15+ Coffee Date Outfit Ideas That Are Classy & Casual

Wondering what to wear for a coffee dateCheck out our list of coffee date outfit ideas that will have you looking classy and stylish!

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image of a woman in a cream knit dress and black loafers holding a coffee cup

Choosing What To Wear For a Coffee Date

A coffee date is a great way to get to know someone in a laid-back setting. When you’re choosing what to wear for a coffee date, you’ll want something to match the relaxed vibe of the coffee shop but that will also make you look chic and show off your personality. 

You can use basic pieces and elevate the look by adding subtle details, jewelry, and other chic accessories to give you that look of effortless style. 

Coffee Date Outfit Ideas

We’ve chosen the best classy yet casual outfit ideas for women. Below, we have tons of stunning looks that will fit the coffee date vibe you’re going for. 

jean jacket, midi skirt + sneakers.

woman wearing an oversized denim jacket, black midi skirt, and converse high-top sneakers

get the look:

This look definitely has a laid-back vibe that we adore. The simple midi skirt, sneakers, and oversized denim jacket all combine for a relaxed outfit that is perfect for a chill coffee date. This is also a great choice if there is the possibility that you’ll explore the town together afterward. 

Choose a jean jacket that has an oversized look and combine it with a silk or wool midi skirt for an elevated appeal. Add a pair of chunky sneakers like the Chuck Taylor’s pictured here for a simple and cozy look. 

jeans, belted jacket + sneakers.

woman wearing a black turtleneck, camel wrap coat, blue jeans, and sneakers holding a coffee cup

get the look:

Here’s a casual and warm outfit for a fall or winter coffee date. This outfit has an all-over relaxed feel, but the belted jacket and luxurious purse take the look to another level. 

The laid-back blue jeans and sneakers are perfect for staying comfy while out and about, while the turtleneck sweater and jacket will keep you warm and cozy. You can also trade out the sneakers for heels if you want a more feminine and chic look. 

linen pant suit set + heels.

woman sitting at a coffee shop patio wearing a linen pant suit and white pumps

get the look:

Our next outfit is casual enough for a coffee date with a side of brunch, but also has a refined and polished feel. We love the effortless style of this look and how easy it is to recreate. 

Grab a pair of relaxed linen trousers and add a casual, neutral tank top. Opt for a high-rise neck like the one pictured here for the same classy vibe. Match with a linen blazer or button-up shirt to layer over the tank, and add heels to complete this chic look.  

ivory sweater + jeans with a long coat.

woman wearing an ivory sweater, ivory jeans, shearling mules, and a long brown wool coat

get the look:

This is a stylish look for the laid-back girl who likes to combine fashion with function. The ivory sweater and ecru jeans give off a sleek aesthetic, but the rich tone of the brown coat elevates the outfit. 

You can wear any off-white pants and pair them with an ivory or cream tee or sweater, depending on the weather. Use a warm-toned long coat over the top for a relaxed but stylish look. We love the cozy shearling mules added to this outfit, but you can also wear a pair of sneakers, loafers, or ballet flats. 

leather pants, loafers + cozy coat.

woman sitting at a cafe table wearing a wool coat, grey sweater over the shoulders, black leather pants, and leather loafers

get the look:

If you’re looking for a bold and stylish outfit, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of leather pants. The dark colors give this outfit an edgy look, but the loafers, coat, and layered sweater keep the ensemble down to earth. 

The leather pants as the base for this outfit, and you can layer on a long coat and cozy sweater for a relaxed feel. Black loafers tie the outfit together and keep it looking first date casual. 

jeans, sweater + puffer vest.

black woman wearing a baseball cap, oversized puffer vest, grey sweater, blue jeans, and suede mules

get the look:

This next look gives off a cool girl vibe that will make a great first impression that says your fun and down to earth. The casual look of the mules, baseball cap, and jeans will show you have an effortless style.

This is a fantastic choice if your coffee date takes you out and about on a chilly day. We love the light blue jeans used here, although any blue jeans will work.

Add on the sweater and puffer vest, and finish this look with a pair of cozy shoes and a hat. 

wide leg jeans, low heels + trench.

black woman wearing a long tan trench coat, blue jeans, a navy camisole top, and heels

get the look:

This gorgeous outfit is definitely a great outfit for date night. The flirty cami top, trench coat, and heels make this outfit look so stylish, but the casual jeans make it perfect to wear to any coffee shop. This elevated look could easily go from coffee to cocktails.  

Use a pair of wide-leg jeans to start off this look, and add a long coat to layer on top. Don’t forget to add a gorgeous pair of heels!

jeans + sweater vest.

woman at a coffee shop wearing an olive green knit sleeveless top and black jeans

get the look:

Next up is this cozy and relaxed outfit, perfect for an overcast day. We love the look of the chunky necklace added here. It adds a fashionable touch while keeping the outfit casual. 

You can grab any pair of dark jeans and add an oversized sweater vest to easily recreate this outfit. You can also change the look by changing the color of the top, making it more fun and vibrant, or keeping it chic and minimal. This outfit would look great paired with sneakers or boots. 

How should I dress for a casual coffee date?

