23+ Classic Pink and White Nails & Nail Designs [2024]

Pink and white nails are chic, classy and a perfect manicure pick! You’ll love this list of pink & white nail designs including a mix of pink and white ombre nails, classic pink & white nails, and fun pink and white gel nails.

collage of hands with pink and white nails

*Originally published Jan 20 2023, Updated Nov 20 2023*

Chic Pink and White Nails You’ll Love

Pink and white are one of my favorite nail color combos. White is a timeless color when it comes to clean, polished, and beautiful nails, and as Who What Wear puts it “pink is one of those shades that goes with absolutely everything – you can dress it up or down, and it looks immaculate on all skin tones.

Pink was definitely a dominating color when it came to nails this past year. With “Viva Magenta” being named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 plus the release of the hit movie “Barbie“, shades of pink have been all over my Instagram feed. And I’m definitely not mad about it. 

I expect to keep seeing more of this classic color pairing well into 2024, so I’ve gathered 23+ breathtaking pink and white nail designs to inspire you to try out this chic color combination. I’ve got timeless pink & white manicures as well as bold looks to choose from, so keep reading and discover new nail designs to try!

Classic Pink and White Acrylic Nails & Gel Nails

My favorite thing about pink and white nails is how they have the classy and elegant style of a French manicure with a more modern, feminine touch. Check out my top picks for classic pink and white nail designs below. 

French Manicure w/ Pearl Accents

image of a hand with a classic pink and white manicure with white pearl jewel accents

I am obsessed with this nail design!

These pearl bead accents are a gorgeous way to upgrade the classic style of a ‘pink & white’ French manicure. This stunning look has an elegant, feminine touch that I am so in love with. 

You can sport this pink and white beauty any time of the year – while attending a wedding, during a Christmas party, or if you just want a beautiful and unique look to show off during the week. 

Rounded Nude Pink Nails w/ White Tips

image of a hand with a classic pink and white french tip manicure

This lovely pink & white manicure has a classy, minimal style that would add a chic touch to any look. I love the modern twist on the French manicure using rounded tips of squares. 

I think this look proves that sometimes simple is the way to go. A timeless and stunning classic like French tips will forever be a look we can depend on, and I love seeing modern variations of this timeless style.  

What does pink and white mean at a nail salon?

Asking for pink and white nails at a salon usually implies a gel French-tipped mani with a pinkish nude base. While you can use these colors for any nail design, classic pink and white gel nails are a modern twist on the classic style of a French manicure. 

Pink Square-Shaped French Manicure

image of a hand with a classic pink and white french tip manicure on long square acrylic nails

I love this soft pink paired with French tips and how it adds a lovely pop of color to a classic nail design. 

You can’t go wrong with a timeless style like a French manicure, and this stunning shade of pink elevates these nails. I would wear this elegant style year-round for a chic and refined look. 

French Tipped Nails w/ Gem Accents

image of a hand with classic pink and white acrylic nails with a white french tip and jewel accents

I think the crystal accents on these gorgeous pink & white nails are so eye-catching. I love the glamorous look of these nails, from the almond shape to the French tips and the crystals. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated pink and white style to wear to an event this year, these stunning nails would be my top pick. 

What is the difference between French manicure and pink and white?

The colors and nail techniques used are the main differences between these styles. A French manicure is a classic style using a nude or pink nude nail polish base with white polish on the tips. Pink and white nails are similar, but the base is always a shade of pink, and this manicure typically uses gel polish. 

Both of these styles are gorgeous and timeless, and in my experience, you can wear either for a refined look. However, a French manicure would be my top pick if you prefer a classic style with basic polish, while I would recommend the pink and white nails if you want to add more color or if you prefer gel nails. 

Pink and White Ombre Nails

Ombre is another gorgeous and classic manicure style that I can’t help but come back to time and time again. And I know I’m not the only one who thinks that pink and white are the perfect colors for an ombre look, because according to Allure magazine, the French ombre is “timeless and perfect for every occasion.

