13+ Chic Black Joggers Outfit Ideas To Copy

Looking for black joggers outfit ideas? Check out my list of 13+ black joggers outfits and black leather joggers outfit ideas for inspo on how to style this wardrobe staple! 

woman wearing an outfit with a camel sweatshirt, black joggers, and Gucci trainer sneakers

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What To Wear With Black Joggers

Black joggers are a wardrobe staple for women looking to create chic and casual outfits. I absolutely love my black Lululemon scuba joggers, and am always surprised at how versatile these pants really are.

The black makes them easy to pair with other clothing and many other colors. And, black joggers can be worn all year long with tanks and tees, sweaters, hoodies, blazers, denim jackets, or warm coats.

Black joggers will also go with all kinds of footwear. If you aren’t convinced, I’ll show you just how you can style black joggers with sneakers, boots, sandals, and even heels! 

Chic Black Joggers Outfit Ideas

I’ve put together a list of my favorite black jogger outfits from my own wardrobe and from fashion experts, to show you just how many ways you can style this versatile piece.

black joggers & bomber jacket

A woman wearing black joggers, a grey crewneck sweatshirt, a great jacket, white and grey sneakers, with a baseball cap and a black crossbody bag

get the look:

Above, I’m wearing a cute combo with my black Lululemon Scuba Joggers and a grey bomber jacket from Zara (linked alternatives above). This pairing is sporty and casual, yet still looks put together. 

I layered the bomber over a grey Anine Bing sweatshirt and threw on my Samba sneakers. This makes a great travel outfit

the classic combo

woman wearing a matching black sweatshirt and joggers set with white sneakers

get the look:

Next, is a perfect outfit for a day filled with errands and chores. The matching set with black joggers has an elevated vibe and looks great with trainers. 

This outfit is sleek and simple but still totally chic, in my opinion. You can make some stylish changes, like swapping the sneakers for boots or adding some gold jewelry. But either way, this is an easy outfit that will keep you comfortable and looking put-together!

joggers, cardigan + lug boots

woman wearing a black striped cardigan with gold buttons, black joggers, and black lug boots

get the look:

I am obsessed with the edgy combat vibes of this outfit. The casual joggers paired with chunky black lug boots gives a military-style feel, while the cardigan elevates the look by adding a soft and feminine touch. 

This minimal outfit is easy to recreate and style into a look of your own. I would recommend any neutral-colored cardigan or opt for one in a vibrant color for a bit more personality. 

How do you wear joggers and look stylish?

There’s no doubt that you can look fashionable while wearing joggers in an outfit. The key is to focus on adding other stylish and elevated pieces, like a pair of lug boots or heels, a neutral blouse, a blazer, or a chic handbag and sunglasses. 

Use black joggers as a foundational piece to build your outfit around, and choose items that match the aesthetic you’re going for – sporty, casual, or refined. 

blazer, joggers + heels

woman wearing an oversized tan blazer with silk black joggers and brown sandal heels

get the look:

Joggers can easily be styled into a refined outfit with the right pieces.

I love the look of these black joggers with the camel blazer and strappy heels. The joggers are instantly transformed with this elegant look and add to the dressy vibe of the outfit, rather than take away from it. 

the trench coat look

woman wearing a long beige trench coat over a grey hoodie and black joggers with sneakers

get the look:

Joggers and a hoodie definitely make for a casual outfit, but a trench coat instantly elevates the look by adding a polished appeal, in my opinion. 

This spring-ready outfit has a relaxed feel that is perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with a friend. Sneakers are great for being on your feet all day, but you could easily wear lug or Chelsea boots if you want a bolder look.

dressed up + ready for anything

woman wearing a satin green bomber jacket with faded black silk joggers and black pumps

get the look:

Yes, joggers and heels do work together! 

When wearing black joggers for a night out, go with a pair in a silk, satin, or lightweight fabric, like the outfit above. This will allow you to really dress them up with a stylish jacket, top, and pumps. 

the cool mom

woman wearing a lime green knit cardigan with black joggers and sneakers

get the look:

Black joggers are a moms best friend, I know this because I am a mom and I wear mine all the time! But instead of looking drab, a nice cardigan can instantly elevate your outfit.

The bright green shade of the cardigan in this outfit instantly gives it a bold and youthful look. But you can just as easily go with a neutral cardigan in grey, camel, or ivory. 

winter cozies

woman wearing a grey beanie with a long ivory wool coat over a grey hoodie and black joggers with sneakers

get the look:

This is a comfy and chic look that I’ll definitely be copying for chilly winter days. The combo of black joggers and an Anine Bing hoodie is cozy yet elevated. And the long coat is an excellent choice for those extra cold days. 

I love how these basic pieces are combined to create an outfit that looks effortless, and the neutral colors make the outfit feel expensive. 

sporty vibes

woman wearing a grey half-zip sweatshirt with black jogger pants and white sneakers

get the look:

Next on my list of black joggers outfits, is a great combo from @cellajane. She pairs a half-zip pullover with sneakers and black joggers for a style that is laid-back and on-trend. 

This simple and classic joggers outfit is an ideal look if you plan to grab lunch or go shopping. The sneakers will keep you comfy throughout the day, and you can easily elevate the look with high-quality accessories. 

Black Leather Joggers Outfit Ideas

I love leather in any outfit, and black leather joggers can easily add a bold touch to an everyday look. Below, I’ve sourced some chic black leather jogger looks to prove it to you!

sweater, joggers + boots

woman wearing a grey sweater with black shiny joggers and white leather lug boots

get the look:

Leather is a perfect way to elevate a basic wardrobe piece like black joggers, and adding the white lug boots to this outfit adds some edge while keeping a minimalistic vibe.

Choose this trendy look the next time you go out to try a new coffee shop or restaurant. 

faux shearling and leather

woman wearing a long faux shearling coat over a black sweater and black leather joggers with white sneakers

get the look:

I love the look of faux leather joggers and shearling paired together in this outfit by @nadiaanya_. The cream-colored coat and black joggers are a chic combo that’s a perfect winter look. 

The black hoodie underneath adds to the cozy vibe of the outfit, and the sneakers add a casual feel. This stunning outfit is a fantastic choice for a casual date. Or, swap the sneakers for boots or a pair of heels to change up the aesthetic.

elevated neutrals

Black woman wearing a long camel coat over a black turtleneck and black leather joggers with white sneakers

get the look:

Black leather joggers and a black turtleneck will definitely keep you warm while you check out cafes and shops. The all-black outfit is timeless, and I love the warm camel color of the coat. 

You could also wear a white or cream-colored sweater if you wanted to brighten up this look.

What body type looks good in joggers?

Any body type can wear joggers, but these pants look especially good on straight or rectangular body types. Joggers naturally accentuate the hips, and the tapered leg works to add a curved look to your figure. 

That being said, curvy women also look fantastic in joggers, just opt for a pair with a high-rise waistline to accentuate your natural curves. 

two women wearing black sweatshirts and black joggers with white sneakers

Should joggers be tight or baggy?

Joggers should have a loose, comfortable fit without being too baggy. You don’t want the fabric to sag around the bum. Go with joggers that outline the shape of your waist, hips, and legs, but that you can still move around comfortably in. 


All in all, black joggers are a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I am certainly happy I have a pair of my own!

You can style them casually when you need to spend your day out and about or create chic black joggers outfits that are excellent for date night. Either way, you won’t regret adding a pair of black joggers to your closet in 2024!


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