27+ Chic Swirl Nails You’ll Want To Copy in 2024

Are you wanting to elevate your look with trendy swirl nail designs in 2024? You’ll love this extensive list with 27+ chic swirl nails to inspire your next manicure.

A hand with medium length nude nails with white French tips and white swirls

Originally published April 18, 2023 – Updated December 10, 2023

Swirl nail designs were all the rage back in the 70s and 80s. A fresh manicure with vibrant shades and swirling patterns was a popular look to sport in these eras. And this nail art trend had a huge comeback in 2023 and is still going strong in 2024!

According to Byrdie, “there’s no denying that swirl nails add a certain je ne sais quoi to any ensemble.” And I couldn’t have said it better myself! My favorite thing about swirling details on a manicure is that you can add these accents however and wherever you want. This nail art is perfect for any season, any style, and any occasion, making this nail trend a must to get the perfect finishing touch to any look.

Stunning Swirl Nail Designs

I’ve gathered tons of gorgeous manicures with swirl accents to inspire your next trip to the salon. Whether you like short nails or long nails, neutral designs or bold manicures, there’s guaranteed to be a look you’ll love on the list below. 

White, Grey & Black Swirl Nails

A hand with long square nails featuring a glossy nude base and white, grey, and black swirls

I am loving the neutral swirls on these gel nails! This color palette is simple but chic, and you can easily rock this mani anywhere from the office to the beach to weekend brunch. 

White Swirl Nails

A hand with long nude pink almond nails featuring white swirls

Nude nails with white polish accents will always look stunning and classic. I love the pinkish hue to the nude base color; it adds a subtle feminine touch to these nails.

In my opinion, this nail design perfectly pairs a timeless color combo and a trendy design!

White + Pink Swirl Nails

A hand with long milky white almond nails featuring white and pink swirls and white sparkles

Almond nails with pink and white swirls are a look you can’t go wrong with, in my opinion. I adore the dazzling sparkle details; they definitely add a youthful vibe to the manicure.

This nail design would be one of my top picks to add a little flair to my everyday looks. 

Matte Blue Swirl Nails

A hand with matte nude square nails featuring swirls in multiple shades of blue and white

I think the different shades of blue in this nail design are so gorgeous together, and the white adds a lovely pop of brightness. The swirl accents are playful while the matte finish adds a chic touch, making this the perfect blend of refined and fun!

White Swirl Nails w/ Silver Glitter Accents

A hand with white square nails with two nude pink accent nails featuring white swirls with silver glitter

Soft pink nails with white and silver polish have an elegant and feminine aesthetic that I am obsessed with. I love the combination of swirl accents with speckled nails, and this nail design has a bright and eye-catching look that would work for any occasion.

Brown + Gold Swirl Nails

A hand with glossy nude square nails with light brown French tips and accent nails with light brown, dark brown, and gold glitter swirls

Neutral tones and golden accents are perfect for a chic swirl nail design! These acrylic nails have a fall feel, so I would recommend going with a design like this as the leaves start to change. But don’t be afraid to wear this year-round in 2024 for a polished and stylish look.

Metallic Blue Swirl Nails

A hand with long square nails painted in a metallic blue polish, with two matte nude accent nails with metallic blue swirls

Earlier this year, Ipsy stated that, “Metallic nails aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.” And they were right! This trend has only been getting more and more popular, so all of us are sure to see plenty of these shimmering finishes well into 2024.

I’m always down for a manicure with metallic polish. This striking metallic blue is so vibrant and alluring, and this color makes the swirl details really pop against the nude matter base. I would definitely go for a look like this for my next night on the town.

Colorful Matte Nails w/ Black Swirls

A hand with matte nude almond nails featuring orange, blue, and pink splashes of color and black swirls over top

I think the abstract splashes of color look stunning with the bold black swirls here. Even though the shades are bright and playful, the matte finish and striking black details add a refined look.

If you ask me, this would be perfect to add a daring look to your outfits or to wear while on vacation.

