15+ Winter Family Photoshoot Outfits

Be inspired with these 15+ chic, stylish, and precious winter family photoshoot outfits that will make your photos that much more amazing and memorable!

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(Brittany Gabhart)


It’s that time of year…the weather is chillier, sweaters are in full force, and the magic of winter is on it’s way!

If you are thinking of scheduling a family winter photoshoot session this post will inspire you with the best outfit ideas that are stylish and perfectly curated for the whole family (nothing tacky that will make you cringe in years to come, lol!).

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What should a family wear for winter pictures?

When it comes to winter family photoshoot outfits, there are many options to choose from. Whether you love the rich, beautiful colours of the season (think deep burgundy, forest green, silvers, and golds) or like to keep it minimal, modern, and neutral, there’s an idea here for you!


The Winter Family Photoshoot Outfits List:

(Gold & Graphite)

Classic black and white.

I absolutely love this simple and classy neutral combo. The colors are black and white/ivory, with solids and only a subtle plaid pattern on the little girls skirt (which has a touch of green with the black and white). The cozy sweaters mesh wonderfully with the black denim, and the sweater dress on the mama is just so flattering and chic.

Get the look: black sweater dress/white mens cable knit sweater/child cable knit sweater/girls plaid dress



(Ellis Illustrations)

Burgundy, plaid, and tan.

This gorgeous combination of winter family photoshoot outfits works so well with the neutral tan sweater, the burgundy knit, and the pop of plaid. I also love the small touch of plaid under the tan sweater.

I would pair these tops with denim for a casual look, or dress pants on the boys and a black silk midi skirt on mama. If there is a girl in the family, a knit sweater or cream puffer jacket with a plaid skirt and black booties would complete the ensemble (see below!).


Get the look: burgundy knit sweater/black silk midi skirt/women’s booties/tan mens sweater/plaid mens shirt/mens denim/mens boots/boys plaid shirt/boys chino pants/boys boots/girls puffer jacket/girls gingham skirt/girls booties


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(Rose City Style Guide)

Neutrals, black, leather, and wool.

Another classic and lovely neutral combination, I love how the light beige, tan, and blacks work together. This winter family photoshoot is casual but still classy and the dress and leather jacket with fedora hat is such a great look for the mama. The colors blend perfectly with the winter scene and everything looks cohesive.

Get the look: wool mens sweater/black mens shirt/boys neutral jacket/child ugg boots/neutral midi dress/leather jacket/fedora hat




(Jamie Erikson)

Warm earth tones, fur, and lots of layers.

There is so much beautiful color in this winter family photoshoot outfit idea. I love that the colors are muted but pop against the white snow. The mom and dad are both wearing forest green and rust red tones, and the girls are in lighter neutrals with pops of mustard, red, and green.

Extra layers of warmth are added with knits and the most precious fur vest on the little girl, and everyone in brown shoes ties in with the earth tones. Such a great combination!

Get the look: men’s sweater/men’s dress shirt/red maxi dress/girls mustard top/girls fur vest/girls poppy top/girls cardigan



(All The Beautiful Things)

Blue linen with black and white gingham.

This is an unexpected outfit combination but it totally works. The bold sky blue is softened by the linen fabric and the black and white gingham dress is a complimenting natural to the color.

I love the pops of greenery in the background and it goes to show that this outfit combination would look great for an indoor or outdoor winter photoshoot. If you have more people you could dress the others in a mix of solid black, solid white, gingham, and similar tones of this beautiful blue (see below!).

Get the look: gingham girls dress/blue linen dress/boys button up shirt/boys black denim/boys sweater/mens black denim/mens gingham shirt/girls shoes/womens shoes/boys shoes/mens shoes


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(Courtney Fairchild)

Warm browns, black, tan, and cozy blankets.

This is the coziest looking winter family photoshoot ever. While the outfits are subtle – tan pants, brown beanie hats, a black jacket, and grey wool fedora – the key is the Mexican inspired throw blankets. These blankets have a boho vibe and are beautiful with the muted colours.

For this look you can stick to warm neutrals and then source blankets here, here, and here.




(Vida Noel)

Forest green, black, and plaid.

If you love bold colors this outfit combination is a great choice. The gorgeous green dress and wool fedora look stunning against the black denim and subtle black and green plaid shirt on the dad.

The little girl underneath the fuzzy blanket (also a great addition to the look) is wearing a white sherpa jacket with knit leggings and black boots. So cute!

Get the look: green maxi dress/wool fedora/plaid mens shirt/mens black denim/girls white sherpa coat



(Merrick’s Art)

Red & white pajamas.

For a much more casual, fun, and candid holiday inspired look, this is the one. I love the cute pajamas on the kiddos and the muted patterned pajamas on the mama.

