13+ Harry Styles Concert Outfits For The Perfect Glam-Rock Vibe

Wondering what to wear to a Harry Styles concert? Get the perfect glam-rock aesthetic for the show with these Harry Styles concert outfit ideas for women. These chic Harry Styles concert outfits include dresses, pants, shorts, and everything in between!

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A woman wearing a brown wavy mini skirt, a black corset top, tall black boots, and a long black coat with feathered trim

What To Wear To A Harry Styles Concert 2023

Harry Styles is blessing the world with more concerts as part of his Love On Tour, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only do we get the opportunity to see this incredible performer live, but we’ll also get to see gorgeous concert outfits from both Harry Styles and his amazing fans!

If you’re one of the lucky ones going to see Harry Styles perform in 2023, then we have no doubt you’re looking for the perfect concert outfit to wear. That’s why we’ve searched the internet and found the best Harry Styles concert outfit ideas – bold, playful, and unique. These outfits are fantastic picks for his Love On Tour concert, and you’ll definitely want to see them all!

Harry Styles Concert Outfits

We love Harry Styles’ bold sense of fashion, and these chic outfits evoke the same fun and vibrant aesthetic he’s known for. So check out these stunning concert looks and find your perfect Love On Tour outfit!

disco cowgirl

A woman wearing black leather pants with a sparkly white crop top, white cowboy boots, and a teal fringed jacket

get the look:

Glitter and fringe are perfect for a concert outfit, especially for Harry Styles! He’s been known to sport both while rocking on stage, so it’s only fitting to follow suit and wear pieces with the same playful details. 

We love the addition of cowboy boots to this look! The boots and fringe work together to add that cowgirl vibe, and the glittering top screams disco.

You can use so many pieces to build an outfit like this as long as they feature these fun accents. Fringed pants, glittering cowboy boots, or a sparkly cowboy hat will give you this same aesthetic.

add a little leather

A woman wearing a bright orange long-sleeved shirt with a matching orange pair of pants, a leather vest on top, and white sneakers

get the look:

Leather is perfect for a bold and eye-catching look. We are so in love with the pairing of vibrant orange and black leather, and the vest definitely adds an edge to the outfit. 

You can add leather to your concert outfit with a classic leather jacket, leather pants, or even a leather crop top. Either way, you can’t go wrong adding a piece like this to your Love On Tour look!

bold British fashion

A woman wearing a shimmering black dress with fringe trim, black and silver pumps, and a black crossbody purse

get the look:

It’s no secret that Harry Styles was born in England, and he definitely embodies that classic British style – timeless yet unique.

Sequins and fringe make this dress so eye-catching, and this glamorous look is perfect for a concert outfit! You can go for anything with sequins or a shimmering finish, so opt for a top, skirt, shorts, or pants that have some sparkle.

And the same goes for fringed details; go for a skirt, jacket, or even a purse with fringed trim to add a playful vibe to your look. 

pop of pink

A woman wearing light blue denim shorts, a white bandeau top, and an oversized pink blazer with sunglasses

get the look:

A Love On Tour look isn’t complete without a romantic shade like pink!

We love the oversized pink blazer here; it’s the perfect blend of chic and modern with sweet and feminine. But if you don’t want to rock a blazer, pair a pink mini skirt with heels and a sparkly shirt, or combine pink pants with a feathered crop top. For extra flair, you can also rock pink accessories, like a purse or shoes!

Can I wear jeans to a Harry Styles concert?

Yes, you can totally wear jeans to a Harry Styles concert. Your outfit should be something that you feel comfortable and confident in, and jeans are always in style, so you can rock these as part of your Love On Tour look!

For extra comfort, try a pair of jeans with a relaxed fit – think boyfriend, straight-leg, or wide-leg jeans. And the material matters too. Cotton jeans will definitely be breathable but will have a more rigid feel, while stretch denim will move with your body as you sing and dance to your favorite Harry Styles songs. 

Of course, the color and pattern you choose are up to you. You can go with classic colors like blue and black, try a vibrant shade like pink or green, or go bold with animal print or striped jeans. Jeans also pair well with so many pieces, so you can wear a statement top, crop top, jacket, or anything in between!

70s vibes

Three woman wearing Harry Styles concert outfits featuring 70s inspired outfits that are yellow, orange, and pink

get the look:

Harry Styles is known for drawing inspiration from the 70s for both his music and wardrobe! So you really can’t go wrong with a look that’s reminiscent of this era – whether it’s glam-rock, boho, disco, or the iconic hippie style!

These retro outfits are a must if you love the free-spirited fashion from the 70s. The gorgeous colors immediately add a vintage vibe, and the crocheted pieces and mod dress are perfect for the 70s aesthetic.

