23+ Fresh Fall Ombre Nails To Obsess Over in 2023

Looking for a chic and stunning nail design to rock this fall? You need to see our list of 23+ fall ombre nails that are gorgeous and perfect for the autumn season in 2023!

a hand with long round nails painted a nude pink to brown ombre

Gorgeous Fall Ombre Nails

Fall is almost here, and we’re excited for the changing leaves, cozy chic outfits, and all the gorgeous nail designs with rich autumn shades!

If you’ve been on the hunt for elegant yet eye-catching manicures to wear this fall, you’ve come to the right place. Ombre nails are one of our favorite nail trends – they’re always stunning and will easily add some seasonal flair to your everyday looks.

So, whether you want to stand out at a Halloween party or you want a sophisticated and stylish nail design, ombre nails are a must for fall in 2023. And we’ve gathered our favorite ombre nail designs to inspire your autumn manicures and help you look flawless this fall! 

(If fall is almost over, see our list of Winter Ombre Nails!)

Ombre Fall Nails Designs

We have nail designs with classic autumn colors and some unexpected ombre fall nails on our list, so no matter what aesthetic you love, we have a look for you below!

Glossy + Glittery Brown Nails w/ Ombre Accent

a hand with glossy brown and brown glitter nails with a nude and brown glitter ombre accent nail

We love the combination of glossy brown with glittering polish. This is great if you don’t want a full ombre nail design but want to add a modern flair to a classic mani!

Eggplant + Pink Ombre Nails

a hand with medium almond nails painted a dark purple with accent nails painted a purple and pink ombre

A dark and moody purple is a must for the fall, and pairing this shade with pink gives the manicure a seriously gorgeous feminine vibe. The ombre accent nails are perfect for adding some flair to your nails while keeping the manicure sophisticated and chic. 

Orange + Red Ombre w/ Gold Flakes

a hand with coffin nails painted a burnt orange and red ombre with gold flake accents

Orange and red are classic fall colors, so these two are perfect for an autumn ombre. Add the gold flakes for an elegant touch, or choose gold glitter for a more playful design. 

Nude + Brown Fall Ombre Nails

a hand with long almond nails painted a glossy beige to brown ombre

Neutral shades work so well in the fall. These colors are cozy and can be taken from day to night effortlessly! You can always add some warm gold accents for a bolder look or leave it as is for a timeless look.

Autumn Brown & Black Ombre Nails

a hand with medium almond nails that have a brown and black ombre

This is another gorgeous mani with neutral colors that’s perfect for fall ombre nails. The black adds a gothic vibe that would still look stunning anywhere from the office to a Halloween party!

What is the most popular nail color for fall?

Deep, rich shades are the most popular when it comes to fall nails, including eggplant, rust, forest green, navy blue, hues of brown, and burnt orange, as well as gold, black, and nude. These colors are cozy and warm, making them perfect for the cooler weather. 

Of course, you can also go for muted shades of yellow and pink for a brighter autumn aesthetic. And metallic accents and classic neutrals never go out of style, so don’t be afraid to use black, cream, beige, silver, and gold in your nail designs!

Matte Ombre Nails w/ Gold Flakes

a hand with medium round nails painted light to dark green ombre with a matte finish and gold flake details

A dark and moody ombre is a top choice for autumn nails. Everything about this manicure is so elegant – from the rich shades to the gold details to the matte finish, so go for a look like this if you want something chic and classy!

Nude + Rust Fall Ombre Nails

a hand with short almond nails painted a nude to red ombre

Rust red adds a gorgeous pop of color to this nail design, and the blended effect with nude polish is simple but so beautiful. This is a great choice if you’re looking for subtle fall ombre nails. 

What is the nail color for the month of October?

A rich brown is a top choice for nails in October. This color instantly adds a fall feel to any manicure. Plus, it’s warm and versatile enough to wear with any outfit. Alternatively, orange is another popular color for October – it has the same effortless fall vibe. It is perfect to wear for visiting pumpkin patches, Halloween, and anything in between!

Beige + Brown Nails w/ Gold Glitter Details

a hand with long coffin nails painted beige and brown ombre with gold glitter and gem accents

You can add stunning details to your ombre for a glamorous and alluring aesthetic. The gold glitter is a simple addition that instantly elevates this manicure, and the gem details are a must for that glam effect!

Glittery Orange & Red Ombre Nails

a hand with short round nails painted an orange and red glitter ombre

This color combo is a must for fall nails, and glittery nail polish adds a bold and playful feel to the manicure. A sparkling nail design like this is an excellent choice for a holiday party in 2023! 

Neutral Fall Ombre French Mani

a hand with long stiletto nails painted a beige and nude ombre

You don’t have to wear dark colors to have some lovely fall ombre nails! Opt for classic neutral shades like these and French tip details for a minimalistic ombre design that’s sure to elevate any outfit. 

