19+ Neutral Family Photo Outfits For Every Season

Looking for stylish and modern neutral family photo outfits for 2024? Get inspired with 19+ stunning family picture outfits for any season – spring, summer, fall, and winter!

collage of four family photoshoots with different neutral outfit ideas

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Originally published May 2022, Updated November 2023

Stylish Neutral Family Photo Outfits

Choosing outfits for a family photoshoot can be a daunting task. You want everyone to look good, and the whole family to be cohesive, plus showing the personality of each person. Luckily, when you stick with neutral color tones, this equation becomes much easier to solve.

The beauty of choosing neutrals for family photos is that they combine so well together and you can mix all kinds of clothing styles, fabrics, and fits easily. I’ve compiled 19+ seriously beautiful family picture outfits to inspire you for your upcoming photos so you don’t have to dress about it!

I’ve also enlisted the help of my friend and professional branding and family photographer, Jamie Cornish, to share her top tips for the best photos! 

What are neutral colors for photos?

Neutral colors for photos include shades that appear to be void of color, or have a muted color undertone. “Pure neutrals” include:

  • black
  • white
  • grey
  • brown

And then there are also neutrals with color undertones including:

  • taupe
  • beige
  • cream
  • ivory
  • tan

With all of the neutral colors listed above, you can have a variety of shades – for example light grey, medium grey, or charcoal grey. So, when it comes to neutral color choices for photos, there’s a very wide selection to choose from!


What do you wear to a neutral photoshoot?

When it comes to a neutral photoshoot, I recommend going with either a varied mix of neutral tones or having everyone in the same neutral tone for a monochromatic look.You can combine more casual clothing like jeans and sweaters, or go with more formal options like dresses, trousers, blouses, and collared shirts. Below are our favourite neutral family picture outfits!

Jamie Cornish, professional photographer, recommends considering the photography style of the photographer when choosing an outfit for the family. For example, bolder colors (like black, navy, and charcoal grey) will look much better in moody aesthetic photography. Whereas light colours turn out beautifully when the photographer leans to a light and airy aesthetic in their photos.
In short, knowing the style of the photographer is a great tool to help guide your outfits choice!

Neutral Family Picture Outfits

I’ve found stunning inspiration for your next family photo outfits! I have everything from feminine and floral to dark and edgy looks, so you’re sure to find a perfect look for you and your family below. 

creams & beige.


get the look:

This look is super classy and stylish! The mom is in a simple ivory sweater and cream midi skirt, the boys in beige sweaters and pants, and the dad in a cream button up with black pants to anchor the look.

For shoes, the adults are in brown booties and boots, and the kids are in white converse sneakers which gives the look a slightly casual appeal. The outfit combination would work great for early spring, fall, or a mild winter.

airy & crips whites.


Keep things light and airy with crisp whites and anchor with a pop of black or dark brown.

I love this mix of feminine white dresses and the dark pants and light t-shirt on the dad. These light and airy colors look great against the brown field which could ordinarily look drab, but here looks like the perfect backdrop. 

light linen & subtle stripes.


get the look:

The neutral hues look effortless in this sweet family photo with mom in a striped neutral dress (yes you can totally wear neutral patterns!), baby in a white dress, and dad in a white shirt with muted blue jeans.

For an overall neutral look you can still include light wash or dark wash denim, I just recommend you avoid bright saturated blue denim as it will take away from the neutral tones.

dreamy ivory.


get the look:

Talk about stunning! This casual, yet elevated neutral family outfit combination is one of our top picks. You can easily recreate this look for a photoshoot in any season and keep it indoors, or take the look outside (so long as it’s not a blizzard!).

The mom is in oatmeal color soft knit dress with a white cardigan, dad is in a simple white shirt and brown pants, and the little babe is in a flecked grey and white jumper with the cutest little ivory booties.

Jamie recommends Moms get their hair and makeup done professionally for their photos. “It’s always a fun treat and I know when I get mine done for shoots it makes me feel my best, which in turn makes the final images better because I feel my most confident!” says Jamie. 

Should everyone wear the same color in family pictures?

When it comes to family picture outfits, it’s completely acceptable for everyone to wear the same color! If everyone is in white, black, or a muted tone like ivory or cream, it creates a cohesive look.

For non-neutral colors, we don’t recommend everyone be in the same color as it can overwhelm the photos. If you don’t want to go with all neutrals, be sure to mix and match brighter color tones with neutrals.

monochromatic black.


get the look:

When I say neutrals people often think of light colors like ivory and beige, but solid black is a perfectly family photo neutral that should not be ignored. Case in point above!

The black pops against the white background and has a super classy, slightly edgy look that definitely works. I love these matching jumpsuits from Off On Clothing, and combining them with neutral shoes and accessories is a great idea.

taupe & cream.


get the look:

Taupe, taupe, taupe! The combination of rustic taupe tones, ivory, and a touch of charcoal is perfection in this family photoshoot. Also, the cozy knits make the look perfect for cooler months, as you can wear the outfits indoors or out.

