23+ Stunning Blue Snowflake Nails You’ll Want To Try This Winter

Are you searching for the perfect blue snowflake nails to rock this winter season? You’ll love my list of 23+ stunning dark and light blue snowflake nail designs including French-tip styles, chrome finishes, and more!

collage of four hands with blue nail designs with snowflake art

Stunning Blue Snowflake Nails

I’m a certified cosmetologist and have been doing nails for years! And while my nail clients often request reds, greens, and golds during the holiday season, I love recommending a blue mani for the holidays (or after in January or February)

Below I have put together a list of gorgeous blue snowflake nail designs that will have you convinced to take my word for it and go blue this winter season! 

Light Blue Snowflake Nails

Using a light blue color palette is a great way to create a wintery vibe and is great for those who like a more delicate-looking manicure. I have sourced a number of beautiful light blue nails with a variety of techniques including fine-line nail art, nail charms, and more!

Long Blue Coffin Nails w/ Winter Details


I love the use of hand-painted nail art in this design to create a cute winter scene. The addition of a winking reindeer and the use of sparkling rhinestones adds a cute vibe.

I would recommend this mani to anyone who wants to show off their fun personality this season!

Blue-Grey Nails w/ Snowflake Nail Art


This design makes me want to snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket and watch Hallmark Christmas movies! The use of polka dots and fine lines reminds me of a fuzzy Christmas blanket or sweater, making it the perfect look to rock this winter. 

Icy Blue Almond Nails w/ 3-D Snowflakes


I am a sucker for elegant almond-shaped nails!

This artist did an excellent job shaping the nails. Plus, the use of icy blue polish and a 3-D snowflake design gives this mani the versatility to be worn for holiday nails or everyday wear for later in the winter season.

Matte Blue Nails w/ Snowflake Nail Art


I love this design because it can pass for a winter manicure, but with another color (like pastel pink or yellow) it would also be so cute for spring. The matte blue polish used is stunning and modern, and the design is reminiscent of a Fair Isle sweater pattern. 

Short Blue Nails w/ French Tips + Glitter Accent


If you are the feminine type looking for some cute winter nails, this is the mani for you! I love the combination of French tips, glitter accents, and dainty snowflakes to create a girly look that is great for natural nails or those who like to keep their nails short. 

Gradient Blue Nails w/ 3-D Snowflakes


A gradient technique is a great way to add something special to your nails while still keeping it simple. And the addition of intricate snowflakes creates a stunning winter nail design that I am obsessing over!

I would recommend this design for January, after the holidays, for an icy-inspired look. 

Light Blue Nails w/ Snowflakes + Gold Flakes


This manicure is the epitome of elegance, in my opinion! I love how the nail technician used a variety of snowflake designs paired with rhinestones and gold flakes.

The technique creates a classy and elegant manicure that would be great for a winter gala or holiday party. 

Blue Sweater Nails w/ Snowflake Accent


The sweater nails trend has been very popular over the past few years. In fact, Yahoo News just called sweater nails the coolest cold-weather nail trend for this year. And this nail artist has done a great job of showcasing the technique.

The 3-D nail technique is created using a combination of gel nail polish and acrylic powder layered on one another to create a sweater-like texture. And the snowflake accent nail gives the perfect touch of elegance. 

Matte Blue Nails w/ White Accents


This nail design has a similar look to the previous one but with a darker blue matte polish and white sweater accent. The medium blue hue really makes the white snowflake and sweater design pop, creating a gorgeous contrast. 

Chrome Blue Snowflake Nails

Chrome is another trend that has become really popular, particularly in 2023, and Harper’s Bazaar says the trend is continuing into 2024.  So if you’re looking for a chrome nail mani with a snowy vibe, you’ll love my picks below! 

Light Blue Chrome Nails


This manicure is perfect for someone who wants a fun and trendy vibe. I love how the artist added a simple snowflake accent to let the chrome be the star of the show.

The icy blue color with a chrome top coat reminds me of a cold snowy day outside!

Icy Blue Chrome Nails


These icy blue chrome nails have a touch of shimmer to them, reminding me of the iconic Frozen movie. To get this look, layer your chrome polish with a fine glitter top coat and add some delicate snowflake art.

Not sure how to create a snowflake? Use a fine-line nail brush to draw lines crossing over one another, and finish it off with dots along the lines to create this beautiful snowflake design!

