How To Style Wide Leg Jeans: The Do’s, Don’ts + Chic Outfit Ideas

Wondering how to style wide leg jeans? Check out these chic outfit ideas for wearing wide leg denim to your next cocktail hour, the office, a grocery store run, around the house and more! 

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How Do You Style Wide Leg Jeans?

You’ve seen them everywhere. On the runway, in celebrity photos, on the racks at department stores. It’s official, wide leg jeans have made a comeback!

If you’ve been searching “how to wear wide leg jeans,” you’ve come to the right place. High-waisted, wide leg denim is great for making you appear taller, slimmer and leaner. And who doesn’t want that? 

Additionally, styling wide leg jeans is actually really easy. A good rule of thumb is to pair your wide leg jeans with a simpler top. Whether you are putting an outfit together for a night out or running errands, wide leg jeans are a closet staple you can wear for multiple occasions. 

Read on for our favorite ways to style them!

Image of a woman wearing cream wide leg jeans and a plain white tee.
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What Body Type Looks Good in Wide Leg Jeans?

In our experience, all body types look great in a pair of wide leg jeans. A wide leg lengthens your legs, accentuates your waistline and shows off all your curves, making it an incredibly flattering silhouette on bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

If you rock a more petite figure, choose a full length pair of wide leg jeans. This will help extend the line of your body and make your legs look miles long. Throw on a pair of heels to elevate the look and lengthen your legs even more. 

Taller women can opt for a cropped wide leg denim. Shop for a jean that hits right at or above the ankle. Cropped wide leg jeans will compliment your height, without making you look even taller.

Pair your cropped jeans with a heeled sandal or ankle boot and you’re ready for anything the day throws at you.

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Best Tops To Wear with Wide Leg Jeans

Our biggest tip for wearing any type of wide leg jean is to make the denim the focal point of your outfit. Keeping your top half a bit more subtle will allow your jeans to be the star of the show. 

Button-Down Blouses

Image of a woman wearing cropped wide leg jeans and a white button down.

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One of our favorite tops to pair with wide leg jeans is a simple button-down blouse. Opt for a button-down that isn’t quite fitted, but not oversized either.

Tuck the blouse in to define your waist, or leave it untucked for a more casual, “I just threw this on” look.” Either way, you’ll look classy and chic in your wide leg denim (case-in-point above).

Fitted Tank Tops

Image of a woman wearing wide leg jeans and a black bodysuit.
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Looking for a way to style wide leg jeans in the hotter spring and summer temperatures? We’ve got you.

Pair your wide leg denim with a fitted tank top, tucked into the waistline for a casual look. Wanting to elevate the look for dinner or drinks? Throw on a pair of block heels or wedges to really lengthen your legs. 

Cropped Jackets

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As summer fades to fall, you’ll be wanting ways to transition the way you style your wide leg jeans. Cropped jackets are our favorite way to keep you warm on those chilly evening while still showing off your waist and elongating your legs.

Cropped jackets add texture and interest to your outfit, and allow you to play with the wash of your denim. When choosing the perfect cropped jacket, shop for a tailored cut that hits just above or at your waist.

We love a neutral leather jacket paired with blue denim or a classic jean jacket paired with black denim.

Chunky Sweaters

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For fall and winter, style your wide leg jeans with a chunky or oversized knit sweater. Tuck the sweater into the waist to show off your waistline and lengthen your legs. Or, keep the sweater untucked for a casual, comfortable look. 

Opt for a pair of sleek ankle booties or flats to finish the outfit. 

Image of a woman wearing cropped wide leg jeans, ankle boots and an over coat.
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How to Wear Wide Leg Crop Jeans

Wide leg crop jeans are a great option in the fall for taller women. For a classic layered look, pair your wide leg crops with simple sweaters and over coats.

To elevate the look, add heeled boots that hit right at your ankle. Make sure to keep this look clean and neutral. The goal is to add interest to the outfit with various textures and silhouettes.

A tucked-in sweater and skinny ankle boots will offset the bulkiness of the crop, making you look balanced, yet still curvy. A win-win in our fashion book!

Many places sell wide leg crops as well as full-length jeans, including our favorite stores: Madewell, Levi’s and Reformation.

Image of a woman wearing wide leg jeans and a blazer.

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How to Style Wide Leg Jeans for Work

Wanting to transition your wide leg jeans to the office but don’t know how? We can help! 

Adding a blazer to your wide leg jean outfit will elevate the look to business casual. Opt for a tailored black blazer to keep the look classy and professional.

For an even more business-attire look, try black wide leg jeans with a neutral, cream colored blazer. Add a pair of pumps to finish off the look, and you’re ready to tackle your work day while still looking high-fashion and fabulous. 

Image of a woman wearing white wide leg jeans and a black bodysuit.

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Should Curvy Girls Wear Wide Leg Jeans?

While wide leg jeans look great on all body types, they are great for accentuating curves. But, curvy girls should stick with full-length, high-waisted wide leg jeans.

This silhouette will hit at the smallest part of your waist, lengthen your legs and boost your butt. Everything we LOVE for jeans to do. 

Full-length, high-waisted wide leg jeans can be paired with many different tops. For the most flattering look, we recommend a figure-hugging top tucked in or a tighter fitting bodysuit. Add a pair of block heels to lengthen your legs even more, and your curves will be turning heads no matter what room you walk in. 

If you’re in the market for curve-friendly wide leg denim, Abercrombie offers tons of styles in tall, petite and curvy.

image of a woman in white wide leg jeans and a black tank top with a basket bag

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Final Notes

So, there you have it! Tons of ways to style wide leg jeans for different occasions and body types. If you were on the fence about the wide leg jean trend, I think it’s safe to say the silhouette is here to stay!

Remember, wide leg jeans are the focal point of your outfit. Stick with neutral, figure hugging tops to really accentuate your waist and show off your curves. Additionally, add a pair of pumps, heeled sandals or boots to lengthen your legs even more. 

Be sure to check out our other style guides below and pin your favorite looks from this post. Happy shopping and styling!


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