When choosing what to wear on a coffee date, you can find ways to elevate your look while keeping it simple and relaxed. Go with  comfortable and laid-back pieces like jeans, midi skirts, loafers or sneakers, and a long coat or knit sweater.

Use a couple of these as the base for your outfit, and then you can add stylish pieces to pull the outfit together and make it look chic. 

knit sweater, jeans + ballet flats.

woman wearing a striped black knit sweater, black jeans, and ballet flats

get the look:

We love the relaxed and sophisticated look of this next outfit. The striped sweater looks amazing paired with dark jeans. It’s perfect for a casual look that you can also wear for a walk in the park post-coffee date. 

Grab your favorite pair of black jeans and a cozy striped sweater to get this same look. The two-toned ballet flats keep this outfit looking laid-back, though you can choose an all-black shoe if that’s more your style.  

turtleneck + long denim skirt.

woman standing outside of a coffee shop wearing an ivory long sleeve top and a long black denim skirt with lug boots

get the look:

If you’re going for a more feminine and refined look on your coffee date, go for this sweater and maxi skirt combo. Maxi denim skirts made a big comeback in 2022 and we see this trend continuing into 2023!

This outfit has a cozy feel that’s perfect for a relaxed vibe but still looks polished. The neutral tone of the turtleneck sweater could be traded for something more bold, and you can also add heels to this look as well.

We also love the added touch of the black belt on the skirt, making the outfit look sleek and stylish. 

leather jacket, jeans + heeled boots.

woman wearing a leather jacket, blue jeans and pointed black ankle boots at a coffee shop

get the look:

The leather jacket paired with relaxed-fit jeans gives off a 90s grunge vibe that we love. This look has an edgy feel but is comfortable enough to spend the day in. This is an excellent choice if your coffee date extends into a lunch or dinner date. 

The bright white tee keeps this outfit looking sharp, while the black leather pumps add another bold touch to it. 

Side note: this is a great look for a friends date too. After all, there are both pros and cons of being single, and if you don’t have a romantic date lined up yet, don’t fret!

slip dress, cropped jacket + slides.

classy woman wearing a black cropped jacket over an ivory slip dress with black sandals

get the look:

We are here for the dreamy look of this silky midi slip dress. This outfit has such a refined feel to it, perfect for sipping a latte and munching on scones. 

You can use any midi dress to get this look, although we love the light color pictured here. The cropped black tweed jacket adds a posh touch that we adore, while the sandals look so stylish.

This look is ideal for spending a cool spring or summer day on a coffee shop patio.  

leather pants, boots + blazer.

mid-size woman wearing a plaid blazer, white t-shirt, leather pants, and boots

get the look:

We love the edgy and elevated feel of this look. The outfit looks polished and has an elegance we love, but there’s also an cool vibe that makes it so alluring. 

The combo of leather pants and ankle boots looks amazing with the blazer, and the glam-rock vibe of the plaid blazer adds so much character to this look. The white top helps to balance the look, although you can trade it out to add a pop of color. 

jeans, blazer + boots.

woman drinking a coffee outdoors wearing a black blazer, blue jeans, and black boots

get the look:

This next outfit has such a sophisticated look to it. We can see this look going from a casual coffee date to a day spent exploring museums, vintage shops, or art galleries together.  

The classic blue jeans add the casual vibe we want, and the black pieces keep the outfit chic. We love the crew-neck tee paired with the black blazer, and the boots are definitely stylish but comfy. 

knit cardi and dress set + sneakers.

black woman wearing a matching knit cardigan and knit ribbed dress in taupe with sneakers

get the look:

Cozy meets cool with this gorgeous combo that is both casual but super stylish. The midi dress and sneakers have a laid-back feel, and the matching cropped cardigan adds an elevated touch. Matching sets are all. the. rage.

This is a great choice if you want something comfy but still fashionable.

Grab a midi-length dress and add a cropped cardigan over the top the easily achieve this look. You can choose a similar grey tone or use a more vivid color.  Grab a pair of colorful sneakers to finish off this chic outfit. 

mini dress + chunky loafers.

black woman wearing a white mini dress, white socks, and black chunky loafers drinking an iced coffee

get the look:

We are in love with the playful look of the mini dress and chunky shoes. This is a great outfit if you want a casual look with a fun feel. 

Grab a cute mini dress to get this summer look started. You can stick with the classic white used here or change it up with a soft pink or blue. Add chunky shoes like loafers or sneakers to match the youthful vibe. 

What do you wear to a coffee date?

Keeping your coffee date outfit laid-back and comfy is a must. These are some of the best pieces to wear during a coffee date for a casual and chic look:

  • Jeans
  • Casual dress
  • Midi skirt
  • Sweater or cardigan 
  • Basic tops like black and white tanks
  • Long trench or wool coat
  • Denim or leather jacket
  • Sneakers, loafers, ballet flats, boots, or low heels

You can create a stunning look with any combo of these pieces. Of course, you can always swap out the comfy shoes for high heels if you’re going for a classy vibe, and you can make any look fashionable with gorgeous accessories and pieces that show off your laid-back style.  

If you are looking for other casual date ideas, check out this article with 30 fun backyard date night ideas!

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