9+ Dior Book Tote Dupe Bags That Are Very Budget-Friendly

On the hunt for an affordable Dior Book Tote Dupe in 2023? Check out these six incredible look-alikes for the iconic Christian Dior book tote bag. And, get inspired by super stylish ways to wear it!

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The Search for The Dior Book Tote Dupe

Christian Dior is a chic and classy high-end designer brand and name that almost every one knows of. Recognized as one of the best French luxury fashion houses, the brand designs the most gorgeous handbags, clothing, shoes, and accessories. So it’s no wonder people are constantly on the search for look-alikes that come in at a lower price point.

If you’ve always dreamed of owning an authentic Dior bag but it just doesn’t fit your budget, don’t fret! We’ve scoured the fashion world for incredible Dior tote bag dupe options and budget-friendly look-alikes.

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image of a Dior book tote back on a pouf on the beach with Dior sandals and sunglasses beside

The Dior Tote Bag Dupe List

Below you’ll find the best Christian Dior tote bag dupe options we could source, with a focus on the Blue Toile De Jouy style. And some dupes come with the option for personalized embroidery if you want to add a name, and others are embroidered with no text.

Dupe #1: Simon’s Tapestry Tote // $99-

image of a tote bag with a tapestry print

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The first Dior book tote dupe is this beauty from Canadian brand, Simons. The tote is rigid and perfect for storing all of your essentials. 

It is made with polyester canvas and has a beautiful tapestry print with a bold line across the centre, mimicking the Dior design. It is 12.5″ x 16″ x 6″, so it is big enough to fit a laptop inside. 

At just under $100 (CAD), it is a great price for a good-looking, high-quality dupe!

*July 2023 Update: Unfortunately the tote is currently out of stock, we are hoping it gets re-stocked soon! In the meantime, try this alternate

Dupe #2: Simon’s Floral Tapestry Tote // $79-

image of a floral book tote with tapestry detail

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Another option from Simons is this Tapestry Tote with a very beautiful floral design. It is made from 100% cotton and is priced really well at just $69. And as a bonus, Simons ships to Canada and the US! 

This tapestry tote reminds us of the floral embroidered iterations of the Dior book tote, and while it’s not a dupe, it’s a great look-alike alternative! 

Dupe #3: Steve Madden KNOX Tote // $99-

image of a blue book tote with text band across the centre

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At a small fraction of the price, this embroidered tote bag dupe from popular brand Steve Madden has a great minimalistic vibe reminiscent of the Dior book tote. 

The dupe material looks to be canvas as well with an embroidery across the centre with text “Paris”. This cute tote comes in three colors; navy, bone, and black. And would go great with any outfit.

In short, at just under $100, the look is similar and the bag definitely has that Dior tote vibe and aesthetic.

Dupe #4: Charles & Keith Floral Tote // $133-

image of a yellow dior book tote dupe

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This lovely tote from Charles & Keith is a great, colorful alternative to the Dior Book tote. With a pretty botanical motif and sleek style, the tote has a look similar to the Dior with a bright, playful pattern. 

Made from lightweight canvas, this spacious tote is the a great carry-all bag. And it is sturdy with a thick beige trim and detachable shoulder strap. 

Dupe #5: Chicwish Jacquard Canvas Tote // $25-

image of a dior book tote dupe bag

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The next look-alike on the list is this Tote from Chicwish. It is made with synthetic material and has a similar design and pattern as the Dior Blue Toile de Jouy Embroidery tote.

This bag will definitely make passer-by’s take a second look as the pattern is really quite similar and the colors are alike. Not to mention, at just $25 the dupe is a total steal and worth checking out if you are on a tight budget.

Dupe #6: Amazon Jacquard Tote// $24-

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Next on the Dior book tote dupe list is this cute tote look-alike from Amazon. It is made from synthetic material, hence the price point. But, the material looks like canvas or linen.

The beauty of Amazon is there are always reviews to rely on, and this bag has a lot of them, most of which are positive. You can even see reviewers photos of the bag to help you decide if this is the dupe for you!

Dupe #7: Etsy Book Tote Bag with Personalization // $70-

image of a canvas tote bag with a nature print embroidery in black and white and personalization horizontal strip

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These lovely personalized tote bag from Etsy is a great dupe for the ever-so-popular Dior book tote bag.  It has a very similar overall vibe and would be great dressed up or dressed down with so many outfits in every season.