I also love addition of the fedora hat that gives a hipster vibe, but everyone in neutrals keeps the overall look feeling classy and elevated.

denim and light neutrals.


get the look:

As I mentioned previously, combining neutrals with light wash denim is totally acceptable for a laid-back, casual family photoshoot.

I love the combination of the adults in white tops and denim. And, the children compliment the look in black bottoms and a light grey top and a striped neutral dress.

There’s a lot of different fabrics and textures here, but it totally works because of all the neutral tones complimenting each other.

white and pastels.


get the look:

Crisp white takes centre stage with this family photo. I love how light and airy the overall vibe is and the bright whites are balanced with ivory and beige tones on the kids.

Even though the mom is in a pretty dress, the overall look remains laid-back and casual with the bare feet and button-up top on the dad.

black, browns, and ivory.


This take on neutral family photo outfits include lots of black clothing mixed with browns, ivory, and a great neutral patterned dress on the mom. Perfect for fall, the neutral tones are warm and moody.

Remember: As Jamie recommended, choose the neutral tones that match the overall vibe you are going for. Darker tones including black, brown, and charcoal will give you a moodier feel, whereas creams, whites and ivory will be more light and airy.

sage green and tan.


There may be some slight debate as to whether the sage grey color in this photo is really a neutral. But, because it’s super muted and has a lot of grey undertone, I think it still counts!

I love the neutral mix here with the sage, greys, tan, and cream. It’s earthy and has a very natural vibe. Perfect for a nature-loving family!

crisp white & camel.


get the look:

The light bright and ivory is anchored with a great earthy brown neutral on the little one in this family photo. If you aren’t keen on going outside for pictures, a white room with a drop cloth is a great way to create a light neutral backdrop.

This overall look is casual, yet elevated with the cotton and linen fabrics. I love it!

blush tones and ivory.


Next on my list is a stunning outfit combination on a big, beautiful family. Light creams and ivory are blended with muted blush tones to create an overall neutral look.

I love how the light colors pop against the black backdrop and the unexpected mix of concrete and black with soft neutral tones.

anything-but-basic beige.


get the look:

This look is giving us major vintage coastal vibes. The neutral beige and tans work so well together against the landscape. Also, the darker brown jumpsuit on the little one is a great anchoring neutral tone.

Remember, the great thing about neutral outfit combinations for family pictures is that you can easily combine different clothing styles like a peasant dress, henley t-shirt, chino pants, and a knit romper in this photo.

gold, tan, and ivory.


get the look:

This family photo is definitely inspiring me when it comes to outfits and location. While most families opt for a nature scene, I love this city shoot.

The bookstore works as a great backdrop to their neutral outfits with a mix of tan, beige, whites, brown, and black. And, the clothing choices are casual but dressed up a touch with the shiny fabric on the girl and a cute camisole top on the mom.

coastal creams.


get the look:

Next, I found this gorgeous mama and mini shoot. The neutral outfits blend seamlessly with the moody coastal backdrop. One thing that really steps up light neutrals, in my opinion, is airy, flowy fabrics, adding to the overall breezy vibe.

coastal contrast.

image of a neutral family photoshoot with a woman in a white maxi dress, the dad in a brown top and black jeans, and children in neutral clothing

get the look:

Don’t be afraid to mix things up with neutral tones by adding some gorgeous contrast to make your photos pop! The light color on mom and dark tones on dad look gorgeous and make these neutral outfits so eye-catching.

You can also dress your kids in contrasting shades as well for the same effect throughout your photos. 

casual in black, white, and oatmeal.

image of a family having a photoshoot wearing neutral colors including white black, beige, and denim

get the look:

If you want more of a modern and edgy vibe for your family photos, go for ripped jeans. These pieces have more of a daring look but the shades of black, white, and oatmeal give the outfits a cohesive look and keep the photos looking timeless.  

earthy florals & ivory.

family photoshoot in the fall with the people wearing neutral colors and neutral floral dresses

get the look:

You can go for a feminine and floral look even with neutral tones. These brown floral dresses are so fitting for this lush, green setting; and the combo of white and black colors from mom and dad help to balance the shades perfectly. 

wintery white, camel & pops of black.

winter family photoshoot with the family wearing black, white, and beige neutral colors

get the look:

I love the cozy feel of this photoshoot in a snowy landscape! The warm tones from moms jacket and the sons pants are perfect for a winter photoshoot, while the white and black colors add some beautiful contrast. 

Don’t forget to dress in layers to stay warm during the whole photoshoot, although you definitely won’t regret taking photos in a winter wonderland!

earthy browns and beige.

family on a beach for a photoshoot wearing netural colors including brown, white, and beige

get the look:

You can’t go wrong with lovely earth tones like brown and beige. I love how each family member is wearing different shades of brown, but the outfits fit together so seamlessly.

Plus, these colors are perfect for a beautiful beach setting like this!

What colors should you not wear for family pictures?

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules about what colors you should not wear for family photos, I do recommend you avoid neon colors like fuchsia, bright yellow, lime green, and aqua. Also, avoid overly bold and busy prints or patterns.

Neutrals are an ideal choice, but if you really do want to incorporate color into your family photos, choose muted colors and subtle patterns. Then, combine them with neutrals to compliment the color.


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