If you’re on the fence about pairing the classic French tip colors with a modern ombre, don’t worry – I’ve got some stunning nail designs here to prove how gorgeous this look is! 

White Nails w/ Pink Glitter Ombre

image of a hand with white and pink ombre nails with pink glitter

I love the contrast of the creamy white nail polish and the shimmering metallic pink accents. 

The ombre effect paired with hot pink flakes give these nails a fun, elegant, and modern look. And in my opinion, that makes this nail design perfect for anyone who wants to add some spice to a classic nail design. 

Pastel Pink & White Ombre Nails w/ Gems

image of a pair of hands with classic pink and white ombre nails with jewels at the cuticle

I love how the blend of pastel pink and white gives off a subtle ombre effect, and the gem accents add a glamorous touch. 

This gorgeous nail design is so refined, and the accents create a dazzling and unique look. In my opinion, this manicure could be worn for any occasion, from an everyday look to stunning bridal nails.  

Pink Coffin-Shaped Nails w/ White Accents

image of a hand with long acrylic nails with a pink and white french tip manicure

I love a unique twist on a classic style. This ombre pink and white manicure is a stunning design, and the soft pink tone with asymmetrical white tips creates an alluring look. 

Coffin-shaped nails are an excellent choice for this style and add even more of a distinctive style. If you want to spice this look up even more, I recommend using a silver glitter polish to add accent lines along the white tips. 

Cute Pink and White Nail Designs

French tips and ombre designs aren’t the only ways to rock these beautiful shades. Pink and white can be used for any nail style, so check out these stunning manicures to find inspiration for your next nail look. 

Almond Shaped Nails w/ Pink & White Waves

hand with light pink, dark pink, and white waves on nails

Waves are a popular design for nails, and this lovely manicure shows you exactly why. These wavy accent lines add a cute and playful look to these nails, and I think the bright pink tones add a flirty feel. 

These nails are definitely giving me Barbiecore vibes, so complete the look with these cute Barbie hair styles

White Nails w/ Hot Pink Text

image of a hand with white nails with hot pink text

Hot pink and white are a vibrant and trendy combo, and the word print design has a cool and edgy feel that I adore. 

I love how the bright shade of pink makes these nails really pop, although I suggest using a lighter shade of pink if you prefer a more subtle style. I would go for these nails in the summer for a bold beach day look. 

Bright Pink & White Negative Space Nails

image of a hand with white and pink cat eye nails

Negative space nails are one of my favorite go-to looks because you can style the design however you want.

I love the contrast between these three shades. The rich shade of pink paired with the nude and white is eye-catching and chic, and the long almond-shaped nails look so elegant. 

This mani is a perfect choice for a fun and flirty date night look, and I recommend mixing and matching shades of pink to create your own style. 

Salmon Pink + White Wavy Nails

image of a hand with white and pink nail polish wave art

This gorgeous salmon pink is a unique touch for pink and white nails and really makes this manicure stand out. 

I love the combo of thick pink swirls and delicate white accent lines. If you want these nails to pop even more, I suggest adding some silver accent beads or a solid-colored accent nail. 

Pink + White Polka Dots

image of a hand with light pink nails with white polka dots

Baby pink is the perfect color to pair with white for this polka-dot manicure. I love how this timeless pattern and the soft pink shade give these nails a retro 1950s vibe, although the French-tipped accent nails add a modern edge. 

The light tones of pink and white give these nails a spring aesthetic, so try these nails for a cute look in the springtime. 

Pink & White Abstract Nails w/ Black Accents

image of a hand with hot pink and white nails with pink splash accents

These nails have a modern and edgy feel that I absolutely adore. The bold, bright pink is such a fun and gorgeous shade, and the abstract style accent nails are a chic touch. 

I also really love how the black splatter on each accent nail makes this manicure stand out from the rest. This is another great choice for lovely summer nails, or you could wear it any time of the year to add some vibrant color to your everyday look. 

Soft Pink + White Almond Nails w/ Waves

image of a hand with white nails with light pink wave accents

I am so in love with the pairing of this soft shade of pink and the translucent light pink with white. In my experience, soft shades like this are a must if you want something feminine and elegant, so this gorgeous manicure is perfect if you want a classy yet dreamy nail design.  