Gothic Autumn Ombre Nails

a hand with short round nails painted a glossy red and black ombre

Red and black are so bold and definitely give off gothic, vampire vibes that make this mani perfect for October or Halloween night! If you want to make this even more daring, finish the nail design with a shimmering or glitter topcoat. 

Teal Nails w/ French Tip + Ombre Accents

a hand with medium almond nails painted a dark green with a French tip accent nail and a nude to green ombre accent nail

Teal is typically considered a summer color, but this dark shade of teal works perfectly for fall ombre nails. This color is elegant but will still add a bold touch to any outfit.

You can add more ombre nails for an elevated manicure or go for this subtle ombre accent. 

Mauve + Nude Nails w/ Gold Flakes

a hand with long almond nails painted a matte beige and purple ombre with a glossy beige accent nail featuring gold flake details

We are in love with this stunning mauve color – it’s perfect for a feminine ombre design. Nude polish is a great neutral to combine with this color, and the gold flake details add a glamorous feel that we can’t get enough of!

Yellow, Orange + Red Fall Ombre Nails

a hand with short round nails painted a yellow, orange, and red ombre

We are here for this incredible autumn ombre! These colors definitely remind us of the gorgeous changing leaves in this season, so this nail design will instantly add a fall vibe to your everyday looks. 

White, Gold Glitter + Nude Ombre Nails

a hand with medium coffin nails painted with nude and white ombre nails, gold glitter accent nails, and nude and gold ombre nails

You can always stick with classic colors for your fall ombre nails. White and nude are an amazing combo for an ombre effect, and they give this manicure a beautiful bright aesthetic. The gold adds warmth to this nail design that’s perfect for date night this fall. 

What nail shape is best for ombre nails?

When it comes to ombre nails, if you’re going for a subtle ombre, round or almond-shaped nails will give your nails a softer look. But if you want a more dramatic effect, go for a coffin or stiletto shape to add some edge to your ombre nail design. 

Longer nails are also great for an ombre design since there’s more surface to blend your colors. Plus, with longer nails, you can go for an ombre with more than two colors!

Beige Polish w/ Brown Ombre Accent Nails

a hand with short glossy beige nails and two beige to brown ombre nails

Use ombre nails as a way to accent a classic manicure like this. Solid beige nails are simple but stunning, while the ombre accent nails quickly add a refined feel. 

White, Beige & Brown Ombre Nail Design

a hand with long almond nails painted a white, beige, and brown ombre

The contrast between these shades makes this manicure so stunning! It’s a great way to wear neutral, versatile shades while still having an eye-catching nail design.

Autumn Rainbow Ombre Nails

a hand with medium almond nails painted a horizontal ombre with dark green, yellow, orange, and red

You can mix things up by choosing a horizontal ombre instead of the classic vertical design. It’s perfect for an ombre with multiple shades. These fall ombre nails are perfect for the beginning of fall when the leaves change from lush green to shades of yellow, orange, and red. 

Orange Polish + Brown Ombre

a hand with short stiletto nails painted an orange and burnt orange ombre

Who knew dark orange and brown would look this gorgeous together? This manicure definitely has a cozy vibe, and the stiletto shape adds a bold touch. Rock this mani for a date night this autumn or for a weekend of apple picking!

Nude Nails w/ Gold Ombre Design

a hand with short almond nails painted a nude to gold ombre

You can absolutely go for an elegant and regal ombre design in any season! The warm tone of the gold is great for fall, and this ombre nail design is a top choice for women who love to turn heads. 

Colorful Fall Ombre Nails w/ Matte Finish

a hand with long square nails painted in matte ombre designs featuring brown, dark green, orange, and yellow

If you can’t choose which autumn color you want to rock – go for them all! Nude is a great base color for each ombre, and the combination of classic autumn colors is perfect for a fall nail design. The matte finish adds a refined touch, although you can opt for a glossy topcoat for a playful feel. 

Cream & Brown Ombre Nails w/ French Tips 

a hand with medium square nails painted brown with beige and brown ombre accent nails with French tips details

An ombre is a modern nail design that still looks classy and timeless. But you can add a trendy touch by going for alternating ombre effects with French tip accent nails. The neutral colors are great for fall, while the design is definitely a bold choice!

Beige Nails w/ Sweater Pattern + Chunky Autumn Glitter

a hand with short stiletto nails painted in multiple designs, including beige sweater nails, nude ad beige ombre, and nude and orange glitter ombre

The combo of knit sweater nail art and chunky red and orange glitter is great for a cold-weather mani. The beige nail polish makes this nail design easy to pair with any look, while the glitter adds some seasonal flair!

Ombre nails are great for a simple but chic manicure – and while this nail design will work year-round, you really can’t go wrong when choosing ombre nails for fall. We hope you loved these looks as much as we did and feel inspired for your next visit to the nail salon!


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