Blue Snowflake Nails w/ French Tips

A French mani is always a go-to for me! Check out these French manicures below featuring classic French designs, French accent nails, and more.

Ombre Frenchies w/ Snowflake Accents


If you don’t love the harsh line with a classic French nail, go for an ombre technique like this one! The addition of small snowflake details makes this the perfect everyday winter nail design. 

Fair Isle Blue French Tips


When you look at these nails you’ll instantly think of a classic Fair Isle Christmas sweater.  The artist uses a nail stamp technique to create this clean and beautiful snowflake/Fair Isle nail art. 

Navy Glitter French Tips w/ Snowflakes


This elegant manicure is perfect for all the short-nailed ladies out there! Add a little pizazz to your natural nails with a beautiful navy blue glitter polish and the addition of simple white snowflakes. 

Blue Glitter Ombre French Tips


Take your French mani to the next level with this deep blue ombre French tip design! I love the use of multiple shades of blue and the added snowflake that creates a winter manicure that is perfect for any occasion. 

Royal Blue Frenchies w/ Gold Snowflakes


This shimmering royal blue is jaw-dropping! In most of the snowflake nail designs that you see, the snowflakes are typically either white or silver in color. So I love how this mani embraces gold to create a unique, eye-catching look.

Glitter Blue Snowflake Nails

Glitter is a go-to for me! A little bit of glitz and glam is a great way to pull you out of the winter blues (no pun intended!)

Chunky Glitter Nails w/ Blue Accents


I love the use of chunky, course glitter in this nail design. Pairing the glitter with a rich blue polish and unique snowflake design creates a stunning manicure that is perfect for any occasion! 

Icy Blue Wave Nails w/ Snowflakes


I have been mesmerized by this design since the moment I saw it!

The use of negative space and 3-D nail art paired with classy snowflake designs creates a stunning and unique look. Nail artist, San Sung Kim, had the idea of incorporating 3-D “ice blobs” with the snowflakes. The result is winter perfection!

Reverse French Tips w/ Snowflake Details


Using both a classic French tip and a reverse French tip makes this mani unique and beautiful!

To achieve this look start with a pale pink base, and use a blue glitter polish to create a French tip on the outer three nails. Then pick a lighter blue and create a diffused glitter reverse French on your two middle fingers.

Finally, use a fine-tip nail brush to create your snowflakes with a “line and dot” technique.

Royal Blue Glitter Nails


I’ve always been a big fan of an accent nail! I love how this nail artist kept the rest of the manicure simple to allow the intricate snowflake design to be the star of the show. 

Blush Nails w/ Light Blue Accent


I love the use of nude and blue in this mani to create a dainty and feminine look. The snowflakes in this design are achieved using nail stickers (tip: securing your nail stickers/art with a gel polish curing technique will ensure a secure adhesion for long wear!). And the pearlescent top coat adds a beautiful sheen to these already stunning nails.

Dark Blue Snowflake Nails

Choosing a dark blue nail polish is not always the first choice when it comes to winter manis, but you will see below that you can create a stunning nail design that is totally winter-appropriate. 

Dark Navy Nails w/ Chunky Glitter


You don’t have to choose a bright or icy blue color to achieve a beautiful winter vibe! Go for a deep navy blue combined with chunky glitter and snowflake nail art to create an eye-catching look you will love.

Dark Blue Glitter Nails w/ Snowflake Art


I love how this dark blue polish with fine glitter has so much depth, reflecting more blue and purple tones. The addition of elegant snowflakes and twinkling stars creates a stunning look that reminds me of a snowy winter night.

Blue Cat Eye Nails w/ Delicate Snowflakes


The popular cat-eye nail technique is so captivating! This design displays a variety of beautiful blue tones and would be stunning on its own. But I love how the artist added snowflakes and stars for a wintery feel. 

Is blue nail polish classy?

Blue nails are classy, especially pastel blue and navy blue. I personally believe that gone are the days of classifying certain nail colors as “classy” and “unclassy”. It ultimately comes down to the way the color is incorporated into the nail design.

For example, solid blue nails, or those with a simple and elegant design, tend to have a more sophisticated and classy appeal. Versus bright blue nails, which often feel more fun and bold (but not “unclassy”).


I hope you have enjoyed my picks of beautiful blue snowflake nail designs. Whether you’re booking a trip to the salon or DIY at home, you’re sure to find great inspiration in this list!


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