The combo of solid nails and wave accents make these nails so alluring, and the light tones make it a great look to wear anywhere from weekend brunch to the office. 

Pink + White Cow Print Nails

image of a pair of hands with hot pink and white animal print nails

Talk about a trendy combo! Pink and white are such a chic color combination, and it makes perfect sense to pair it with a popular style like cow print

These vibrant nails have a captivating look that makes them ideal for the bold fashionista or anyone looking for a daring and youthful aesthetic. 

Pink & White Geometric Nails

image of a hand with light pink nails with white wavy lines

If you ask me, geometric nails will always be an excellent choice for a stunning nail look. The different shades of pink pair together perfectly, and the white accents add a brightness that helps this manicure pop. 

I love that you can really play around with this style and make it your own – use bright or dark shades, try a white base with pink accents, or go for a more intricate geometric design. 

White Flowers on Pink Nails

image of a hand with hot pink nails with white flower art

Vibrant pink and dainty white flowers are a sweet and dreamy design that will always be in style. 

This bright shade of pink and the adorable white flowers could easily be worn in spring or summer. I would pair these adorable nails with a cute and feminine dress for the ultimate fun and flirty look. 

Pink Nails w/ White Half Moons

image of a hand with dark pink and white nails with a white moon accent at the cuticle

This manicure has a gorgeous iridescent look, and I am here for it. The stunning metallic pink accent nail is such a bold addition, and the white half-moon details give this manicure a chic aesthetic. 

This nail design has a cool and daring feel, making it perfect for a night of drinks and dancing with the girls. 

Swirling Pink + White Nails

image of a hand with matte pink and white nails with wave and speckled designs

Swirling accent lines are the perfect pattern to use with such beautiful colors, in my opinion. The swirls and different shades of pink make this playful manicure look so intriguing, and I love the addition of solid nails to mix things up. 

This nail design is perfect for long nails since you can add plenty of swirly lines and black speckles. You can wear this look on the classic square shape or go for your preferred shape. 

Pink Nails w/ French Tips + Hearts

image of a hand with hot pink matte nails and pink and white french tip nails with hearts

Pink and white are great colors for such a sweet and romantic look. To me, the combination of matte pink with the glossy French-tipped nails is so stunning and eye-catching. 

This is a gorgeous look for Valentine’s Day or even for your next anniversary. I honestly love the bright pink used here but you can choose your favorite shade for a look that matches your personality. 

Pink + White Grid Manicure

image of a pair of hands with hot pink and white plaid nail art

These nails have a laid-back street-style vibe that I love. If you want to rock some pink and white nails but don’t want a look that is too girly, this is definitely the manicure for you. 

Even though this design is simple, it still has a sleek and edgy vibe. If you want the pink to be more subtle, I recommend a lighter shade or to swap the colors and use crisp white for the base and pink for the grid lines. 

White + Pink Nails w/ Rose Art

image of a hand with ombre pink and white nails with floral art

This beautiful style has a charming fairytale vibe that I seriously adore. The long almond nails and rose details give this manicure a sophisticated feel, and I think the nude pink makes the perfect canvas for this nail art. 

The combination of white and cream accents elevates this look and makes it even more dreamy. In my opinion, this gorgeous floral design is definitely a spring look, so wear this romantic design for a date night this spring or during Valentine’s Day.  

Retro Pink & White Nails

image of a hand with white and pink checkered and ying yang nail art

I am truly in love with the cool, retro vibes of this manicure. The different patterns add a cute and playful aesthetic to these nails, but the light tones of pink and white give this nail design a subtle look. 

I think these trendy nails are perfect for a fun look this summer, or you can try this nail design before your next night out.


It’s obvious, pink and white nails are a gorgeous pairing! I love how this classic pairing can be soft and feminine or bright and bold, and everything in between. So don’t be afraid to play around with this color combo to find the perfect aesthetic. Use this style guide as inspiration for your next manicure with white and your favorite shade of pink!

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