Almond Nails w/ Neutral Swirls

A hand with long almond nails featuring a milky white base and accented with white, grey, and black swirls

Pearly white nails with neutral accents are gorgeous together. These beautiful almond nails have subtle colors and a daring design, a combo that I am in love with. And I think this makes them perfect for taking any look from the office to happy hour effortlessly!

How do you do swirls on your nails?

You can add swirl nail designs to any manicure using a thin tool to paint twisting lines across your nails. In my experience, it’s best to add this nail art onto already painted nails.

  • Start with a clear base coat
  • Next, add colored nail polish or leave it as is if you’re going for a natural nude look
  • Once the layers of clear coat or polish are dry, you can use tools to create the swirls

You can go for an all-over swirl design or add some to accent your nails for a more minimal manicure. Don’t forget to add a gloss or matte finish to keep those gorgeous swirls lasting longer!

Retro Nails w/ French Tips + Swirls

A hand with nude square nails with magenta, orange, and lime green swirl accents and French tips

These rainbow psychedelic swirls definitely have a retro vibe, and I love the mix of full swirl nails and swirled French tips! The bright shades make this a great manicure to wear in spring or summer, and the playful feel of this design is perfect for a girl’s night out. 

If you wanted to rock something similar in fall or winter, I suggest going for deep, earthy tones for autumn and rich, jewel tones for winter. 

Rainbow Nails w/ Glitter Swirls

A hand with long almond nails featuring lilac, pink, and turquoise nails and accent nails with glittering rainbow swirls

Next on my list of swirl nail designs is this stunning mani with vibrant shades of turquoise, pink, and lilac. In my opinion, the glittered swirls on matte nude nails are such a perfect way to accent glossy polished nails. This is another on of top picks for a night out.

Green Swirl Nails

A hand with matte white stiletto nails with light green swirls

These short stiletto nails are perfectly painted with pastel green swirls, and I love the messy, jagged look of them. If you’re looking for a bold nail design, I think this manicure is perfect for you.

For a more daring look, I suggest choosing bright tones here instead. 

Matte Nails w/ Rainbow Swirl Accents

A hand with nude square nails featuring yellow, pink, and blue swirls and a matte finish

This manicure is a must if you’re looking for summer swirl nails! These bright and beautiful colors were made to be worn at the beach, and the fun swirl design fits the summer vibes too.

I would love to get this design before laying pool-side during a tropical getaway. 

Brown + Beige Swirl Nails

A hand with long square nails featuring glossy nude nails with brown, white, and beige swirls and two solid-colored brown and beige accent nails

I love seeing this deep brown and soft beige paired together. This gorgeous warm-toned colors are great for cooler months, but I think this look would be perfect for any time of year.  A simple and sophisticated nail design like this would also be my go-to mani to wear to the office. 

Peach Nude Swirl Nails

A hand with glossy nude almond nails featuring peach swirls

If you want a nude summer swirl manicure, I think this nude and pastel peach nail design is definitely the one for you! In my experience, a simple design like the one above can add an elegant touch to any outfit.

This look is also perfect for anyone who prefers neutrals or can’t wear vibrantly colored nails to work but still wants a playful design.

Brown Nails w/ Gold Swirls

A hand with long almond nails painted in a light brown with gold swirls

The rich brown color here is refined and classic, while the gold swirl details add a glamorous feel. I would use this manicure to effortlessly spice up my look on my next date night.

Round Nails w/ White + Pink Swirls

A hand with light pink round nails featuring dark pink, medium pink, and white swirls

This nail design has a playful, youthful, and “Barbiecore” aesthetic that I am so in love with! The shades of pink are cute and girly, and the gorgeous swirl patterns make this so eye-catching. I suggest rocking these vibrant hues to add some color to your outfits this spring. 

What is used to create swirls of nail polish?

If you want to attempt some fun swirls at home, don’t worry! In my experience, making swirls on your nails is pretty easy for both beginner and experienced nail DIYers. 