The dupe is handmade in Singapore from canvas/gunny material and the shop that sells it has almost all 5-star ratings. As a matter of fact, this particular tote bag has great positive ratings with pictures of the personalized finished bag that customers have shared.

Compared to the Dior tote, the pattern on this bag is called “nature sketch”. And, while it is different than the Dior toile pattern of wild cats, the aesthetic of the pattern is similar and we love the nature scene of deer and trees.

Dupe #8: Etsy Floral Embroidered Canvas Tote //$30

image of a floral embroidered canvas book tote

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If you are a fan of the more colorful Dior book totes, you’ll love this dupe that’s next on the list. This embroidered tote bag dupe from Etsy is so pretty and comes in two colorways – light and dark.

The bag is made from canvas material and is 40cm x 32cm x 14cm, making it a great size for everyday wear. And while it does not have the strip across the center, it still has the structured shape and Dior vibe.

Ultimately, if you want a dupe that doesn’t look like a complete replica (and just prefer the Dior aesthetic) this might be your best bet. At just $30 it’s a total steal!

Dupe #9: Etsy Personalized Canvas Beach Tote //$30-

woman wearing an embroidered canvas tote with blue toile details

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Lastly, the final dupe on this list is a practical and affordable beach tote with a pretty toile design. The bag is made with canvas material and can be personalized with a pretty monogram lettering.

Even with the personalization, this tote is just $30, making it a great budget-friendly dupe. Not to mention, the tote has great reviews from customers who have purchased it and are very pleased!

Honorable Mention: H&M Jacquard Weave Handbag //$35-

shop the dupe:

This list wouldn’t be complete without this final honourable mention. While this tote bag doesn’t look as similar to the Dior book tote as the previous dupes on the list, it does have a similar vibe so we are including it!

The jacquard weave handbag from H&M is chic and stylish. It is made with a polyester and cotton blend so it is similar to canvas. And it has a tropical tree print in a black/blue color that mimics the Dior tote.

For just $35, and from H&M (which makes for easy returns) it’s worth getting just to see if you like it in person. In other words, you should probably get it!

image of a brown woman standing in front of a book store wearing a long tan trench coat and holding a Dior book tote

Dior Book Tote FAQs:

What material is Dior Book Tote?

The Dior book tote is made with 100% canvas material and some styles and colours have different materials embroidered into the canvas including denim and even velvet.

Even though the tote bag is primarily made of canvas material, it is crafted by highly skilled makers and the embroidery is stitched with the utmost care. Not to mention, the bags are essentially piece of art – from the embroidery design to the handmade portions and impeccable stitching.

You can watch the process of a Dior book tote being made on the Dior YouTube channel here, it’s truly remarkable.

The Dior book tote also comes in a calfskin material, but there is a much smaller selection of the leather totes than the canvas.

image of a woman standing against a large column wearing black boots, a beige trench coat, a big scarf, a toque, and holding a Dior book tote bag

Is Dior Book Tote a trend?

Yes, the Dior book tote is a highly sought-after bag, adorned by fashion influencers and celebrities alike. It has been a very popular bag style since the tote made it’s first debut in 2018. And, there seems to be no sign of the trend stopping as the bag has established an iconic status.

The beauty of the tote bag is that it comes in several different eye-catching prints. Our favourites include the Blue Toile de Jouy Embroidery (which we will be focusing on in this post), the classic Dior Oblique, the Black Multicolor Zodiac Fantistico Embroidery, the Latte Dior Ciel de Rêve Embroidery, and so many more!

Does the Dior Book Tote fit laptop?

Yes! The Dior book tote comes in four different sizes; mini, small, medium, and large. Both the medium and large sized totes will fit a laptop inside as the totes are 14″ and 16″ wide.

If you have a MacBook Pro 13″, go with the medium sized tote. And if you have a MacBook 14″ or 16″ you’ll be able to fit it in the large book tote.

image of a woman in a white beachy mini wrap dress walking on a cobblestone road holding a red Dior book tote bag

So, there you have it! Some incredible Dior book tote dupe bags that will definitely make you feel chic and stylish. Even if you can’t get your hands on the real Dior…yet!

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