What to Wear to Disney World + Cute Disney Outfits You’ll Love

Learn exactly what to wear to Disney World to be comfortable and feel chic, stylish, and anything but Goofy! And, get cute Disney outfits to try while you’re there!

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Girl at Disney wearing a Mickey Mouse hat, black and white striped pants, white Nike sneakers, a black sports bra, an open white button down and a white fanny pack.
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Exactly What to Wear to Disney World

If you’re headed to Florida to visit Walt Disney World (if you are heading to Disneyland, check out this post!), there are a few things you should consider as you prepare for your trip, including where to stay, what rides to take, and of course, what to wear. 

Let’s face it – packing can be a bit of a pain, regardless of your destination, and when you’re packing clothes for a theme park, it’s not exactly a cakewalk. 

While you can’t wave a wand, say, “Bibbid-bobbidi-boo!”, and have the perfect Disney world wardrobe all folded and packed in your suitcase, I can make it much more of an easy process for you!

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What Should a Woman Wear to Disney World?

When visiting Disney World you’ll want to make sure you pack appropriate clothes for the weather, the activities you’ll do during the day, and for the amount of walking you’re going to do. 

I’ve compiled a list of must-have clothing items to ensure you have the best time riding Splash Mountain or watching the fireworks display in the evening…and look mega-cute while doing it all. 

Girl at Disney wearing jean shorts, white sneakers, a white and red baseball tee, and a red Minnie Mouse hat.
Photo: @jenkvieira

Let’s Talk Footwear

If you’ve ever visited an amusement park, you know half your time will be spent walking from one attraction to another – Disney World is no exception. In fact, the entertainment and recreation center spans nearly 40 square miles. That’s bigger than New York City! 

This expansive location includes four separate theme parks and two water parks, so to put it simply — be prepared to do some walking.

Though your feet are likely to feel the distance, you can mitigate any pain by choosing the right pair of shoes, so you should leave your glass slippers at home

Opt for the following styles to ensure maximum comfort during your trip:

  • Reliable running shoes
  • Open-toed sandals with cushioned sole (think Birkenstock-esque comfort) 
  • Slip-on loafers or slides

I recommend saving your brand new pairs for another occasion; the shoes you wear to Disney should be broken in to avoid blisters. 

Also, be sure to keep in mind the weather conditions when packing your shoes. Though Florida is not known for the cold, you should consider rain as a possibility and double-check the forecast before packing. 

Cute Disney Outfits To Try

Below are some cute Disney outfits to try while at a Disney park, and you can add or remove layers depending on the weather!

tank top, jeans + Minnie earrings.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

Theme parks are an informal setting, so you shouldn’t feel the need to wear your finest clothing. Stick to lightweight and airy tank tops and shirts. And, if you feel up to it, have fun with the Disney theme!

Disney parks are a place where adults can embrace their inner kid, and wearing a character top or accessory with casual clothes is a-OK. 

You’ll also want to consider bringing along a layer if the weather gets cooler or rainy, or you are staying for a night-time fireworks show. A lightweight cotton sweater or denim jacket is a great idea. 

denim shorts, light top + Minnie ears.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

When it’s warm out, go with a lightweight top or blouse that is in an airy cotton or linen fabric. Or, go sleeveless on a really hot day.

If you’re a denim devotee, you can wear a pair of denim jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. Aim to pack your most comfortable pair that fits well so they don’t sag or chafe throughout the day due to sweating.

It can be quite hot in Florida so in the summer you’ll likely want to opt for shorts, and can swap out denim for linen or lightweight cotton shorts. 

Throw on a pair of comfortable sandals and wear some super cute Minnie ears to complete the look!

biker shorts, sneakers + light sweater. 

Girl wearing black biker shorts, white sneakers, a cream cropped sweatshirt, a black belt bag across her shoulder and black sunnies.
Photo: @fashionjackson

Next on the list of cute Disney outfits is this one which pairs biker shorts with sneakers for a laid-back, comfortable vibe. In the morning wear a lightweight sweatshirt and throw a crop-top or tank underneath for when the weather gets warmer in the day.

Add a Disney decorated hat if it’s a blue sky day to protect yourself from the sun. 

leggings, tank top + Disney belt bag.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

Leggings are another awesome option to wear to a Disney park. The soft, breathable fabric of leggings feel super comfortable while you wait in lines. P

lus, their stretchy material allows you to move around from ride to ride with ease… or indulge in all the churros and soft pretzels you want.