  • You can use nail tools such as a nail liner brush and a dotting tool, or go for nail polish with a long, thin brush (using any of these tools will help you to create beautiful swirls across any manicure)
  • Add swirls to any solid-colored nail or layer them on a nude nail with a glossy undercoat
  • And, you can use any color to paint these accents because any shade looks good in a swirl nail design

Pink Nails w/ Glitter + Swirls

A hand with dusty pink solid colored nails, a pink glitter, accent nail, and matte pink nails with white and pink glitter swirls

Pink nails with abstract swirl designs are the perfect blend of chic and feminine. I love the way the pink glitter accents and white details pop together. I think this mani is a fantastic pick for an anniversary dinner or a weekend getaway with your SO. 

Blue + White Swirl Nails

Two hands, one with solid blue polished nails and the other with a nude base and white and blue swirls

I love the combo of solid blue nails with swirl nails; I think the white and blue swirl accents are so chic and eye-catching.

I recommend adding some glitter to this look if you want to make it pop even more, or leave it as is and wear this manicure out to grab drinks with the girls. 

Pastel Rainbow Swirl Nail Design

A hand with medium length square nails featuring pastel rainbow swirl accents

Pastels and spring go hand in hand, making these pastel rainbow swirl nails perfect for this time of year. In my opinion, this vibrant look is ideal for anyone who loves a colorful and fun nail design. 

Pink + Green Swirls on Almond Nails

A hand with medium round nails featuring a glossy nude base and pink and dark green swirl accents

Pink and green are one of my favorite color pairings, and this bright pink with rich dark green is so stunning! This manicure will definitely make heads turn anywhere you go, and you can rock this look anywhere from a coffee date to a night out.

Light Blue + Peach Swirl Nail Design

A hand with medium round nails with a glossy nude base and light blue French tips with blue and peach swirl accent nails

If you ask me, this is another perfect manicure if you’re going for summer swirl nails. The light blue and peach pair perfectly together and definitely have a summertime feel to them.

I suggest choosing this manicure before your next day trip to the beach (or lake if you’re landlocked!)

Purple Swirl Nails

A hand with medium length round nails with a nude pink base and swirls in multiple shades of purple

Purple is a rich and elegant color, so it’s perfect for a swirl nail design like this. I love the subtle shimmer in the dark purple, and you can show off this playful manicure while out and about on a weekend day or night.

White + Black Nails w/ Swirls

A hand with pink nude square nails featuring black and white French tips with swirls, line patterns, and splatter designs

I am in love with this bold swirl nail design. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers neutral colors but still wants a daring design. But my favorite thing about this manicure is the different swirls and patterns; it’s playful, eye-catching, and so gorgeous.

I would love to wear this nail design anywhere from the office to a dinner party to a night on the town!

Long Rainbow Swirl Nails

A hand with long round nails that have a glossy nude base with rainbow swirls and French tips

In my opinion, this is another stunning rainbow swirl nail design that’s perfect if you’re going for a retro look! The combination of colors makes this manicure really stand out, and those bright colors paired with long swirling lines definitely have a vintage feel. 

Gradient Nails w/ Swirls

A hand with long square nails featuring a gradient design with brown, beige, cream, and black and swirl details with a matte finish

Gradient shades and swirl details are a combo I didn’t know I needed in my life! I love everything about this look, from the matte finish to the textured swirl accents to the rich, warm tones.

These colors would be perfect for fall, although you can still wear this during warmer months for a chic neutral manicure.

Matte Pink Nails + White Swirls

A hand with three glossy nude nails with white swirls and two matte pink nails

I love how this gorgeous shade of pink adds a romantic feel to these nails, and the white swirls are modern and trendy. If you’re looking for a classy and feminine nail design to show off, I think this mani should be your top pick.


Swirl nails are so stunning. This trendy art is one of my favorite ways to add some flair to both everyday outfits and special occasion looks! And since this popular nail design will easily elevate any manicure, it’s perfect whether you want a minimal look or an eye-catching one. So use this nail guide as inspiration and rock some gorgeous swirls in 2024. 


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