, a zebra striped long-sleeved crop top with a front keyhole, and white sneakers

get the look:

Much like statement pants, a statement top is a perfect way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Playful patterns, bright colors, or a combination of the two are what you want in a statement top. So go for animal print, metallic accents, and cut-out details for something sexy and bold. 

A statement top also pairs perfectly with just about anything, so pair it with jeans, a mini or midi skirt, cargo pants, or leather pants. Add some sneakers for a comfy and casual outfit, or wear heels to add an extra sexy feel!

add a pop of color

A woman wearing a black and white print mini skirt, a black crop top, black ankle boots, and a bright blue fuzzy coat

get the look:

Vibrant shades are perfect for creating an alluring concert look! Plus, it’s a perfect way to make your baddie outfit stand out even more.

A bold blue coat like this is perfect for a winter concert look, but you can use any piece to add some gorgeous color. A skirt, crop top, or dress can be bright and boldly colored, perfect for adding that pop of color.

If you want a neutral-looking outfit, add color with a bright pair of heels, colorful sneakers, or a brightly colored handbag!

the cut out

A woman wearing black pants, a black crop top with cut-outs, and white sneakers

get the look:

Cut-out details instantly transform a simple piece into something sexy and badass! Cut-out tops are a baddie wardrobe staple, but they aren’t the only way to add some spicy details to your look. 

Leggings, pants, skirts, and dresses can all have cut-outs that add to the Instagram baddie vibe you’re going for. Stick with black, white, or other neutral tones for a simple style, or try going bold with a red or blue cut-out top or dress. Either way, this will easily add a sensual, baddie vibe to your concert outfit. 

baggy denim

A woman wearing baggy light blue jeans with a silky black tank top, black boots, and a silver handbag

get the look:

Baggy pants made their comeback with the Y2K fashion resurgence, and they’re a popular choice when it comes to baddie outfit ideas. Cargo pants quickly come to mind when we think of baggy pants, but baggy denim has that same baddie vibe with a more classic and polished feel. 

Pair baggy denim with a silk cami, a sleek bodysuit, or a cute crop top to create a simple but sexy outfit. This combo will look perfect with anything from heeled boots to sneakers, so it’s easy to create the aesthetic you want. 

bodycon dress

A woman wearing a long-sleeved red bodycon maxi dress with black heeled boots and a black shoulder bag

get the look:

A bodycon dress is a go-to when it comes to baddie outfit ideas. This sexy, figure-hugging dress will definitely add some spice to your concert outfit. Plus, it’s perfect for dancing the night away!

You can choose a long-sleeved dress like this or go for something short-sleeved for warmer weather. Either way, a bodycon dress will instantly add a baddie feel to your concert look. Heels or boots are excellent shoes to pair with a bodycon dress. And don’t forget to add a luxurious feel to your outfit with other accessories like a handbag and jewelry. 

The most important part of any baddie concert outfit is wearing pieces that make you feel sexy and confident. We hope you’ve found this list helpful in picking a perfect baddie outfit for your next concert!


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