I also love that the boys pajamas are not matching, but are all the same theme, creating interest and avoiding the look being too “matchy-matchy”.

Get the look: child pajamas/child pajamas/women’s pajamas /women’s toque


(Emily Slotte)

Warm textured earthy knits and linen. 

This photography session makes me think of winter in California. There is no snow but the outfits are still cozy and warm and have a winter vibe.

The mama is wearing a lovely textured sweater with wide leg linen pants, and the little one is wearing a muted linen jumper and leather moccasin-inspired shoes.

To complete the look for a family I would have the other adult in a neutral linen button up and dark charcoal chino pants, and any other siblings in a mix of muted coloured or neutral linen and knits.

Get the look: knit sweater/linen wide leg pants/wool fedora/child linen romper/child moccasin shoes 



(Kristi Alyse Photography)

Bright whites, warm browns, green, and muted floral.

Another one of my favourite looks, this combination is perfect if you live somewhere where the winter isn’t super snowy, or if your photoshoot is during the transition from fall to winter.

I love the mix of the bright whites with the knit sweater on mama and the flipped look on dad. The mix of patterns – leopard booties and subtle neutral floral on the girls dress compliments the muted green dress on the other girl. So cute!

Get the look: white midi skirt (or white denim)/brown knit sweater/leopard booties/mens corduroy pants/mens cream sweater/girls floral dress/baby green dress/baby knit leggings/baby booties


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(Kelly McPhail)

Cozy layers with shades of brown, blush, and cream.

This winter family photoshoot looks so fun and playful, like they are just enjoying a day outside in the snow… with perfectly curated outfits!

I love the combination of the brown jackets and brown winter boots, with the touches of blush on all the girls – the scarf, the toque, and the coat.

The colors compliment each other so well, and the addition of other neutrals like grey and cream ties it all together.

Get the look: brown teddy coat/cream sweater/women’s toque/mens jacket/mens striped shirt/girls pink jacket/girls cream coat/girls pink toque 



(By Georgia Grace)

Puffer and parka jackets.

It is winter after all! This look is super simple and perfect for a really chilly day taking photos outdoors. Everyone can wear a black or neutral winter jacket with a neutral toque, and little pops of color in a scarf or gloves.

Get the look: black puffer coat/mens black parka/baby bunting suit



(Catie Bergman)

Black, bright white, and shades of tan.

If you live in a city that doesn’t get a ton of snow in the winter, this combination is a great option. It still has a winter vibe but is less cozy and still classy. The bright whites contrast so well with the blacks and the the touches of tan and brown are perfect colors to add in.

I’m such a fan of gingham and the neutral gingham shirt looks great on dad, adding just the perfect amount of pattern to this lovely family look.

Get the look: white skirt/leather jacket/mens gingham shirt/mens chino pants/boys chino pants/boys white button up shirt/boys knit sweater



Greys, browns, and denim with subtle patterns.

For another casual and fun family look, this combination has a blend of grey knits, brown tones, and subtle patterns like stripes and polka dots.

The denim on the bottom keeps the look laid back. This would be a perfect outfit choice for a time of year when it’s transitioning from fall to winter and the snow is just hitting the ground!

Get the look: grey knit sweater/brown mens shirt/boys grey knit sweater/boys chino pants/boys striped top/boys denim overalls


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(Brittany Gabhart)

Creamy whites, knits, shearling, and denim.

This is defintely one of my favourite winter family photoshoot outfits on the list. The blend of the cream and ivory against the white snow and the little touches of tan on that sweet little bambino…what’s not to love??

While we cannot see the footwear choice for the mama and dada, I would recommend muted brown leather boots and heeled booties. If there were another child in the family I would do a muted floral long sleeve dress with matching cream leggings and light brown boots (see below!).

Get the look: knit sweater/wool fedora/beige knit midi skirt/women’s boots/mens cream sweater/mens denim/mens boots/baby coat/baby knit leggings/baby booties/baby toque/girls dress(floral sold out)/girls toque/girls boots



(Life on Shady Lane)

Dressy whites, blazer, knits, and shimmery gold.

For a classy and dressier winter family photoshoot, this combination has the perfect mix of it all.

The beautiful cable knit sweater and gold skirt on the mama along with the sweet white tutu dress on the girl is so pretty and feminine. The girls look great next to the darker blazer on dad, and the lovely knit sweater on the boy.

Get the look: knit sweater/gold skirt/girls tutu dress/mens blazer/mens dress shirt/mens chino pants/boys knit sweater/boys denim with suspenders



I hope you are inspired by these winter family photoshoot outfits. I can definitely tell you after creating this post I am going to be booking my own winter family photoshoot ASAP!

Have you done a winter family photoshoot before? How did you dress the family? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this post for later!

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