In the warmer months go with cropped leggings or biker shorts, and consider a lighter color rather than black, such as grey or sage green.

t-shirt dress, denim jacket + sneakers.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

If you are a skirt or dress kind of gal, you can wear either but avoid anything extra flowy or overly long. Also throw on a pair of spandex biking shorts underneath to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment on a thrill ride.

Wear a denim jacket over the dress if it’s a cool or cloudy day, and leave the jacket at home if it’s going to be hot. Wear a pair of comfortable sneakers, and add some cute Minnie ears to finish the look.

jumpsuit, lightweight knit + sneakers.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

Another idea for a cute Disney outfit is a comfy and stretchy romper or jumpsuit. This creates a great way to “dress up” a little but you’ll still feel comfortable enough to walk, walk, and walk some more.

On a cooler day choose a longer jumpsuit, and on a hot Florida summer day go with a short romper in an airy and breathable fabric. 

denim shorts, tank top + sandals.

Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

get the look:

Go with denim (or linen) shorts, add a simple tank top (or one with a Disney graphic), and add a handy belt bag. This outfit will keep you hands-free and cool on a warm day exploring a Disney park. 

If you plan to stay for the fireworks show, bring along a lightweight sweater to put on in the evening when the sun goes down. 

Accessories & Extras

Here are some extra items you can add to cute Disney outfits to finish the look and make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your day at the park.

  • Hats: Hats are a good option at theme parks as they provide great sun protection. But, a hat can easily fly off on a thrill ride, so go with a ball cap that fits more snug if you do choose a hat. Want to get more festive? Try to get your hands on a hat with Mickey Mouse ears for an ultra-cute detail to your outfit.

  • Lightweight Jacket or Top Layer: If you’re planning to stay at the park all day, you’ll likely want to pack a light jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, or cardigan to throw over your shoulders in the evenings when the temperature starts to drop. 


  • Backpack or Fanny Pack: Take a small backpack or a stylish fanny pack (yes, these do exist!) to store your essentials, including keys, wallet, sunglasses, and sunscreen, while remaining hands-free.  


  • Sunglasses: Florida is the sunshine state, so be sure to bring a pair of shades to elevate your outfit and protect your eyes. Just make sure to pop them in your bag before you go on the Rock n’ Rollercoaster. 
Girls at the refreshment corner eating Disney themed snacks and wearing jeans, t-shirts and Minnie Mouse ears.
Photo: @theurbandarling

What Should You Not Wear at Disney World?

There are only a few specific items that should be avoided when you head to Disney World! The list below will help to prevent a wardrobe malfunction, and keep your outfit family-friendly. 

  • Short skirts or dresses. Unless you plan to wear a pair of spandex shorts under your skirt or dress, it’s best to avoid this outfit choice. Simply because there’s a chance of an accidental flashing incident. 
  • Long flowing skirts or dresses. If you are planning on actually riding the rides at Disney World you’ll be doing a lot of moving. Avoid flowy articles of clothing that could easily get caught in any ride machinery. 
  • Heeled shoes. Although heels can look super cute with your Minnie Mouse t-shirt, they just aren’t practical, and can leave you with mega blisters. 
  • Clothing with profanity or questionable graphics. Disney World is a family-friendly environment so it’s best to save these items (if you do have them in your wardrobe) for a different occasion. 
  • Expensive or dangly jewelry. Much like the flowing clothing, dangly jewelry can get caught, or might end up whipping you in the face on a thrill ride. So, it’s best to leave these pieces at home along with any expensive or sentimental jewelry you would hate to lose. 
Girls in front of the Disney castle holding up the peace sign and wearing Minnie Mouse ears.
Photo: @aricamachoz

As you pack, remember to check the weather forecast. Your outfits will largely depend on the season and temperature during your stay. 

Also, be sure to consult your itinerary for activities. If you plan to visit a nice restaurant or the water parks, this will influence your clothing choices.

When it comes to theme park fashion, these tips will help you feel comfortable and enhance your experience. Above all, remember to have fun! It is the Happiest Place on Earth, after all!

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Collage of clothing options you could wear to Disney.

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