Bright shades and daring patterns are fantastic ways to add a retro touch, and they also make for a perfect concert outfit!

cowboy boots + mini

A woman wearing a blue floral mini-dress with tall white cowboy boots, sunglasses, and a brown shoulder bag and holding a denim jacket

get the look:

A mini dress and denim jacket are cute, casual, and feminine – a perfect combo for a concert outfit. But you can add a little something extra with a pair of tall cowboy boots like these!

Stick with the gorgeous blue and white, or go for a neon color for a bolder look. We love these bright white cowboy boots, but you can go for a black pair for a classic concert outfit for summer

make a statement

A woman wearing a leopard print mini skirt with black and white cowboy boots and a bright purple bomber jacket

get the look:

A concert is a perfect time to wear a statement outfit! Vivid colors and eye-catching patterns are a must if you want a unique and daring look like this. 

We love the bright purple bomber jacket, but if it’s too hot for a jacket, try a brightly colored tee or crop top instead. Animal print is one of our go-to patterns for a fun outfit, though any print would work here – stripes, stars, checkered, or floral. 

The cowboy boots make this outfit pop even more, but you can also try platform sneakers, knee-high boots, or embellished ankle-wrap heels for a bold look. 

watermelon sugar

A woman wearing a kelly green lace corset top paired with pink bell bottom pleated pants

get the look:

Watermelon Sugar was Harry Styles’s first song to hit the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s still one of his most popular songs to date. If you still rock out to this song in 2023, it could be the perfect inspiration for your Love On Tour concert outfit!

This outfit is so chic, and the gorgeous colors are bright and playful. Pleated pants and a lacy corset top are a stunning blend of modern and feminine with vintage and refined. 

If you want something a little more casual, try pink jeans with a green halter top or a green mini skirt with a pink tank top. No matter how you pair these colors, you’ll be giving off serious watermelon sugar vibes!

Do people dress up for Harry Styles?

Yes, people often dress up for a Harry Styles concert. Harry Styles’ own bold sense of style inspires his fans to go above and beyond when it comes to concert outfits that include retro fashion, glam details (think glitter and sequins), and vibrant colors and patterns. 

It’s like getting a fashion show and concert at the same time, and it makes the experience of a Harry Styles concert that much better. So don’t be afraid to go big and bold. You can wear glittering tops, feather boas, bright shades, and whatever else your heart desires!

feathers, feminine + flirty

Three woman ready for a Harry Styles concert outfits, featuring pink dresses, feathered trim, lace, and bow details

get the look:

Speaking of feather boas, feminine pieces with feathered trim are a fantastic pick for a Harry Styles concert. We adore the girly look of these outfits, from the pretty pink to the bows, lace, and feathers!

You can choose just one flirty detail to rock or go for them all in a bold and glamorous look. Heels are perfect for a feminine look, and platform or embellished heels are even better. 

heart details

An overhead shot of a woman wearing a black mini dress with a strawberry print and white trim, paired with platform heels and a red heart handbag

get the look:

Heart details are so fitting for a Love On Tour look! A black mini dress and a red heart purse are a chic combo, and this pair makes an incredible Harry Styles concert outfit. 

We love the fruit pattern on this dress; it’s perfect for a concert filled with songs like Cherry, Kiwi, and Watermelon Sugar. Of course, you can always go for a dress with heart details instead – like a heart pattern or heart-shaped cut-outs. Grab pink or red heels and a purse to go with it, and you’re ready to go!

disco diva

A woman wearing a disco-inspired gold sequined midi dress with silver platform pumps

get the look:

Disco style is bold, glamorous, and everything you could want in a Harry Styles concert outfit! This sequin-covered dress will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, and shimmering platform heels are the perfect addition to this look. 

You can add a disco diva vibe to your outfit with a chic midi dress like this, or opt for a matching set, a sequined top, or embellished pants! 

go for glitter

A woman wearing silver glitter pants, white heeled boots, and a black leather jacket

get the look:

Last on the list of Harry Styles concert outfits, if you’re looking something fun and daring, glittering pieces are the way to go. We can’t get enough of these long shimmering pants, although you can wear a sparkly skirt or mini dress if you need a summer outfit. 

You can choose a silver piece like this or try gold, pink, or even purple glitter. The black leather jacket looks great with the silver pants, or try a black crop top instead if you’re going for a warm-weather look. Finish off this look with heeled boots or pumps, and you’re ready to go!

Three woman standing together with Harry Styles concert outfits

A Harry Styles concert will be incredible no matter what, but dressing up in a bold and glamorous outfit will take this experience to the next level.

So whether you want to channel your inner disco diva or go for something flirty and pink, use these Harry Styles concert outfits to find your perfect Love On Tour look!


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